SkyPiAQ – Air Quality Monitor and Database

This is the device producing the external air quality graphs that you see on this website which are automatically uploaded to this website from the device.  The device can store several years worth of data to allow observation of how things changed over time.

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One of my test videos observing that several of my long term test devices run quite closely in synchronization in an average day at home. You will notice they are not exactly in sync as there is some difference in each sensors precise readings. For example the particulate sensor and VOC sensor in the Gold enclosure are more sensitive than the rest. That said it is impossible to gauge the airflow around each device without introducing some visible content into the atmosphere long term. The GMC-300 is a Geiger counter which SkyPiAQ can also log data from. Available separately from Amazon for around £90. The two LED’s, one for Particulates, one for VOC’s, provide visual feedback of Air Quality, Green = OK, Orange = Poor, Red = Bad

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