The media and their “royal” pundits are the real culprits! Blaming harry and meghan for thrusting themselves upon us, that is a Lie, the mainstream media thrust harry and megan on us!

If the mainstream media ignored harry and meghan (and they should) no-one would know what harry and meghan were doing unless they read like the Jamaica Times or the Cali. Chronicle or something

Thing is harry and meghan probably make the mainstream media more money than they make out of it themselves. All these incessant shit stories in all the british press about them. Acres of story space about them.

And then this typical royal pundit on talk radio this morning in a typical jumped up arrogant (probably faux) toff accent blames harry and meghan for him being paid to talk incessantly about them.

This is the modern world… mainly driven by the 24/7 ravenous gaudy tittle-tattle war-party israel-shill mainstream media mill.

I guess if you imagine how it was back before the internet, a “news”paper had one maybe two print runs/editions in a day, so I expect you would have been biased towards filtering out unimportant stories, nowadays the daily mail website interrupts your reading of the front/home page and reloads itself about every 10minutes, often very much rejigged and different story selection.

Present world reminds me a bit of that film “Dark City” where the aliens rearrange the whole place every night.

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