Those Citadels in Afghanistan devastated by Genghis Khan, just amazingly awesome….

And those former Buddha statues in the same area survived like 1500 years to be destroyed by those arab (deep state) funded retards the taliban!

Yet, I totally respect Afghanistan, awesome history, and I hope those given control of the place can attain the spirit of the place. I’m thinking of trying to cook some bolani from constituent parts! Yum!

Back to kind of hippy trail days, and sure actually the hippies were quite respectful!

I would say as far as the full nakba/burka whatever it’s called, seems kind of a religious cop-out for the males to not resist the temptation of what are quite possibly pretty young-things or suicide-bombers underneath them eh! And I guess the British running away from Kabul in AW1 kind of proved a lack of faith in G-d… banksters gold and paper money had run out eh! with minimal effect… I guess the classic example of should have fought to the last man and lady anyway eh! like could have been the afghan agent was only one to get away eh! I expect, if you had the records, to see some stock market fluctuations around that time surprisingly all playing into the usual suspects hands,,, well I had 3 aces, unfortunately they had 4 eh! (there’s only 4 in a pack!)

Could be remnant of the Khans genetics makes them so warlike… LOL whilst yeah, actually you can see some “sino” and even european in quite a few appear in the youtube viddies, arab seems main impression of the taliban, though in one viddy was like seemed some quite probable eastern euro looking crypto-jew photo-bombing the interview with the arabic looking taliban “warlord”

I guess symbolically nuking mount rushmore would be minimal casualties acceptable? and proves nukes exist?


I guess a couple of things I would add

a) like 1500 years and God did not personally, via lightening-bolt or whatever knock down the Buddha statues if they were so blasphemous in his sight.

b) How is it humans think this all powerful omnipotent god needs humans to do its will? yet that bit is really the paradox, God gave us free will eh!

(that was an oddity that turkish politician threatening the wrath of allah then dying in turk parliament, sure probably someone had a copy of his speech beforehand and a chance to poison him of course…..)

Oh yeah and the bbc running a story about “ukraine’s new christmas” like shifting from orthodox “ChristMass” date to church of whatever pontiff, charlie or hispanico, makes them more worthy of going to fucking war for eh! giving the corrupt c@nts infinite budget for eh! just war for profit eh! not “just” war, though obviously big marketing budget in justifying it’s justness eh!

swine at the c@ntrols eh!

and as for israel and the fishy paraglider attack and the extreme revenge, extreme as nazis allegedly executing 50 civilians an hour in this or that town until they hand over the culprits… (which I guess is basic Roman technique… crucify the lot of them along the Appian way eh!)

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