It occurred to me that “getting rid of white people” is a probable reason for running down the military so much!

And then today spotted this article…

That and the already known shit in the royal air force where they have done the usual modern zeitgeist thing and populated the personnel department and management with foreigners, wimmin, trannies and queers, who then make rules to not employ straight white males eh!

Well, that and not having a big enough military to do a successful coup eh!

And a sufficiently foreign military so in event of civil war on a race/ideology basis the military will be on the globalist side.

Of course the white civilians also under extreme physical and psychological warfare attack… plastics and prescription drugs in the water supply, chemicals in the air… encouraging the burning of wood and coal ffs… vile unwholesome slime agit-prop oozing out of the mainstream media, utter swine in cuntrol of this cunterie.

RogerWaters ? What was he doing working for the people that killed his Father anyway?

Ze germans eh! extremists then, extremists now, but nowadays, with the germans (and yanks and us etc.) the israelis do not need to work even a single day of the week, not just saturdays off…

Ok you may argue, “who killed roger waters dad?” incompetent aristo’s of the british military?

I was just being ironic, I like ze germans and europeans generally, but what has happened to europe to make it want to self-destruct as a “white” civilisation only seems to have happened since the berlin wall fell. Before then there was none of this self-hating-whites in Germany, but then Germany was going to be the first nation fighting the Soviets, the first battlefield if you like. So they were mainly considered our allies, though obviously we English have always ribbed them with the classic finger under the nose and goosestepping type thing. This whole self hating german and whites generally thing is an angry-boil of last 10-15 years, but the slope down seems to me to correlate with the rise of wimmin-in-management, the only job you can have and be a fucking useless/rotten cunt and get away with it. I think there are good women about, but due to the backbiting-bitch-fest of the modern world I think the worst of males and females tend to rise through the ranks. I think it also correlates with the rise in single parent families, usually with mother being the custody parent. and both correlate with the tranny thing I think. several things feeding of each other and defying physics actually all growing.

But the Germans sacking Roger Waters because of alleged israeli pressure seems an example of a set of israelis/jews having hijacked the genocide thing, like no other people in history have been genocided, and given that Rwanda is considered a genocide, I think there is a bit of a spirit similar to genocide in the attitude of a ruling-set of israel to palestinians. And that Roger Waters father who also died in a disagreement with ze Germans at the same era in history, but he gets sacked for criticising both ukraine and israel is ironic. I think he is quite well qualified to comment. Though I do not agree with all he says.

I’d have thought some marines onboard with Stinger missiles would be cheaper than sea viper.

I do not know risk of the stinger looping back to acquire the ship as its new target, worth checking, but I expect it is minimal

Like £50,000 per stinger missile vs. £ 1.5 million for a single sea viper missile.

Perhaps a bit of tuning to the stinger destruct mechanism to make it more proximity explosion rather than requiring a direct hit on a larger target like a plane.

I Don’t suppose those drones are that hard to shoot down.

Or send a huey type helicopter up guided to target by the ships radar and shoot it down with gunner-manned miniguns out of the side door. I suppose then there is potential for houthi boats with some guys with sa-9’s or whatever shooting down the helicopter, but I would say the destroyer should be able to id all boats in the area and provide threat warnings the helicopter based computers can check. I mean that job sounds like a laugh, being a side gunner on a huey shooting down sitting-duck drones LOL

I mean with computer assisted miniguns projecting the cross-hairs in the sights compensating for helicopter motion and drone motion, could also get instant feedback from actual pilots controls as well to instantly shift the crosshairs as the pilot manoeuvres the helicopter…. simples! you line up the actual sighted gun crosshairs with the projected crosshairs…. Braaaaaaaaaap… one shot down drone…… The way it worked on the underbarrel rocket launcher in bf2142 was you pinged the target with range-finder by directly looking at it then the correct launch target-crosshair moved about in the sight as you moved the gun so you just put the sight crosshairs on the projected crosshairs and it hit the target… now that was against a static target it’s true, but cpu’s fast enough to do the compensation and sight-image processing now I would say… still a tricky engineering problem, but the static target-ping sights for guns are available now.

The thing with computer assisted gun sights is, it can be A.I. but the A.I. does not control the moving the gun onto projected target-sight and does not control the trigger. However I heard the old adage “you can tell a tyrant because he sits with foreigners” recently and I think that projects into A.I. as being foreigners, I’ll be honest I did wonder if the earth would miss humans if we fuck it up with A.I. or nukes or reckless genetic engineering or whatever? A.I. will be faster moving the gun to projected aim point as does not have to convert from memory representation to visual overlay processing… but, tracer is quite good anyway, fine adjustments from computer aided sight projection may still be better ?????

anyway I think it would be a good idea to consider how to deal with waves of these drones, I wont go into details having recently discussed the burka and beards as disguises, only for the israeli’s to just admit they used that technique just now to kill some palestinians in a west bank hospital. “Suddenly” the israelies seem to have got efficient with intel. about plots eh!

The media and their “royal” pundits are the real culprits! Blaming harry and meghan for thrusting themselves upon us, that is a Lie, the mainstream media thrust harry and megan on us!

If the mainstream media ignored harry and meghan (and they should) no-one would know what harry and meghan were doing unless they read like the Jamaica Times or the Cali. Chronicle or something

Thing is harry and meghan probably make the mainstream media more money than they make out of it themselves. All these incessant shit stories in all the british press about them. Acres of story space about them.

And then this typical royal pundit on talk radio this morning in a typical jumped up arrogant (probably faux) toff accent blames harry and meghan for him being paid to talk incessantly about them.

This is the modern world… mainly driven by the 24/7 ravenous gaudy tittle-tattle war-party israel-shill mainstream media mill.

I guess if you imagine how it was back before the internet, a “news”paper had one maybe two print runs/editions in a day, so I expect you would have been biased towards filtering out unimportant stories, nowadays the daily mail website interrupts your reading of the front/home page and reloads itself about every 10minutes, often very much rejigged and different story selection.

Present world reminds me a bit of that film “Dark City” where the aliens rearrange the whole place every night.

That would be a laugh!

Bomb several UK government buildings using Tornado-2’s and then say..

“I am not looking to start a confrontation with the UK government, but I may bomb some more government buildings If I feel like it…” the terrorists they are! arrogant fucking swine!

In “self-defence” of the white british general public from the invasion of the body-snatchers that have infiltrated government and are waging psychological warfare on the white british general public, stealing their minds and therefore bodies.

Just listening to some military bigwig on talk radio going on about imminent world war 3 and all because of the russians messianic belief they have a right to exist… Seems to me the Fact is the Russians simply want the agreements made at the fall of the Iron Curtain viz Ukraine remaining neutral to remain true. Whereas it seems to me, the nato-sphere carpet-baggers of big-finance want Ukraine for their next asset stripping and absorption into the borg process.

And it seems to me the Ukranians kind of bought this on themselves by cosying up to the wast and talking about hosting nato nukes and joining nato and that sort of thing, and then deciding to take nato advice and the “nato shilling” and nato weapons supplies and decide to not sign a peace treaty with Russia regarding the Russian speaking areas of Ukraine where the Ukranians were trying to ban speaking Russian.

I mean seems to me the Yanks are always happy to wage a war in Europe with an exit strategy that means their homeland remains untouched. Would be interesting to see what secret underground cities they have built for themselves and where though as they may be happy to sacrifice the whole set of surface dwellers to emerge into a newly cleansed world.

I guess it’s funny (no ha-ha) we do live in a modern caste system, seems obvious why they import so many foreigners… allegiance to relative biggest payer eh!

It is all about casting people as “this” or “that”…. The thing you absolutely cannot cast as is “The jews” eh! And, the freemasons expert at covering their tracks by not having any record they are freemasons in the first place eh! Blairoh typical lib-dem type promise wasn’t it in kind of an abolition of slavery long struggle to have a register of freemasons in public office…. I mean it may be it becomes public and still no trace… but I think not! (OK perhaps mainly no trace/actual-fact but the “some” actual-fact/traces are clucking major). funny I asked someone if they were a freemason and a classic option answer… “I know someone who is”…. I mean I say the struggle against slavery as these c@nt freemasons join up and take death oaths so they are somehow above the rest eh!

I mean I am talking about the atrocity propaganda surrounding the Houthi’s for example, guys with balls attempting to put pressure on for a ceasefire in Gaza for example. The demonising of Iran by that c@nt cameron for example. The glorification of ukraine by all western media for example.

If you have ever programmed in “C” you may have a better handle on what I am talking about perhaps?

but as I said, allegiance to biggest payer eh! spirit of the age. (OK actually more subtle than that, they get in your head and try and align you with this “identity” or that “identity” so you kind of caste yourself… like paying the bbc licence fee to be kept in the dark and fed bullshit!)

It’s more subtle than that even, identity politics is aimed mainly at “whites” or the “english”, the foreigners (including faux-welsh and faux-scots) mainly aligned by race/country or race/religion eh!

Talking of religion, I think the english religion still has the acronym CofE but that that now stands for “coven of england”.

also it is the reverse, basically the corporat-king does not care what kind of dubious types are imported at the cost of the taxpayer they just want cheap employees. so they basically want lowest paid employees who ideally think they are getting well paid compared to where they came from, and the employee benefits payed for by the taxpayer, and sure we all know the shenanigans of the offshore banking business, or even amazons tax avoidance by offshoring. But also regarding this years 700,000 legal immigrants I reckon there is a large element of an immigration racket. education for starters eh! leicester polytechnic last time I went past was a massive stream of non-whites occupying all the space.

british journalists not very good? and/or an indication of strength of israeli lobby? How many marched in London yesterday for a Palestine ceasefire?.

All the mainstream media (BBC, guardian et. al) just say “thousands” marched but no indication of scale, in fact seems a disingenuous statement to say thousands when at least a hundred thousand. A google search for a number estimate only leads to the “socialist worker” who claim 500,000 were on the march in London, I’d guess that may be somewhat over so they could get the “half a million” headline.

But a significant demonstration of opinion that was massively played down by all the british media.

I mean the number of cameras in London and the A.I. or even simple algorithms should have been able to give an estimate within 20% of the correct number… so the question is… why not?

Not so much a fifth column anymore as the actual government.

(To be fair, the war-industries lobby are probably conniving behind the scenes too)

Treason does not prosper!, What’s the reason? If it prospers none dare call it treason. (Ovid I think)

update: talk-radio (the sun) are going live to the pro-israel protest today though! not sure if they went live to the anti-war protest yesterday though.

Tuned in to Alex Jones, as I do quite regularly until I reach bullshit-overload, which may occur sooner or later on any particular tune-in.

He was playing some clips of El Trump’s latest rally. Trump pointed out only president in 70 or so years to not have a war, and I wondered if that’s why they really hate him. The media love war it sells copy/generates hits. Polyshituns/establishment love war, inside info. on military and services stock trading etc. Corporat-king love war, sells weapons and munitions and services.

I am in two minds about Trump, on the one hand much of what I dislike, the vaccine and covid scare thing for example, but also a lot of what he says makes sense. No-one could ever accuse him of not blowing his own trumpet LOL.

Max Romeo – Perilous Times
Living on a Knife Edge (Version 1)

They (the mainstream media) are omitting to mention that the Houthi’s are calling for a ceasefire in Palestine.

The irony, probably lost on most of the dumbed-down sheeple, is, that our government repeatedly does what it criticises others for.

And the dumbed-down sheeple are only going to get dumber the more they use A.I. eh!

The Houthi’s are not just attacking shipping out of the blue. That seems to be the thrust of all the media commentators, that they are just attacking shipping because they are pirates.

What is happening in Gaza seems to me a war crime, though if the allegations about Hamas wantonly killing civilians (which I think are at least exaggerated) then also Hamas operation was a war crime. But 30,000 Dead Palestinians is an atrocity, the media were whining about 2000 Dead Ukrainian civilians (in two years) just this morning on talk radio. Though they omitted to mention the number and referred to it as “lots”.

Seems to me a government and establishment of swine we have.

They only seem to understand thuggery-by-proxy, and it seems to me they are overdue a visit from Nemesis.

I guess I should add, I did not know Nemesis was a female, and whilst I did not threaten anyone with Nemesis I guess what I said may be hubris, but I’m reasonably certain I am correct.

In World War 2, women were not evacuated from London!, only some children were evacuated.

We have to endure these ukranian vagina-monologue women and the bbc who are fawning over them, pushing their shite, whining on about how women are affected by war! Well I see no reason why that vagina-monologue should not be wading around in mud ice and snow on the front line along with the men so go-away-quickly! Instead this vagina-monologue is getting council and other grants to make some vagina-monologue film about how vaginas are affected by war and what their vaginas feel about it eh!

vagina-monologue claims she was “forced” to flee Kiev, ffs, Kiev is hardly even under attack!

Israeli’s have killed more Palestinian civilians in a fortnight than the Russians have killed in this whole “special military operation” so far!

The western media would have you believe Kiev is like Gaza, and that nothing bad is actually happening in Gaza eh!

Such so and so’s are our leaders and establishment.

The topsy-turvey world the bbc and their media ilk have created eh! This little snapshot of bbc shite output shows how they have twisted everything and women are now the leaders in everything eh! I suppose kind of thankful for the small things, they are at least all white women in this snapshot. And no, I do not watch any bbc shit or any modern television, it is utter drivel. That vigil (the drone swarm idea) was already done as a indi youtube short film anyway.

No, I do not hate women, well, I do hate some, but mainly I think we are all the subject of some psycho psychologists little game/applied-research project, (gaslighting works eh!) and have been since everyone accepted 9/11 at face value and the state explanation. SADM did it eh! is what gw bush said eh!

But it is interesting in the years since 9/11 how many times they tried to push the pandemic thing eh! But each time calmer heads kind of looked at the stats and said, well not really a pandemic, but still in those previous attempts at “the big one” the drug companies made a killing with stuff like tamiflu which I think was like 100% ineffective. So what happened this time to get a bad flu year declared a covid pandemic, destroying the economy and peoples health by fear and locking people inside their homes? I would say the number of women scientists in positions of influence has increased year on year, and as for that tedros character ffs! and those vagina-monologues kept getting on the podiums on british tv with the daily death statistics, everyone who died died of covid eh! and the vagina-monologues in government knowing it was not deadly, having fucking parties left right and centre eh! Did any MP die of covid? If it was a pandemic 10 or so MP’s should have died of covid I reckon. But none did eh! not a single one!

talking of wimmin “scientists” ffs, some shit about that fake fossil piltdown man, and the female “scientist” had some bust made up of a black woman… it was a fake in the first place ffs! that’s modern-wimmin science encapsulated I reckon!

Those Citadels in Afghanistan devastated by Genghis Khan, just amazingly awesome….

And those former Buddha statues in the same area survived like 1500 years to be destroyed by those arab (deep state) funded retards the taliban!

Yet, I totally respect Afghanistan, awesome history, and I hope those given control of the place can attain the spirit of the place. I’m thinking of trying to cook some bolani from constituent parts! Yum!

Back to kind of hippy trail days, and sure actually the hippies were quite respectful!

I would say as far as the full nakba/burka whatever it’s called, seems kind of a religious cop-out for the males to not resist the temptation of what are quite possibly pretty young-things or suicide-bombers underneath them eh! And I guess the British running away from Kabul in AW1 kind of proved a lack of faith in G-d… banksters gold and paper money had run out eh! with minimal effect… I guess the classic example of should have fought to the last man and lady anyway eh! like could have been the afghan agent was only one to get away eh! I expect, if you had the records, to see some stock market fluctuations around that time surprisingly all playing into the usual suspects hands,,, well I had 3 aces, unfortunately they had 4 eh! (there’s only 4 in a pack!)

Could be remnant of the Khans genetics makes them so warlike… LOL whilst yeah, actually you can see some “sino” and even european in quite a few appear in the youtube viddies, arab seems main impression of the taliban, though in one viddy was like seemed some quite probable eastern euro looking crypto-jew photo-bombing the interview with the arabic looking taliban “warlord”

I guess symbolically nuking mount rushmore would be minimal casualties acceptable? and proves nukes exist?


I guess a couple of things I would add

a) like 1500 years and God did not personally, via lightening-bolt or whatever knock down the Buddha statues if they were so blasphemous in his sight.

b) How is it humans think this all powerful omnipotent god needs humans to do its will? yet that bit is really the paradox, God gave us free will eh!

(that was an oddity that turkish politician threatening the wrath of allah then dying in turk parliament, sure probably someone had a copy of his speech beforehand and a chance to poison him of course…..)

Oh yeah and the bbc running a story about “ukraine’s new christmas” like shifting from orthodox “ChristMass” date to church of whatever pontiff, charlie or hispanico, makes them more worthy of going to fucking war for eh! giving the corrupt c@nts infinite budget for eh! just war for profit eh! not “just” war, though obviously big marketing budget in justifying it’s justness eh!

swine at the c@ntrols eh!

and as for israel and the fishy paraglider attack and the extreme revenge, extreme as nazis allegedly executing 50 civilians an hour in this or that town until they hand over the culprits… (which I guess is basic Roman technique… crucify the lot of them along the Appian way eh!)

It’s funny, the flat earth theory has a parallel, the “nukes-don’t exist” theory… LOL who knows what to believe…

Control of your thoughts eh! I have said it before, I guess one of my defining features is having read most of 2000AD up until about 2015 and it went a bit whacky… actually went through that loop before around 1990 something I think… around time of indigo prime eh! having read more recently about the actual indigo dye… indigo-white… and having observed they kind of removed indigo from the common modern spectrum, the standard set of colours… can anyone tell cusp of violet to blue?

But, yeah, can almost relate any thing to a scenario in a 2000AD story from my memories version LOL What would Judge Dredd Do? LOL What would Jesus do eh! LOL

The Ipcress Files is really a great book, and I’d say a redeeming feature of BBC was having done an awesome radio version of it.

The ipcress machine is certainly television and now internet/social-media/conspiracy-sites, they remove the imagination required for a radio play or a book…. vision is 70+ % of brain processing apparently… and TV is no doubt scientifically hypnotic… the actual applied-science of addiction in computer game design eh!

And why a comic is still better than television as you have to interpolate between frames, and the art generally in 2000AD is top notch.

Obviously supposed to make some observation about coincidences… one of those occasions where the science will say correlation does not equal causation…..

so the marketing/perception management explanation/science is that “well, it’s been 4 months since they started releasing fukishima shit into the ocean”, but they provide no data on amounts released each day…. and radiation at lower dangerous doses takes N days/weeks/months to kill anyway.

and anyway, it’s all ok, the appointed-by-who? iaea said it was OK.

one of those things where the dose to kill the fish (maybe alpha radiation) may not even register on the average geiger-counter. need pancake sensor for targeted readings… and other more specialised gear/process… like evaporate all the water from several big and small batches of fish and test the residue, and could be the water was so horrible the fish all just chose to beach themselves? And who knows what else the globalist psychos (typically psychos by proxy) are up to anyway?