Interesting observing the lag between external and internal temperatures on my extended prototype SkyPiAQ air quality devices.

Five Test SkyPiAQ devices 01/07/2022 to 06/08/2022

A little python and matplotlib script I wrote to plot the data from my test devices for any period available in the database.

First thing to note is the massively varying plot on each graph is the external sensor box I also designed using the awesome software engineers cad program “OpenSCAD”, the enclosure design exceeded my expectations, still water safe after almost a year bolted to my shed. I went for a completely exposed base which I figured would get better airflow and allow draining of any liquid and an inner “keep” wall as well as the external vented wall.

Anyway you can see the four internal sensors are all pretty much in agreement, though aqkit went through a period in the kitchen that had better air mainly due to the airflow in the kitchen, and so that actually tracks the external sensor at certain periods, but then also worse air at times whilst cooking.

All sensors in agreement over barometric pressure.

As for the actual temperature reading, the external box is a thin pla 3d printed box mounted on a metal shed, so, kind of a temperature amplifier I would say! The Stevenson screen is key to the thing eh! same wood, same dimensions, same residual humidity in the wood, sealed with N layers of a specific paint… same sensor position in the box, same altitude from the ground, same ground surface (grass, not a Heathrow runway LOL) etc. etc. A very important component! The Enclosure. As for internal temperature think I have not accounted fully for digital self heating yet, need a reliable accurate mercury min/max thermometer and humidity meter for calibration.

You can also see why any air quality algorithm has problems pitching “OK” air when it varies so much in an external setting like this urban yet rural area. The problem for internal sensors is opening all the windows for a day makes all the other readings appear so bad on a linear scale.

Anyway if anyone wants to buy one you can add your name to a list, but the raspberry pi is currently as rare as rocking-horse shit so… a problem…

It occurred to me Rwanda is a great place to build a bunker complex!

For Schwab’s (city of london financier types) new master race to arise from.

That area of Africa is kind of “Garden of Eden” level.


  • Water and lots of it – Check!
  • Low IQ natives – Check!
  • Bent as a “nine bob note” government (probably) – check! (note: that phrase “Bent as a “nine bob note” means to me, prone to accepting large amounts of money for vague promises or threats or “can’t catch me” type confidence)
  • Already running flights from UK to Rwanda – check!
  • Low satellite observation area – check!
  • No Nukes targeted at that large area of mid Africa – check!
  • Far enough inland to survive tsunami – check!

So all those planes flying out there will have empty cargo holds to fill, and easy to disguise the new-master-race nubiles as security on the way out and replace them with Rwandans for the return journey. So the british taxpayer can pay for it all as well! That’s their kind of style eh!

Postscript :

Funny to see that story on the Rwandan Govt. representative saying they only had 200 spaces ready and they were annoyed it (Rwanda) was portrayed as some kind of “HellHole”

I mean they have 200 places ready, in what looks like a nice place and we have sent ZERO people over so that’s that media “outrage” shot down!

I mean fuck knows what happened in Rwanda… there is a good film “The Crazies” the modern remake is good, but the original black and white film goes more into details of a propeller bomber loaded with a bio-weapon “Trixie” that crashes near the outbreak site… I mean it was a film, that was reality in Rwanda, if there is any crossover? who knows eh! I think (it is my opinion) the bio-weapon can be kind of a mind virus transmitted by tik-tok, twatter, facebook, meta, bbc and the rest eh! And of course what percentage propaganda written by the victor? The “Winter King” Eh! (Henry The Seventh, classic propaganda coup. after his victory he declared himself king before his victory so previous was traitor, and woe betide any baron did not agree… but an interesting story… who killed the princes in the tower? they were more a threat to henry seventh perhaps? like given the framing of the story seems to me henry had as much or more cause to kill them… maybe richard was not so bad… Christ Knows eh!)

Was a funny massively ironic television program called “why dont you just turn off your television set and go and do something more interesting instead”…. I mean it was still somewhat agit-prop but still good!

The Irony is “Ukraine” was not a country until 1917 when the bolsheviks created it!

As one of the first countries of the USSR LOL eh!

So, whilst I support the rights of “Ukranians” to live in peace and safety, their leaders are an utter bunch of swine, but being egged on by our own swine eh! Trying to ban speaking Russian in that whatever-its-called area. like trying to ban speaking Welsh in Wales or Gaelic in Scotland eh! and you should all know it’s the bbc that run propaganda channels in welsh and gaelic eh!

I was contemplating, and it occurred to me we are living in the period of “The Genesis of The Daleks” or the “Genesis of The Borg” I think the Borg embodies what is happening more, the belonging, the embracing of depersonalising technology etc. But could just be pure android Cylon types evolve…. ????

I mean these saps that play these games that egg you on to buy weapons upgrades eh! I mean even in mystery-(gambling)-boxes where you do not even know what is in them… I got negative vibes about the battlefield series in 2142 where they introduced advertising billboards eh! and you could not destroy them with your rather nice hover tank eh! the whole play to be ranked and get better weapons system, why not just choose from the pool of only ever available to everyone weapons eh! Like in reality everyone with an mg42 in an mg42 optimal arena will be ranked by their skill, not by whether they could afford an mg42 and feed the hungry thing with ammo eh!

I mean, “The Genesis of the Daleks” was first and was actually an amazing movie, think the movie version had a slightly less Cheesy “Doctor” than the TV version but both good, I mean lot of suspension of disbelief required in Doctor Who, but was quite good, they did one good one in the recent series… the one with televisions taking control of your mind, other than that seems LGBTQ+ agit-prop, fuck women eh!

Then it occurred to me, maybe somewhere out in Borg space there is a luxury planet of the financiers that the Borg bring back nubiles to as part of their program LOL

Another thought occurred to me, the anarchist-collective Starship Enterprise, a right slovenly bunch always arguing about who is leader presently! LOL!

Now looking for film version of “Genesis of the Daleks” on planet-financiers “google” it’s like it never existed eh!

Anyway I am of the opinion whilst Whoever’s Russia appears to have been painted as backed into a corner it is all schwabs muppet-masters plan for vast transfer of state of the art weapons they already sold and profited off by selling to the governments who are now nominally transferring them to Ukraine, actually not delivering but acquiring them themselves after having nominally also now put the “ukranians” into debt for them, and also vast quantities of hard currency, probably gold or platinum, though I think scientifically gold is more useful rather than saying your watches wristband is made of a more expensive thing.

Talking of scurvy schwab, was a funny clip I saw of him greeting some world leader, it was like he stuck his groin into him like some dog trying to hump your leg, maybe that is standard scurvy-schwab squad greeting, like maybe standard at the bohemian grove… the plan to turn humans into one-dimensional-man bonobos eh!

Oh yeah, was a funny comment on the net about Zelensky’s “Million man army” in the style of a psychiatrist… “Is this million man army in the room with you now?”

Is it also kind of ironic poland wanting to take the left half of ukraine because of those russians that took the right half, in a kind of mirror of the soviet/nazi split of poland back when the poles started the last world war…. or that was the ha-ha-fucking-ha casus belli eh!

(OK Respect to the Polish for relieving the siege of Vienna LOL)

The Executioner Fly Killer

The Executioner Fly Swatter

Personally I think they over-egged the title a bit, I would call it “The Stunner” though earlier today this fly actually did seem to explode when swatted about 1-2cm from a reflective surface, which you do not want… and rarely in practice happens, that was some strange Newtonian acceleration thing I think…

Anyway, had mine a good couple of years now and at this present moment in time over constant assault over last few days I think I have liquidated pretty much the entire local fly supply!

The loud “crack” as the fly hits the surface is very satisfying, but do not be fooled!, the fly is probably only stunned, still got to locate and flatten the thing afterwards…

I mean the little cluckers will be back up and giving it the “I’m super-fly, can’t touch me” attitude shortly. They never learn and decide to fly away.

I learned to appreciate the subtlety of Tai Chi using it LOL, the blend of slowness and quickness! I guess it’s the technique of the global corporat-king usurer creeping up on you eh! And the executioner is the legal-system they implemented for themselves eh!

On further contemplation, rather like the appearance of nato creeping up on russia, the “fly” now has to make its move, (you have to understand the dynamics of what a fly is capable of doing, its position vs. your angle of approach with what is basically an electric spiders web) ideally straight into the bat, but the global corporat-king usurer is such an elusive and really very untouchable fly that they are also playing russia as potential emergent dominant in their new world order. I mean they plan to profit off war for a decade or so eh! Whereas I would like to see them be so hungry they try and eat their own vast quantities of money…

I mean so much so are the international corporat-king usurers hedging their bets that in all the thoroughly infiltrated western states they are actually depleting the arsenals of the “western powers” standing armies to support ukranians charging head first into a wall eh! With the actual weapons supplied going who-knows-where eh! via the darknet back to their own bunkers/redoubts cheap, having profited already off selling them to the western governments in the first place eh!

I mean that footage of biden doing crack and wanking at a so called rehab clinic is like… ultimate cognitive dissonance, almost like the proles are cheering him on LOL

Anyway, whilst the bat is quite tough, don’t go swinging it around aggressively, easy to catch your own household objects in your attempt to swat the fly.

verdict – BIG THUMBS UP

A funny scenario occurred to me!

What if a few million Germans had simply waltzed through Europe, unarmed, barging their way in, throwing their weight around, saying “you are all anti-germanic” would they have won world war one?

No, I think not, it was not a politically correct enough era back then… still very much Ragnar Redbeard era… (run by murderous swine far removed from the action with several layers of more murderous swine between them and the public eh!) as fundamentally, with extra layers of veneer, it is today eh!

What makes us as humans successful, tools eh! back then it was guns, dynamite, latest poison-gas, now it is very much more weapons of the mind and propaganda.

Back then “Baby-bayoneting Germans” was a bad propaganda thing, whereas, “planned-parenthood” bayoneting babies in the womb is now a good thing eh! (not that I am totally anti-abortion but I think it is, like gender-surgery, over encouraged)

The IRONY!!!! of Yanks clamouring to ban guns in Yankistan !

Whilst shipping 40 BILLION dollars $$$ worth of weapons to Ukraine eh!

And not wanting to negotiate at all about Russian concerns

Like some Russian claimed, probably only about $500 million of weapons actually get there, rest is probably pork barrel and general lucre for senators etc.

Isn’t the Ukrainian casualty figure a mysterious missing statistic !

A great story about politics!

Bit off topic I know, but this is very good indeed. Maybe not off topic as in fact it is kind of about Heavenly level politics LOL

I think the crucial thing about this series is, it relies on a supreme authority (King/Queen/Emperor/Whatever) that is more interested in “higher things” than debauchery and money.

Of course debauchery and money are very attractive. And positively promoted by all western media!

And I would add I think “debauchery” is more than sex, drugs and alchohol, these holier than thou bunch of the vaccine drive, or the “global warming” bunch with an actual, would not be fair to call her a “tard”, as their figurehead, are as debauched with “groupthink-righteousness” (and actually probably also in a lot of cases also sex and drugs and alchohol and food or some other vice like seeking a genuine “damien hirst pig in makeup” or whatever).

New four cell 18650 “V9 battery shield” from China, is better than expected.

I received a new four cell battery holder from AliExpress and fitted four unused brown 18650’s also from AliExpress and was expecting maybe 30 hours out of it but it is still good 45 (and counting) hours later, so maybe these batteries are just better/fresher or maybe they have improved the efficiency of the battery shield.

V9 Battery Shield on a 3d printed coaster I designed in the awesome OpenScad

The shields are a nice design in that you can fit 2 pin DuPont headers on both a 3.3v rail and a 5v rail to power several devices simultaneously and then you can use heavy duty copper core wire and solder that to the power-in pads of the Raspberry Pi rather than use the tiny cores of a usb cable. This will provide better power efficiency and much longer power cable lengths.

Verdict: Recommended!

(I have had three of the two cell battery shields in use for a couple of years which are still rock solid except one failing to charge through the micro-usb port which may have been due to a dodgy cable, but that one still charges OK through the usb-c port)

Also I would recommend with any battery that has been used outside, like now these batteries are operating in occasionally sub-zero temperatures, allow the batteries to warm to room temperature for an hour or so before charging.

Note: Do not put them on top of the fire or radiator.

The batteries themselves which have actually been sat doing nothing for over a year I think except a charge or two in a digital display 4 cell charger from guess where? (China of course), all seem quite balanced in the shield all discharged to either 3.04 or 3.05 volts before the shield shut down.. so all good!


OK, as is quite common with stuff from AliExpress these have an oddity, they stuck a new switch on so it operates in two modes… one mode the power status led’s stay on, and a double click on the white button will power it down… but!!! in the other mode, when you power it off it is still putting out 2v on both 5v and 3.3v rails so ????? Well as long as you know that!. And now you do!

Also I guess there are a lot of subtleties about usage modes for longevity of 18650’s I think these do (well they state they do) discharge to 2.5v while on power and then when it cuts out actually the cells recover to 3v… so only time will tell if you were to conduct simultaneous experiments of absolute discharge levels vs. numbers of recharge cycles which is best mode.

anyway, 46 Hours was not bad… and nice to know it can go that long, probably will swap them over at around the 30 hour range at which point they are not so discharged but will go through a recharge cycle…. which is most damaging? deep discharge or the actual recharge cycle? I guess that is the question?


Probably there is a difference in the quality of charge using a more expensive charger than these shields, Like this pack long term is getting 30 or so hours recharging using the shield. Which is in line with the longevity of the 2 cell packs I have had in use for a couple of years, so 600 or so cycles later on each of them still getting 12+ hours. The extra quality required if I was specifying the pack is missing. I guess dual rails are a power waste if you only want 5v or 3.3v for starters. Still as a general purpose thing, not bad. Could be aliexpress stuff from certain suppliers is better or worse. I Won’t mention names, they know who they are already.

My new design 3d-print external enclosure running and uploading graphs.

Graphs uploaded here will now be a better representation of actual external air quality being mounted on the shed rather than being in the shed, probably still some slight cold/warm coupling to the shed as it is in contact with the shed, but much less than being actually in the shed with the doors closed.  One problem exists in that I wired power direct to the pads on the pi and am using a pair of double 18650 AliExpress Chinese battery pack which are cool but not as efficient as they could be. Getting 12+ hours uptime from a pack but may be a delay in switching packs out and a step/spike in the graph if I let the sensor cool down between battery change as it warms up again. Really need to get a 100W solar panel on the shed (to probably get only 20W actual power at this time of year) enough to charge a “leisure battery” up during day.

The Irony of a CO2 shortage

Not been own-brand (neither expensive “mineral” nor own brand cheap fizzy tap water) fizzy water in local Morrisons for months! Was not in any old-brand supermarkets for a couple of months at least (Lidl still had some)  but Sainsburies got fizzy tap water now and Tesco have own brand fizzy mineral water. BUT!!! sure the Tesco mineral water is less fizzy than it was! That is to say it used to be impressively fizzy.

The thing is, this is a several years old problem, I researched it and it is to do with carbon footprint and energy costs and shutting down production of compressed CO2 in the UK. Our leaders are severely substandard it seems to me, except in the fields of bullshit and cover-up at which they excel!

Satellite videos working again

Not checked if satellite videos still working for a while, assumed it was.

I encountered a few problems having switched to an old raspberry pi-b to do the downloads and encoding which is also a SkyPiAQ test node, just to see how the hardware video encoding works using the omx mp4 encoder, I mean not bad, but quality is mediocre anyway. A vfat usb stick auto loading thing was the problem. Still, it is amazing how capable those old pi-b computers were. (and the pi zero).
So switched back to running on a Pi3, tried using h.265 but browser players not compatible enough, shame as it is like double space saving for same quality as standard h.264, so anyway sat vids for today back up with better quality videos.
Will get round to linking to all the missing videos.