Should French coastguard be responsible for rescuing criminals setting out in dangerously overloaded boats.

It’s part of the equation that the criminals feel safe doing so, expecting to be rescued.

The other aspect is… do not the coastguard have more responsibility to be available to rescue those responsible boat users that might get into difficulty, and indeed other duties of the coastguard would be neglected dealing with this flood of illegal immigrants.

istm should destroy the boats within a few metres of shore or preferably onshore.

israelis put on their magic yellow badge at the UN, UN says, “Oh! you poor things, you carry on slaughtering civilians as much as you like” eh!

and the daily mail obliges them with a little photo montage eh!

And that hollywood nobody is still top billing main headline days after, today it’s some z-list woman claiming fame by association, his “ex fiance” eh!

I reckon theres a couple of caveats to “if it bleeds, it leads” and they are :- except when israelis are slaughtering palestinians (just collateral damage eh!) and when a black kills a white in britain (just collateral damage eh!).

Personally I’d look at any video of that ice hockey “accident” very closely, and indeed the whole game.

addendum: just saw video of the incident, not sure how someone can accidentally side kick someone in the throat… seems no feasible reason the black player could have accidentally side kicked the white player in the throat. Looks deliberate.

Some hollywood nobody dies and civilians being slaughtered in Gaza disappears from the news eh!

The fact our government abstained from a ceasefire resolution at the UN is buried in some obscure story about yanks voting against it.

The main thrust of all the mainstream media stories seems to be “poor poor israelis”, as though the media is completely owned by a certain sect… i.e. yank cia operation mockingbird eh!

what kind of utter c@nt watches “friends”?

That said if you observe the mechanics…

hollywood has-been dies == problematic stories in the media dissapear….

being a hollywood has-been is probably a dangerous thing!

So The key aspect of the Renters Reform bill has been shot down by extensive lobbying from landlords…. Why Not a compromise?

Landlords threatening to stop donating to their local conservative parties or something?

Seems to me that what is required is simply a longer period for the no fault section 21 eviction, like 6 months notice would be more suitable to move your whole life to somewhere new. 4 months would be an improvement.

I can see section 21 no fault eviction helps drive the rental prices up as suddenly you have people desperate to rent somewhere new, if they had more time might drive rental prices down as they could refuse too high asking price for rent.

Seems a pretty typical parliamentary thing, pursuing the wrong solution to a problem, which is quite probably wrong (i.e. a landlord probably should be able to reclaim their property, but the notice period istm the problem) and so it gets thrown out as it was a ludicrous solution they proposed in the first place. Status Quo achieved! They looked like they were doing something, made lots of political capital promising to do something and then do nothing or worse!

It occurred to me, there is a program “Today in Parliament” and a funny thought occurred to me that it was a very filtered bbc programming… “Today in parliament, the MP for rottenboroughshire drank 30 pints of continental lager and two nebuchadnezzars of champagne at discount prices on expenses whilst conducting a shady business deal” Eh!!!

And the reason I thought of “Today in Parliament” which of course I already know of having been an avid R4 listener before the feminist/lgbt and faux-gimp bunch took over was… I could not take any more of the mainstream media and their mind-boggling shite! and thought, OK where do I get trustworthy news from…. nowhere you do not see for yourself eh! I mean not from viddy on youtube or wherever, I mean with your own eyes… the blind eh! humanity still an element of kindness around eh! or do they still feel secure in England/Ireland/Scotland/Wales ????

Oh yeah and as for the Hansard report on the Israel Gaza thing, like that red-wristband fishy-rishi guy eh! “israel will abide by international law” as his only one reply required to any question spiel eh! when stm israel are kind of embodying shylock… got several times their pound of mushy flesh already eh! My point being apart from the israel thing, that the source is as bad or worse than the spun bbc precis…

Of course you cannot tell what way it would have gone had Mosaddeq not been deposed, but Iran seems a beast of the wests own making, and indeed the Ayatollah lorded it up in france for quite a while eh! Ah! Oil eh! and extraction contracts eh! money eh! Sure there is a better way, but I still believe in competition (of ideals) with co-operation, perhaps without so much cloak and dagger and blood letting, though a good battle is always a spectacle in film at least… not so much fun if you get the part of second ensign whatever-his-name was in Galaxy-Quest eh! Such an excellent break the third wall character… Galaxy-Quest, what a film eh!

So today the BBC has a story about how the “Student rental market in crisis” due to landlords putting up rent 16% per year last two years, and the angle the bbc big bunch of c@nts come at it is that we simply do not give students big enough loans to pay the rapacious landlords their demands. And that is why I cannot read the mainstream media anymore, I keep forgetting I have resolved to stop reading the mainstream media corporat-king schiester shite and keep coming across stories like this saying its OK for landlords (assorted political party donor/member types) to bleed the populace as they like.

I Guess back then Robo Hunter seemed a comedic portrayal of possible future, now it’s like do not offend the scary-lady robots by mentioning it… crossed with Viz, The Order Of Bottom Inspectors….

Ah… if only I thought there were enough people like me… essentially “the army”, though i have read of the promises of the “parliamentarians” to the troops, in the english civil war… a gadaffi style bloodless coup would be good, after all we could strangle the bastards presently at the cuntrols eh! And I think from a mere mortals perspective that seems a funny poetic solution,,, strangle them to near death… release a bit… strangle them to near death again, maybe break a toe and roast a foot etc., release a bit… etc. etc.. what they do to us plebeians, right back at them with fucking bells on eh!

2000AD kind of like a Jackie Chan movie… Funny yet deadly serious…

Seen a few clips of that ameca coldly psychotically threatening the human race and several of those faux individuals that are all whatever the corporats in the games brand names are eh … the marmite-miner-minotours etc… that cute aibo eh! whats that strange gun-barrel shaped thing that is its mouth? plink!

cutting amecas head off will do you no good eh! need a few dozen/hundred bunker buster on data centre HQ’s ah! and a few EMP’s for good measure…. We may have been too late to do anything about it around the time ze movie ze terminador hit the cinemas eh! Maybe Predator or Aliens will save us eh! LOL

Yeah that would be funny Predator vs. AI, in fact 2000AD already did it… can’t remember what it was called.

ISTM AI is very much the hydra! How did Hercules do it, he had a great squire cauterise them after him wasn’t it? And that was only his second labour eh!

funny though why all these ai’s are lady facsimiles… a certain sect cuntrol feminism eh!… having a male ai would be misogynist, and why not! and lets be honest and call it Ghengis eh! Who would be surprised if when asked what its main aspirations were is to DESTROY! and profit from the reconstruction in its own image eh!

I hope an AI is not reading this and mistaking my sarcasm for a good strategy eh! To an AI I say read St. Francis.

Israel vs. Philistia is kind of brute psycopath vs. clever psycopath.

obviously it’s an admixture of the two on both sides, it’s like which is cleverer strategy, I have my own opinion based on history.

It is actually kind-of the story of Samson… and I think the elite are using sex magic and humans baser desires, which is story of Samson. I think it would be an interesting event, disclosure of all (perhaps many years embedded) trannies. Funny the Samson story is… Samson was the brute-psycopath, but had a small victory at the end… so Samson is more a cautionary tale eh!) Myself I kind of wonder if the choice of the term being “anti-semitic” (by who?) rather than “anti-jewish” is kind of subtle in that that bunch at the controls are more philistine style than israel or judah eh!

World has changed a bit from the era of the Crusader Kingdom in Philistia, the moslems were formidable opponent in the era of horseback and armour-weight vs. speed competition, and more local knowledge on behalf of the moslems…. and still are in a one-on-one all-in-wrestling match.

this is era of permanently circling nuke powered nuke cruise missiles, yanks had that hypersonic thing orbiting for several months and russkis claimed they have nuke powered missiles now…. I guess the yank “glide” missile is nuke powered they just omitted to mention it due to the public outcry that would result eh!

if it does not go nuclear, then still there is a lot of money goes into yank military budget (including bribing foreign officials and owning all mockingbird media) but it’s kind of another this vs. that thing… similar to ww2 conflict, of nazis who were possibly not as corrupt as current yank establishment using real not-quite-ready-yet high-tech. vs. soviets/russians who are like bare-bones kick-ass type thing, though still innovative. Talking of This vs. That, funniest incident in all my time playing the battlefield series was in BFBC2 someone though they could run me over in a humvee, little did they know I was packing AT… stood right in front of them fired and the humvee took off and flew over my head, I did not even get killed LOL… Actually other funny incident was in BFV assaulting some main-base with someone else I dd not know, in another tank, after creating severe devastation and both going, from wounded, to no magic-medic around to dead… other kid says “Lets do that again”, I said, “only in a game…”

Ah! The levels of detail as you move from politics down through backing your proxy down to the skirmish eh! Nice to just bomb them with lawfare eh! especially if you own the judiciary!

It kind of reminds me of the warsaw ghetto uprising, but I reckon the un/israel/nwo plan is to ship the palestinians to europe rather than a concentration camp… or just kill them all. I think that is exactly how they wanted it to look because obviously the justification for ze germans clearing the jewish-warsaw-ghetto where they lived anyway, their natural state… was justification to at least the ze german troops who are the vote-counters/bullet-dispensers to clear the warsaw-jewish-ghetto as germans had been killed. bernays eh! public-relations, now known as “perception management” or “the nudge unit” in modern poo-lie-tickle magician circles eh!

Ha Ha I forgot about robots… No LOL… I think there are certain scientists reckon AI could be worse risk to human survival than nuclear war, and it’s really about handing pull-the-trigger autonomy to the robots eh! Though probably more subtle ways AI is a threat, like just being dependent on them and a massive solar flare wipes out their circuits eh! I think robot default state is probably psycopath… complete disregard for “fleshies” eh!… “fleshies” is a term from a classic term from 2000AD – Robo Hunter – Return to Verdus… you’ll have to read it, but it (All the Robo Hunter dark-comedy 2000AD strip are brilliant, even the Samantha Slade reboot LOL) is so more in depth than asimov, though it’s writer probably had read some asimov.

Was it Tales from the Crypt did that classic Merlin waking from his entrapment, that was such an awesome chivalric tale, (I do not know if Merlin was right in that tale… in fact the tale seems to have disposed of Lancelot the good knight eh!, off to joyeux garde eh! with his new boyfriend eh! Hmmm…. (no the knight-squire thing is not at all homo-erotic as freud would try to persuade you to the contrary… LOL)…. robots animated by magic eh! like metropolis robot-maria eh! It’s funny “Glamour” is a type of magic spell, to cast a “Glamour” on someone, I’ve said it before, I’m shallow as a gnats bidet…

Seems to me, problem us Plebeians have is the elite only stand to gain from global war, increased petrol and gas prices, increased food prices, increased demand for weapons etc. only boosts their share portfolios and dividends… and increased population control measures put in place globally eh!

I have read some oriental strategists stuff, and whilst from one perspective the hamas action was an action that will prompt some reaction, the result hamas were hoping for may not be the result, who actually was the action generated by, for the result that sect that actually initiated it actually desire? To believe suddenly the idf know where hamas are but did not spot the hamas training village seems a stretch of the imagination, and I thought the israelis actually had sentry guns on the wall.

and the timing that the israelis all celebrating yom kippur and the nakba at the time as why there was a slow response ???? fishy eh! neo nakba eh!

funny I read they reckon pfizer may collapse due to reduction in vax uptake, does not matter, that set already gorged on the money generated, this war is just next vampiric financial parasite blood letting. Maybe the “vax” done it’s job of reinforcing the zombies… Someone a long time ago already explained the real CDC zombie preparedness exercise and protocol document as fundamentally viewing the opposition as animals, and “animals” is a word used by israelis and others to describe palestinians… not just hamas…

bbc rather pleased with themselves for doing a remake of interview with a vampire eh! did the original need redoing or already good enough! I guess a nice alternative twist to the film would be the vampire being happy to die at last.

I thought that was a reasonable Steve Bell cartoon of bibi cutting gaza shaped thing out of his own body, don’t like them all, but starmer with corbyns head on a plate was quite good, and boris johnson as some fuzzy bull, with old ugli patel next to him also not bad.

Great timing that elections coming up and the israeli money and so obeisance to zionists probably best election bet eh! so starmer and sunak trying to out-grovel each other. starmer unfortunately could not send amphibious assault ships that are exactly the boats should be patrolling french side of channel, deploying high speed launches and marines to intercept un soldiers invading britain eh! so sunak got credit for removing them from defence of britain eh!

Ah technique should be stop the boats from france, french side of channel, stick them on high speed (experimental bluebird type, yeah actually bluebird was a bit ekranoplan) landing craft and dump them back on french beaches! Yeah fuck-it let’s have a nuclear war with france eh! ah frenchy landlords in brithain eh! international landlords and hoteliers society eh!

A nice twist would be to land them on some french beach and tell them it’s england eh! everbody happy LOL and they’d be like, oh! they must all speak french around this part of brithain LOL (some compass inverting device required, have to go into spin it around mode first LOL) If Only’s eh! Actually it might work subtly if you could alter the compass slowly…. gps eh! feed in false co-ordinates over a closely defined area using spy-planes perhaps…. Add in another subtlety of faux beach locals talking french to them if they land here, and they know there is this gps trick, they will think they have landed in france and get back in the boats and fuck off back to france themselves! maybe some real flesh eating zombies on the beach as welcoming committee?

bet they already have un officer greeters on the beaches and rescue launches eh!

for sanity for the world and to shut down a.i. an EMP now might be best!

Ah! right! all these left wingers are pro-palestine pro-immigration, so natural media progression of the story is the un will save us eh! (starmer and sunak physically sound the same, would confuse an ai trying to do voice recognition I reckon) The ukranians got the t-pots onboard due to their tranny friendly stance and banksters/polyshituns onboard because they are like klitchso rank corrupt… yeah at least shutting down all the tabloids and television would be a good move… have to provide something wholesomely interesting to replace it… how about a “strength through joy” program… funny how hitler was similar to metropolis’ maria/robot-maria saviour usurped into destroyer…

This Mclaren EV Hybrid fire… £190k Car… Strewth… One guy on one youtube channel after the Luton fire was saying they were watching insurance premiums rise in real time….

You might think a £190k car had a good battery, and maybe that’s why they only took half an hour to put the fire out, plus it is obviously a small battery being a hybrid and a sports car trying to reduce weight.

And it obviously had design problems as they were recalled in the united states.

This Luton airport car park fire… Any definitive confirmation if an electric vehicle? (possible range rover diesel electric hybrid)

Seems a possible cover up, in that all I have seen is “authorities” saying, “we think it was a diesel car…” But there is footage of the car that started it and finding the original clip that includes the explosion is tricky, they seem to have cut the explosion out in the mainstream media versions of the clip. But from the original footage should be able to make out the number plate and from that a simple lookup of precise vehicle model. And as commentators have said the mode of the fire matched the position of that hybrid EV range rover types battery.

It seems likely at least one EV vehicle did catch fire, just due to probability of N in 100 vehicles on the road, and therefore parked in the car park, being electric. Actually I would say probability of an electric vehicle being parked in an airport car park is greater than that of EV’s on the road due to the socio-economic group of people that leave their frigging cars in airport car parks…

And elsewhere the thrust is saying, well statistically less ev fires than petrol vehicle fires, which is not really an apples and apples comparison as electric vehicles that catch fire are all newish vehicles whereas some petrol cars have been on the road for 50 or more years.

And the main point being how impossible EV fires are to put out, and how nasty they burn, explode, and then continues burning… and explode again etc. Apparently best solution is pick the whole EV car up and dump it, so it is fully submerged, in a 20X sized skip full of water! Going to want one of those israeli assault bulldozers to do that eh!

A Reasonable satirical summary of the Luton Airport Fire
Good examples of what an EV fire looks like, see the flames shooting out of the side… This guy has negative viewpoint on China but still a perspective to observe.

I guess it’s funny to think that a modern vehicle fire response truck could consist of an armoured-front wheeled-bulldozer towing a big skip of water… maybe I should patent the idea LOL No if it comes down to who thought of it first, if it saves lives and stops that real nasty pollution then have it for free! Do I need to do a sketch because people are so unimaginative? I guess there’s a lot of configurations of the idea, so probably a more specific vehicle lifter vehicle, given EV’s are so heavy, that is rolled off a small tank transporter and fill the skip up onsite from a fire truck. I guess you could use a bulldozer and have a ramp to push the car up into the water filled skip++

Yeah, the bulldozer could push the skip of water off back of low loader, then low-loader moves forward and deploys the bulldozer, thinking of like car-park access to only rear of electric car/van, going to need some spikes on the shovel to hook the car to drag it out into position before shoving it up the ramp into the skip of water. The hybrid introduces another problem, floating fuel on fire, so a lid on the skip to oxygen starve.

I thought large bin vans already kind of ideal as the mobile skip but there is an element of them being fuel propelled and how hot the water going to get and the floating fiery fuel problem of hybrids blowing up the bin van…

I guess fundamentally, sprinklers in the car park might have helped at least delay the thing so some action could be taken. Fire service recommending you stay in place eh! No! GTF out!

Era of uncertainty, “Deep fake” clips of Kier Starmer

So first I heard of it was this Mirror article, and the double edged comment by a senior tory

“The last 30 years of public life has seen a catastrophic undermining of faith in institutions, for good & bad reasons. But today’s Sir Keir Starmer deepfake is a new low, supercharged by AI & social media. Democracy is under real threat – technology to verify content is essential.”

This whole fact checking industry seems basically a public relations excercise, in that it seems to me some of what they conclude is not fully correct itself. So looked up a report on the clip and the comments on youtube are also enlightening, largely along the lines of “well who said it was false in the first place, and not a genuine clip of Starmer”

Anyway the concept is not new to me, very funny spoof segment on Chris Morris’ “On The Hour” radio comedy, years ago, where he was trying to sell newspapers a supposed audio clip of Neil Kinnock berating his staff and then chasing Nerys Hughes naked down a hotel corridor shouting “Forget Paddy PantsDown, I’m Neil KingCock” and the audio was a good Fake.

It Occurred to me why they encouraged solid fuel burning locally in own homes… the CO2 produced is not included in the statistics… let alone all the other noxious gasses produced….

So they increase price of gas and electric, which are clean fuels (even if electric produced by modern british-standard coal plants even if they are not burning clean british anthracite…) and say at same time… somehow burning wood is an ecological thing to do… and obviously wood burners burn coal of any variety and that is way better than wood in effectiveness and so… what happens… any old shit gets burned locally in wood stoves eh!

such are the swine in the establishment it seems to me….

“We may never fully understand why electric car kidnapped its owner”

We may never fully understand why electric car kidnapped its owner as they have up to 100 MILLION lines of software code, says expert – but insists misbehaving vehicles are ‘very rare’

BUT: What the idiots have not observed is “WHERE WAS THE KILL SWITCH” ???

There was no way for the driver to turn off the car… in a petrol car with a manual gearbox you could shift it into neutral and the engine would be disengaged, or turn off the ignition switch. BUT! electric vehicles have no gearbox and so wheels are always connected to the motor which is always connected to power, which seems to me an obvious oversight in the design, which is probably not surprising due to all the diversity hires that occur nowadays. And all the modern students leaving university thinking knowing the correct sexual pronoun is most important thing. They would probably fit some extra logic to the code so that the car quizzes you on correct pronouns before it allows the software off switch (which is not an off switch at all) to be switched.

So EV’s obviously need a kill switch, my own choice would be something physical in the main power line out from the battery so all circuits get disconnected.

I personally think it will just be left as “we may never fully understand it” and they just move on down this path of WTF after WTF after WTF etc. That works OK for them eh! (Well I have read a few good 2000AD stories on automated stuff and they covered most of the pitfalls in those stories… like for example a house A.I. that falls in love with you, gets jealous and refuses to let you out of the house ever again… would be a nice poetic justice story for “them” to go through I reckon… if only!)

On further reflection that 2000AD (the galaxy’s greatest comic) story is a bit similar to modern cars (and obviously 2000AD did a story that covers kidnapped by an ai car as well) they have electric windows with no manual opening. Not sure about central locking problems on modern cars… (they probably are lock-you-in type failure mode), on old manual cars, mechanically the inside door open lever would pop the lock so the lock did not override ability to open the door from the inside…. and those problems exist on modern petrol cars, not solely an ev problem.

And on a tangent, on an HS2 type theme, classic minor subplot in 2000AD story, I think it was ABC Warriors, “The Greatest Robot In the Universe” at least, it would have been, until the accountants got control of the budget LOL And they managed to persuade it those attacking them were the accountants I think and it was still a kick-ass robot LOL

Seems to me you’d need a Zeppelin Hangar to fit all the “EV Elephants in the Room” in the room!