Watched Logans Run again the other night, Carousel, very much like the extinction rebellion costume….

As most of them (extinction rebellion) are white… (pull the masks off may find a certain sect, if you dared to look for it you anti-semite you), I would not recommend suicide as best course of action for their ideals, but it’s like, at least 33% of whites are beyond recall I reckon… scots and welsh been harnessed as enemies of english I reckon…. like the pastor neimuller spiel, when they came to swamping the english, the welsh and scots cheered eh! (divide and conquer… did welsh or scots conquer the world? no! but english probably could not have done it without them I guess.. will welsh and scots be easy to walk over once english are utterly totally fucked… yes! (or like in roman times, not even worth the bother eh! mons graupius eh! no but still they built two architectural/military masterpiece walls to stop the replacement scots hordes, to who scotland seemed like fertile land LOL eh)

Observing cast of the 40 year old film, almost zero blicks eh! But I have said it before, I do not believe Blacks cannot be heroes….. but they should be trying to make darky areas white friendly eh! (and in my experience from way before the current takeover some did)

I mean Logan’s Run is a good vision of a possibility that seems very real… (really it’s a play on the classic brave-new-world) keeping them in the cities believing it is dangerous outside… my recent visit to leicester was like a lot of threatening looking non-whites… the look of we (the darkies) control this place…. head into territory of whose tools are they eh!

I guess like the cathars, they would walk off a plank into an eco-power generating bonfire below! LOL Sorted!