That would be a laugh!

Bomb several UK government buildings using Tornado-2’s and then say..

“I am not looking to start a confrontation with the UK government, but I may bomb some more government buildings If I feel like it…” the terrorists they are! arrogant fucking swine!

In “self-defence” of the white british general public from the invasion of the body-snatchers that have infiltrated government and are waging psychological warfare on the white british general public, stealing their minds and therefore bodies.

Just listening to some military bigwig on talk radio going on about imminent world war 3 and all because of the russians messianic belief they have a right to exist… Seems to me the Fact is the Russians simply want the agreements made at the fall of the Iron Curtain viz Ukraine remaining neutral to remain true. Whereas it seems to me, the nato-sphere carpet-baggers of big-finance want Ukraine for their next asset stripping and absorption into the borg process.

And it seems to me the Ukranians kind of bought this on themselves by cosying up to the wast and talking about hosting nato nukes and joining nato and that sort of thing, and then deciding to take nato advice and the “nato shilling” and nato weapons supplies and decide to not sign a peace treaty with Russia regarding the Russian speaking areas of Ukraine where the Ukranians were trying to ban speaking Russian.

I mean seems to me the Yanks are always happy to wage a war in Europe with an exit strategy that means their homeland remains untouched. Would be interesting to see what secret underground cities they have built for themselves and where though as they may be happy to sacrifice the whole set of surface dwellers to emerge into a newly cleansed world.

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