RogerWaters ? What was he doing working for the people that killed his Father anyway?

Ze germans eh! extremists then, extremists now, but nowadays, with the germans (and yanks and us etc.) the israelis do not need to work even a single day of the week, not just saturdays off…

Ok you may argue, “who killed roger waters dad?” incompetent aristo’s of the british military?

I was just being ironic, I like ze germans and europeans generally, but what has happened to europe to make it want to self-destruct as a “white” civilisation only seems to have happened since the berlin wall fell. Before then there was none of this self-hating-whites in Germany, but then Germany was going to be the first nation fighting the Soviets, the first battlefield if you like. So they were mainly considered our allies, though obviously we English have always ribbed them with the classic finger under the nose and goosestepping type thing. This whole self hating german and whites generally thing is an angry-boil of last 10-15 years, but the slope down seems to me to correlate with the rise of wimmin-in-management, the only job you can have and be a fucking useless/rotten cunt and get away with it. I think there are good women about, but due to the backbiting-bitch-fest of the modern world I think the worst of males and females tend to rise through the ranks. I think it also correlates with the rise in single parent families, usually with mother being the custody parent. and both correlate with the tranny thing I think. several things feeding of each other and defying physics actually all growing.

But the Germans sacking Roger Waters because of alleged israeli pressure seems an example of a set of israelis/jews having hijacked the genocide thing, like no other people in history have been genocided, and given that Rwanda is considered a genocide, I think there is a bit of a spirit similar to genocide in the attitude of a ruling-set of israel to palestinians. And that Roger Waters father who also died in a disagreement with ze Germans at the same era in history, but he gets sacked for criticising both ukraine and israel is ironic. I think he is quite well qualified to comment. Though I do not agree with all he says.

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