so? does scotlands flag now become the crescent moon and star?

so? does scotlands flag now become the crescent moon and star?

funny this stinking shit singing cunt just took down his “st andrews” flag!

I’m sure charles the turd would be like “what a great idea with one at the head!”

talking of heads, had a funny dream, bond-villain type challenges me, not at all some ripped secret agent, to a terminal duel with what were obviously two different types of choppers, I could see he would chose chopper As it was longer/sleeker… at the time in my dream I was like “no way, spare me” as I woke up, I was like that was cowardly, I reckon I can handle a pole-axe/halberd and fuck living in this stink-hole caused by the mental-business fleet-car (probably a fucking so-called charity) kikes upstairs…

I mean as I reflect further could be with the short butchers-chopper halberd vs. warrior pointy-slicy halberd, as long as you can block, then got kick to that elusive uninvincible pressure point kick option eh! failing that attempt to chop some extremities off eh!

zelensky say “now he not do “Spring Offensive” unless he get more weapon”

It occurred to me, what if… it was all a ruse to disarm nato ?

Then today some british media claiming Russians are upset that zelensky has invited Chinese leader to Ukraine, Ha Ha LMFTO… the day The Chinese leader visits Ukraine I will concede Ukraine are in with a chance, but I do not think it will ever happen…. Zelensky going to have to satisfy himself with visits from hollywood actors who all share one thing in common with zelensky, they pretend to be action heroes on a viddy screen eh!

Does not fit the narrative… F-to-M tranny shoots up a school??? WTF???

So I have been viewing a few funny claims about who are F-to-M trannies in the actual mainstream media… been going on a long time… (some 1960’s m-to-f tranny a passable actress…) but the character in this story just has the high forehead hairline of keaneu reeves, someone in the list of claimed trannies in mainstream….

Considering keanau reeves… of the matrix fame and that ludicrous john wick series… the wachowski sisters eh! formerly known as the wachowski brothers eh! But does anyone know of a movie where keanau has gone “bruce willis in a vest” I mean, martial artists renowned for ripping off their t-shirts to reveal their ripped upper bodies in the movies eh! Cannot recall a single shot of reeves in a vest even, let a lone topless… still visible scars? looks a bit like russel brand, another one on the list…. and a left sex-pest eh…

Ah! well I reflected on having read the James Herbert Book “The Spear” and have since read about background to Klingsor, Though I think the book “The Spear” was written by yet-another anti-german propagandist, perhaps even a jew, with a first name as a last name… and that Klingsor is probably more like british parliaments resident magician…. Parsifal eh! seems to me parliament is kind of designed to corrupt any good knight that enters “her” eh!

anyway, mad, if it was not an ironic staged event by the right-wing this time? ffs world gone mental big-time…. hero cops eh! what? with assault rifles? and training? easy peasy to take down the perp. surely!

I do find it funny, testosterone decreasing in men, as a man mention testosterone to these almost universally nhs foreign-wimmin doctors and they are like “what do you mean testosterone” but some f-to-m tranny they will just hand out testosterone to eh! (I thought test. maybe a factor before I read-on in anglins article where he reckoned so…) Like handing out amphetamine++ to kids who allegedly have ADD eh!

High forehead hairline and the lion queen!
hair-transplants work? test. grows beards?
doing a russell brand impersonation?

Turns out it’s even weirder than that. A set of f-to-m trannies got a “kill the christian patriarchy” matrix-zion type militia going on…. maybe very much wanting to be like keanau in the whachowski pair of indeterminate sex’s “the matrix”….

It really is kind-of “The Colour Out of Space” (funny, Lovecraft spelt it English style?) they did a remake recently with Nicholas Cage which was not bad (Tommy Chong in a cabin saying “far-out-man” LOL)… they also did a weird recent film set in the future about ultra-extreme body-mods which is kind of also twist on that… But??? it’s like… isn’t it so obvious this is a toxic train derailment… an accidental barrage of yankee bunker buster mlrs big-jobs on that nuke plant type ffs ???? wtf ????

Why are nato such a bunch of expansionist supremacist pigs-dogs, and yet such bunch of loony tpots as to contract shit out to the Chinese???

Anyway I was considering Kundry (first of all sorceresses etc.) and the whole “seeking the grail” thing, really Parsifal (or the tale of Sir Percival) is a great story… but the grail ting perhaps kind of a sidetrack.. the three treasures of britain eh The spear of the sun, the sword of the moon and the cauldron of plenty, the latter kind of stm relates to the grail… maybe “The Armor of God” is the thing… anyway you can check biblegateway for that!

Bank of England have to put up their prices because “They’re Special” eh!

Bank of England have to put up their prices because “They’re Special” eh!

Much like the Sun followed by water vapour are the biggest drivers of climate on this planet….. So costs of energy and costs of financing also are key drivers of costs of products and services.

The sheer hypocrisy of that bank of england Utter-Swine saying everyone else has to keep their prices down whilst they put their prices up eh!

and the increases the retail banks are putting on credit cards eh! ffs… loan sharks!

a major pruning of the establishment seems the only solution! In fact, I reckon a major pruning of the establishment would save enough energy-wastage and hot-air-production to tip the earth into a new ice age eh!

on a different topic, the icc prosecuter that raised the warrant on Putin… apparently, his brother is a convicted-pedophile member of parliament who was released early from prison the day before that k.c. working for the i.c.c. raised the arrest warrant on Putin. coincidence eh!

So, All Along, Why was the story headline not “moslem sets fire to other moslem” ????

They knew all along they both walked out of the mosque together…

I reckon they still want everyone to think it was some white right-wing extremist what done it eh!

because the story headline still is not “moslem sets fire to other moslem” !!!!

Along the same levels of ludicrousness as that claudia webb mp story… convicted of threatening acid attacks on a love rival, and still a fucking mp… just had some indian-asian living in what they now call some asian name like it is a suburb of bombay in leicester, guilty of harrassing her eh! labour party back in may 2022 were threatening to force a by-election after they did expel her from the party, but never came through on that for probable expeditious reason of not wanting to lose that leicester seat to a tory or lib-dem. People will have forgotten she was labour by the next election eh! already no mention in mainstream media of the irony of having someone harrassing her eh!

Some Tory on talk-radio claiming “Boris nearly died from Covid-19 and that’s why it’s OK he allowed the parties”….

does not compute!….

Seems to me, if boris had nearly died of covid-19 then surely he would have realised how bad it was and shut the parties down….

I don’t think he was even badly ill! And that is why he allowed the parties, not thinking any of his inner circle would betray their giant scam to make big-pharma and big-ppe the most money they have ever made…. and get the tip of the panopticon wedge in… and destroy small business for the benefit of the big corporat-king. And as for all the fraud over those bounce back loans and government contracts eh! well that’s government boondoggles for you, look at the ajax tank eh!

Funny film called “Pentagon Wars” about a light tank project, I think whitehall probably looked at it as a boondoggle training film.

The long list of government shite that we know about eh!

Millenium dome, London olympics, HS2 etc. All like triple or much more over the already expensive budget that the government scraped the initial project through by claiming it would only cost so many pounds… £££

HS2 is hilarious, only getting a third of the planned line for three times the fucking cost eh!

Oh yeah the NHS tracking app. that was another “oh dear it doesn’t even work” multi-billion pound money toilet for the corporat chums of government.

You need to treat everything that comes out of a government spokesman or mp’s mouth as shit in the gaseous phase.

That was some GIANT Gold necklace bling that that Harriet Harm-men was wearing eh! Typical labour grandee eh!

I suggested there was a plan to devolve Humans to Bonobos!

This morning just discovered some trendy human resources site with some “relationship coach” modern-woman suggesting just that!

“Be Like a Bonobo”
(The Science of Success for Women)
DisruptHR Edinburgh 2.0 – June 18, 2019 in Edinburgh, UK #DisruptHREdin

If you do not know the key point of Bonobos, they live on other side of a big river to Chimps in Africa and they are possibly natures chief fornicators…

“orgy-porgy”, as a world-controller in Brave new world might say eh!

Actually the whole bonobo/chimpanzee split is a very interesting area of study, bonobos a matriarchy, because (in my opinion) the females can pacify the males by “free love”… also that is only possible because the bonobos live in an area of abundance…. on one side of the congo… both species do not like swimming… no doubt the river congo got a few monsters in it!

Interestingly hyenas also a matriarchy and seems to me you can see a lot of “hyena” in the modern poo-lie-tickle correct bunch and their methods…. hyenas are successful as they are individually quite tooled up for ultra-vi and as a pack are formidable… modern hyena-meisters kind of hide behind the hyena pack… maybe on study you would see that is same as hyena pack…

Of course… the whole Greek species split is an interesting area of study, can imagine the Spartans laughing at the Thespian contingent at Thermopylae eh !

Why does British government think it’s OK to rip off the British 25% more for energy that the Northern Irish government does their people?

Northern Ireland energy cap is £1950 a year, where here in britain it is £2500 a year, 25% more than the “conservative” administration of Northern Ireland considers reasonable profit for the energy suppliers to leech off the backs of the Northern Irish population..

Here, One party with three names eh! One media with a few dozen names eh!

It occurred to me, if the energy suppliers in their accounts charge themselves the ludicrous price they want to charge the public for their own use of their own electricity then they can prove their costs have gone up purely as a result of only their own price increase to the public….

and would explain why they leave all the lights on in their offices… the more wasted energy the more they make by charging themselves “accounting” losses at ludicrous prices for their own wastage…

which is in line with the whole “faux green” but “actual disposable/throwaway” culture corporat-king vermin all over.

the vermin in ermine eh! actually are multiplying like vermin eh!

The Stoat and it’s apparently-stupid hypnotic dance eh! It is my opinion the vermin in ermine try and capture some of it’s spirit by wearing its skin eh!

Professor Warns that Germany is Becoming an ‘Eco-Dictatorship’ Under Green Minister.

Prof. Manuel Frondel, a member of the RWI Essen (Leibniz Institute for Economic Research, Essen) think-tank, has lashed out at Robert Habeck, Germany’s economics and climate change minister, saying that the country is devolving into an “eco-dictatorship” under his watch.

And the same is happening across a eot of Europe, also very much here in Britain.

Seems to me Exactly the same m.o. as the vaccine scam, extremely dodgy solution to an imaginary problem that exists only in the minds of neurotic ladettes and greedy finance capitalists, big-pharma/big-energy/big-usury.

When I use the term ladettes I mean the new wimmin and the new men that chase them around and appease them for sex (which is in line with the frankfurt school freudian sexologists plan to devolve humanity back to bonobos), the big-brother/love-island/know-your-poo contestant and scatological viewer types…

So? Why have we been tooling up China for last 40 years?

It’s not like we did not know how repressive China are and have always mostly been, I’m thinking last era of the China and the Mandarins… And Sun Yat Sen was out to break that repressive regime and as often happens, things get out of hand and the revolution turned full circle into different costume but roughly same type regime…

I’m prepared to bet the average Chinese is reasonably happy with their lot (before this covid lunacy) having built their way out of the post war years into a prosperous society. But it was our leaders in the west building them up in the last 40 or so years, by shutting down industry in the “free” west and exporting manufacturing to China and white-collar stuff to India eh!

And “now!” we want to confront them eh! after making them nearly a first-world military… who even when they were a second-world military sorely bruised the yanks and brits in Korea eh! When we do not have the manufacturing base to make anything anymore… with what steel?

I wonder if it was a long term plan, like sort of like the albert pike freemasonic conspiracy theory, and indeed the plan in “the protocols” seems to be roughly what is going on. That and the out-of-control frankfurt-school-type sexologists turning everything base… and their art of hitting at the vulnerable peoples heartstrings with their propaganda eh!

“In a statement on the request, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said the funds were needed to confront China, which the Pentagon has identified as its top priority.”