Saw a newspaper use the term “Domestic Abuse Survivor” so what percentage of domestic abuse cases do not survive eh!

I mean the story most likely came off reuters or associated press along with the phrase…

but seems a cheapening of the phrase “survivor”, well that’s the pyschological-warfare public-relations legal framing types for you….

A “slight-graze” survivor eh! though that’s more like that same bunch casting real victims as not having been assaulted at all eh! Like this immigration not being an affront to the worlds ethnic-minority, “White-People” eh!

A Friend said to me his car did 60mpg! A few years old… unleaded… worlds leading european brand…

have you seen those pictures of petrol generators behind e.v. chargers that do like equivalent of about 6mpg, so that some pontificating c@nt can charge up their “non polluting” electric vehicle?

I mean yeah, town use e.v.’s like the old tram rail type system with ground pickups for power/recharging around a defined route would be cool… but realistically e.v.’s for travel istm are not as ecological as an efficient petrol engine car. Nor even worth scrapping a bit less ecological car for!

I mean those e.v. battery fires… the poisonous fumes they produce eh! way worse than any standard car pollutant now that t.e.l. (tetra-ethyl-lead) is banned.

So to ban petrol cars is such a ludicrous thing to do… I mean since 9/11 or even nato bombing civilians in Serbia for a bunch of moosephlegm tools in bosnia before that… I am resigned to not holding my breath for sanity to return to England.

A long time ago, I read a book by Jackson where he explained an algorithmic A.I. “backtracking”

The allegory he used was a family out on a raft day trip on a river, and they got lost… so they took branch A and that led them off the track (OK era before clucking GPS), how did they know they were off the track? because within a period of time they had not observed a certain thing or the fork petered out, so they backtracked to last know position/fork.. (OK plus compass measurements and map awareness)

and so on, again a recursive algorithm… what is the goal eh! not gaol eh!

But really what is the goal of humankind? (did you notice what I did there… did not say mankind LOL) What is our objective, a set of the splitters will say female hyena pack matriarchy eh! and vicious male dogs eh! Or conversely… More my style of top-mane Lions pride of fit lionesses eh!

Space eh! Hitler and his architecture eh! Was quite tasteful… but war eh!… mind boggling when you reduce it to the struggle of the species eh! But yet are not humans above the animals? Without God perhaps not eh!

I guess proceeding along this train of thought, I am like what? purely pursuit of divinity LOL, I like beer! Though I would say I am a bit of a fan of St. Francis and his concern for other species… and even his philosophy generally I read a bit of!

And if humans goal is space we quite clearly are not worthy of it or there will be interstellar clucking war on first contact over if this or that species want to belong to this or that clucking federation eh!| FFS war because some penis piano playing clucking jewish tpot in ukraine backed up by some british fat c@nt and the c@nt collective says so eh! (ah! follow the money…russia and blackrock doing nicely eh! even though f35’s disappear and crash eh!) and they are so tranny friendly eh! and they have a kind of rune as a symbol eh! (or vampire glyph?) Oh and the biden-bot eh! on alex-jones stream they were really nailing it on how biden-bot cannot even be coherent anymore, but still better than harris eh! Ah president only ever put upon in some foregone conclusion anyway eh!… press the button mr. president… like marilyn monroe appears to him in a vision with its plastic tit as the button eh!

I think the aim of a lot of humans is to just pontificate… guilty LOL But, I know what I am talking about LOL what is greta’s iq? what is iq of average consultant? or do they just have the “YES BOSS” gene, bill gates with his ms13 twatts eh! ha ha el chapo eh! little man compared to kermit gates… so funny how similar to miss piggy his supposed wife is eh!

So It’s funny this Russel Brand thing them saying he is famous for conspiracy theories that certain stories are planted to distract from other stories…

Life the universe and everything is quite recursive I reckon…. Like I’m thinking the Russel Brand story is planted to distract from other story… it’s all over the news eh!

Really, is Russel Brand an F to M Tranny? (It has been suggested in certain circles)

Like that taylor swift (possible M to F tranny) choosing that F to M tranny for its video as it’s video “boyfriend”, so I was thinking what are tit removal scars like and that F to M tranny in the taylor swift viddy shows post-production or normally not that bad eh!

Myself I am in agreement with Bob Geldof who apparrently said “russel brand!, what a cunt!” but then I would also say that of Bob Geldof.. perhaps to a lesser extent….


Funny Katy Perry saying she knows the real secret LOL! I’m like yeah russel brand and alex jones are famous for the half truths… it’s worse than they portray it eh! mike yeadon style eh! suddenly got religion LOL believe who?

actually russel brand reminds me a lot of the israeli bearded “lady” won eurovision eh! hasn’t he-she-it got really sculpted features?

Oh yeah and it was the brithish parliament online-backdoor bill they were distracting from eh!

I’d really like a fresh SA80 but realistically could not carry enough ammo… have to wait for a spare tempest left carelessly on a runway eh! Still could not carry enough ammo! clucking sky-captains floating fortress probably could not carry enough ammo./.. and they already have “laputa” eh!

I guess these polyshituns play a zero risk game even factoring in nuke exchange eh! a documentary on opulence of modern bunkers would be good eh! like a recent one on a 50+ year old bunker in las vegas was like ultra-luxury eh!

Ah! I guess the irony could be katy perry is a tranny as well eh! and that’s “her” secret eh! I mean as well as a talentless stock-aitken-watermen style dweeb!

I guess ironically a Gadaffi style bloodless coup is best… One metropolitan policewoman eh! and a fishy airline disaster (ah if you know history, the number of airline shot down by us and allies eh!) justifies murder of gaddafi) justified a brithish regular N minute hate on gadaffi eh!

Ah! that is the rationale of “talk radio” et. al. the N minute hate eh! caught a snippet of bbc radio 4 or 5 today and they had some ladyo given largest time slot banging on about net zero sunak-bad shite… I’m like yeah sunak-bad for sure not because he is politically positioning to take the popularist vote… but that the brithish plebeians are so fucking stupid!

This is the country that…. ah! captain scarlet and the skybase lady “angels” LOL

I guess you want to examine fictional future portrayals… 2000AD dante had a funny segment where british king was apparently a bit eccentric but his daughter saught to overthrow him… and dante kind of meddled… but a funny portrayal of a future possibility, along with another 2000ad story of parliament being kept as a perfect parody of itself… la la la my honourable friend bla bla bla etc… and speaker smacking down anyone with anything to say LOL you racist LOL you transphobe LOL you anti-semite… SQQUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLL

post postscript:

one oddity I reckon about brand is how he wants to show his tits to everyone…. always shirt open and his little hairy chest eh! and really back when he first surfaced his teeth were like that of Alien about to pop out of his mouth and bite you (like they had chiselled his face down too much for his teeth) and his beard and general demeanour were odd. Katy Perry in earliest photos I saw was a bit boyish, but not as odd as brand when he appeared in the media.

But the whole deplatforming of him is an oddity, kind of like I never liked him, but the deplatforming is an oddity, that he might be slightly waking up the eejots who must be retarded to not already be awake… ah! the pleasures of dyecadent western lifestyle eh!

The swine like nature of the EU not wanting cheap ukranian grain as it will drive prices down eh! (When Greece joined apparently eu made them destroy olive trees for same reason!!!)

post post postscript:

Well, I thought it was an odd t-shirt… mademoiselle invasion… seems certainly some sexual connotations…. invading mademoiselle’s with your big plastic-or-otherwise cock… or as the shirt says mademoiselle’s doing the invasion… perhaps masquerading as trannies, which might kind of explain sachs granddaughters support of brand as perhaps she is of that loony feminist set…

And who gives a fuck who lawrence fox wants to fuck? as for that what seemed to me stereotype horsey girlschool journo in question who certainly looks better with sexpot face on than frumpy feminist face… eh! is she projecting saying men can’t see wimmin as someone they want to fuck or not? or not? and why do wimmin put on sexpot-makeup-face and low cut dresses unless they want to get fucked?

Supermarket “own-brand” stuff flies under the inflation radar?

So funnily I thought I would check if this supermarket had cut the alcohol amount in this ginger wine and fortunately still had the bottle I had from last week or this particular shrinkflation would have flown under my radar… as the alcohol percentage is not mentioned on the receipt.

So this bottle of green ginger wine last week was 15% alcohol, yesterday the clucking thing was only 8% alcohol for the same price… or nearly 50% shrinkflation!, very subtle shrinkflation because there’s still 70cl of something in the bottle! But at 8% I think it should be called “flat ginger beer”.

I have an intuitive feeling that by quantity over last 5 years the supermarket own brand stuff was a large percentage of what a supermarket sells but that none of it gets put in an establishment inflation-measuring shopping basket. I reckon they should still have all the data and prices and that a study of that could be made if their was any inclination so to do… but last thing government/banksters-establishment wants is proof inflation is worse than they say it is eh! And of course the whole selection of the parts/items of the shopping basket has a big effect on the overall resulting inflation statistic of the basket… Nowadays should be able to measure inflation based on the sales quantities of each given item in a shops inventory as all the data is on computer eh! So they are using a 50 year old method to calculate inflation and that would seem to be because improving the calculation by making it full database based and using some algorithm that could identify baskets of socio-economic groups would only generate less conducive statistics.

I think it would be useful to identify the cause? Spiv-Swine-supermarkets? The graduate/under-graduate and assorted figurehead dweebs who quite possibly could not tie their own shoelaces, Green lobby, wanting to price the poor out of life? direct result of brexit? direct result of covid lockdown and paying trillions to pharma companies? direct result of invasion-level immigration? direct result of shoplifters-lives-matter?, direct result of encouraging proxy-war with Russia? (ironically as a result of which the Russian economy is booming, and Russia’s position on the global world stage is also not doing too bad eh! (The UN security council not included as UN is in US eh!) whilst ours sinks into the feminista, tranny, colour/sex-bending, sex-case, quaqmire! scared of any imaginary spivery that the government uses psychological warfare to ram into your psyche. The Hyena pack matriarchy eh!)

The massive irony… raw sex tranny eh! married at first sight! lust at first sight!

The massive irony… raw sex tranny eh! married at first sight! lust at first sight!

I mean I wont post image of the plastic-reworked human, but in all the photo-shopped images of the (insert pronoun here) with obviously a big makeover and competent plastic surgery… (like the surgeon thought he was going to do such a good job he would like to fuck them when the bandages came off, reminds me of some funny scene where a surgeon rebuilds some womans hymen at someone else’s massive expense then breaks it himself for free, it was Viz “The Fat Slags” LOL LOL), so it was raw-sex hump-fest at first sight, so much so you have to start looking twice, to double check, at all except the female fuglies LOL (except when the new-(notlady)-fuglies doing female sport eh!)

Actually you want to collect dna on a glass rim and get it tested for x/y chromosones nowadays eh!

Ah well, it’s back to book of Enoch.. one of the skills the fallen angels imparted was the makeover…. and I am shallow as a gnats-bidet eh!

The modern world really makes you reconsider the Parsifal story read in the light of having read The Spear which I only kind-of remember, but basically lust another tool probably almost equal to money, except money buys you bitches and attack dogs eh! That 2000AD Kingdom story, Dog hybrids eh! Good Dogs!

Ah! and the irony could be it was a plastic-augmented woman all along… and that is the unrevealed twist???? as I say, a seriously good P.I. who can get the original glass-rim etc. sample and have it tested by a trustworthy geneticist eh! trust eh! The end scene of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers eh! Squeeeeeeeeeel!

How about Several Levels of Voluntary Green Tax ?

If you are concerned about green things and believe all the disaster hype then you can voluntarily sign up to a level N voluntary “green” tax percentage based on your level of concern.

And the level of tax you have opted to pay is public, so then it will be funny watching all the “green” bogeypeople browbeating each other for not having signed up to pay a large enough voluntary green levy, whereas sceptics can say f@ck you, you believe it!, you pay more f@cking tax! And they can!

Personally I think all reasonable measures to help reduce pollution have already been taken by Britain over last 30 or so years, and in fact taken too far! Latest coal powered stations were quite clean as well, and petrol cars now quite clean too. No more flaring of oil rig spare gas, etc. etc

Insulation of the housing stock probably still remains to be improved. But that makes the energy companies no money eh!

That said I think there are too many cars, vans and lorries on the road, should be incentives for small motorbikes and e-bikes, and improvement in public transport provision.

Ah! so that’s what the raac concrete story most likely designed to distract from! The Energy Bill!

They probably deliberately delayed releasing the raac story until this treacherous energy bill was being passed pretty much unopposed in parliament and without any media discussion on mockingbird gossip radio.

They probably have a bank of such stories to drop at any inconvenient legislative time I reckon.

As Richard Littlejohn puts it :

Outraged at having to pay £12.50 a day for driving your ‘non-compliant’ car in Genghis Khan’s Ulez zone, or one of the other cynical low emissions rackets popping up everywhere? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

The eco-maniacs are coming for your house next, as part of their deranged mission to make us all colder and poorer.

That One-Chip Challenge, good example of what the internet has done to weaker minds, designed by some marketing wiz.

I mean the whole product is designed to be too horrible to eat, it is a really cheap product (tortilla chip) seasoned with a really cheap spice (chilli) and there is only one of the ‘kers in the pack but it’s priced like it’s kobi-beef.

And you are supposed to see how long you can wait until rushing for the glasses of milk (yes, apparently animal milk one of the best cures for chilli burn) or perhaps yoghurt for oral burn. Chilli can in extreme circumstances be fatal, though whether that kid died from chilli or some other condition related to stress I do not know.

And that is one of the less ludicrous intenet-meme-challenges, others like the tide pod idiots and much much worse. (Though the milk-crate-stack ninja-walk is funny but definitely should not be attempted unless you can tightrope walk first, or at least be able to walk and turn along a long narrow brick wall eh!)

I definitely think something should be done about the internet, I’m not pro censorship but there does seem to be sensible limits. It seems to me to play on humans innate desire to belong whilst being told they don’t belong and they should join this affiliation instead to “really” belong! How the whole “woke” thing snowballed. If the whole world is woke and you are not then you are an outsider. So to remain an insider you must on a regular basis prove how woke you are by siding with more and more ludicrous ideas eh! (OK other authors have advanced that idea and it makes perfect sense to me, as in that obvious it being a no-brainer)

I was brought up in a world where my “group” was British, which implicitly meant white, and I did not need to belong to any group as all British were entitled to their opinion, that has gone.

An interesting comparison in relativity happened the other day, apparently Tunisian coastguard shot two people on a jet-ski heading for their coast. And israel kicking out all the african illegal immigrants, and israel have put up two border fences eh! Not a peep about israels attitude in the british media eh! What happened to Britain? it got infested by a skilled marketing and psychological warfare bunch eh! And skilful use of the other great-replacement, wimmin in management eh!

Of course the other thing about the internet is their capability to use it to shut off all dissent eh so you only hear the woke propaganda eh! Climate change eh! or Covid eh! The chat-show-host types piss take about people taking “horse drugs” eh! for a drug that was approved for human use eh!. Certainly no news about those countries that during the “pandemic” actually experienced a drop in average death rates eh! Like the classic statistic about death rates dropping when doctors go on strike eh! LOL (OK so stats are tricky as some things by some actions get shunted to a sooner or later time period)

The double standards in plain view – doubleplus fat black woman jumps on jason donovan on breakfast tv.

I doubt jason donovan will kick up a media fuss about it! and the feminist Internationale certainly won’t eh!

So on a similar theme, birmingham city council bankrupt due to an equal pay dispute that they have already paid out 1.1 billion pounds on and owe another 600 million, I read a bit about it but have not found a single example presented about how in what jobs wimmin were underpaid for comparable jobs and time-served/experience as the male employees?

postscript: I wonder if it was part of the theatre gazza kissing the prince today given the dodgy lobbying for arab world cup he did and kind of like supra masonic “association” fussball eh!

I really hate vehicle traffic! but the whole ulez thing is really about that asian mayor being able to fleece people to be able to afford to pay the advertising agency, “cunt-cunt-cunt arsehole and gob”, to run another series of anti-white adverts it seems to me!

Yeah inner London then that makes sense, and a town centre pedestrian zone that makes sense, honestly, as a cyclist/pedestrian, it is quite rare to get the horrendous car fume smell of 25 years ago in modern traffic, so even then that one car not relatively that bad compared to 90% that perhaps even, as Ford boasted about, about 20 years ago, the petrol engine car actually cleans the air around it… That is to say probably on that marketing angle meant produced less net soot given it near hepa filtered the air it took in and indeed converted some gasses in the catalytic exhaust… and were just quite efficient, apart from power to weight ratio wastage thing…

I guess if you were to hand a portion of the cash back to the vehicle owners to get a new catalytic and air filter or whatever then that might be quite good… 12.50 a day, a new air inlet filter a month (or two, I guess the cabin filter actually cleans the general atmosphere as well) and a new catalytic every year or two, plus fitting of parts keeping people in jobs, they know your number plate and who you are eh! payback eh!

Personally, I would just charge the rich c@nts in 4×4’s and GT/Luxe cars double or triple the 12.50 rate, and still pay back the air filters/cats to the plebs. Including charging those “holier than thou” EV c@nts!

I’m not a “Flat-Earther” but this is a funny meme!

Talking of “memes” this whole “smart meters save you money” UTTER SHITE… can anyone explain to me how the daily supply charge rip off has doubled in little over a year,actually it doubled in one ofgem price rise and has only increaed since eh! is that to support their wifi network of smart meters, when “back in the day” they could support paying people to read meters for much much less ???? the amount the bosses and their buddies/bosses the big-block shareholders want to take out eh! They should be paying us for the privilege to continue living eh! if only England was a thing eh! currently with a king thinks he’s king of the poolietickly correct world eh!

if only we could harness the establishments hot-air… I think we can, big windowless “temples/lodges” where they all take turns to run around on hamster wheels in service of their masonic gods eh! Is that what they do already but do not do a slaves-worth and get fed cheap good meals?