In World War 2, women were not evacuated from London!, only some children were evacuated.

We have to endure these ukranian vagina-monologue women and the bbc who are fawning over them, pushing their shite, whining on about how women are affected by war! Well I see no reason why that vagina-monologue should not be wading around in mud ice and snow on the front line along with the men so go-away-quickly! Instead this vagina-monologue is getting council and other grants to make some vagina-monologue film about how vaginas are affected by war and what their vaginas feel about it eh!

vagina-monologue claims she was “forced” to flee Kiev, ffs, Kiev is hardly even under attack!

Israeli’s have killed more Palestinian civilians in a fortnight than the Russians have killed in this whole “special military operation” so far!

The western media would have you believe Kiev is like Gaza, and that nothing bad is actually happening in Gaza eh!

Such so and so’s are our leaders and establishment.

The topsy-turvey world the bbc and their media ilk have created eh! This little snapshot of bbc shite output shows how they have twisted everything and women are now the leaders in everything eh! I suppose kind of thankful for the small things, they are at least all white women in this snapshot. And no, I do not watch any bbc shit or any modern television, it is utter drivel. That vigil (the drone swarm idea) was already done as a indi youtube short film anyway.

No, I do not hate women, well, I do hate some, but mainly I think we are all the subject of some psycho psychologists little game/applied-research project, (gaslighting works eh!) and have been since everyone accepted 9/11 at face value and the state explanation. SADM did it eh! is what gw bush said eh!

But it is interesting in the years since 9/11 how many times they tried to push the pandemic thing eh! But each time calmer heads kind of looked at the stats and said, well not really a pandemic, but still in those previous attempts at “the big one” the drug companies made a killing with stuff like tamiflu which I think was like 100% ineffective. So what happened this time to get a bad flu year declared a covid pandemic, destroying the economy and peoples health by fear and locking people inside their homes? I would say the number of women scientists in positions of influence has increased year on year, and as for that tedros character ffs! and those vagina-monologues kept getting on the podiums on british tv with the daily death statistics, everyone who died died of covid eh! and the vagina-monologues in government knowing it was not deadly, having fucking parties left right and centre eh! Did any MP die of covid? If it was a pandemic 10 or so MP’s should have died of covid I reckon. But none did eh! not a single one!

talking of wimmin “scientists” ffs, some shit about that fake fossil piltdown man, and the female “scientist” had some bust made up of a black woman… it was a fake in the first place ffs! that’s modern-wimmin science encapsulated I reckon!

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