I’d have thought some marines onboard with Stinger missiles would be cheaper than sea viper.

I do not know risk of the stinger looping back to acquire the ship as its new target, worth checking, but I expect it is minimal

Like £50,000 per stinger missile vs. £ 1.5 million for a single sea viper missile.

Perhaps a bit of tuning to the stinger destruct mechanism to make it more proximity explosion rather than requiring a direct hit on a larger target like a plane.

I Don’t suppose those drones are that hard to shoot down.

Or send a huey type helicopter up guided to target by the ships radar and shoot it down with gunner-manned miniguns out of the side door. I suppose then there is potential for houthi boats with some guys with sa-9’s or whatever shooting down the helicopter, but I would say the destroyer should be able to id all boats in the area and provide threat warnings the helicopter based computers can check. I mean that job sounds like a laugh, being a side gunner on a huey shooting down sitting-duck drones LOL

I mean with computer assisted miniguns projecting the cross-hairs in the sights compensating for helicopter motion and drone motion, could also get instant feedback from actual pilots controls as well to instantly shift the crosshairs as the pilot manoeuvres the helicopter…. simples! you line up the actual sighted gun crosshairs with the projected crosshairs…. Braaaaaaaaaap… one shot down drone…… The way it worked on the underbarrel rocket launcher in bf2142 was you pinged the target with range-finder by directly looking at it then the correct launch target-crosshair moved about in the sight as you moved the gun so you just put the sight crosshairs on the projected crosshairs and it hit the target… now that was against a static target it’s true, but cpu’s fast enough to do the compensation and sight-image processing now I would say… still a tricky engineering problem, but the static target-ping sights for guns are available now.

The thing with computer assisted gun sights is, it can be A.I. but the A.I. does not control the moving the gun onto projected target-sight and does not control the trigger. However I heard the old adage “you can tell a tyrant because he sits with foreigners” recently and I think that projects into A.I. as being foreigners, I’ll be honest I did wonder if the earth would miss humans if we fuck it up with A.I. or nukes or reckless genetic engineering or whatever? A.I. will be faster moving the gun to projected aim point as does not have to convert from memory representation to visual overlay processing… but, tracer is quite good anyway, fine adjustments from computer aided sight projection may still be better ?????

anyway I think it would be a good idea to consider how to deal with waves of these drones, I wont go into details having recently discussed the burka and beards as disguises, only for the israeli’s to just admit they used that technique just now to kill some palestinians in a west bank hospital. “Suddenly” the israelies seem to have got efficient with intel. about plots eh!

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