Chinese BME680 vs UK BME680

Update; 10 May 2020

Today, again you can see how the profile of the two Chinese/UK bme680’s are similar yet different, of course I really need to space these two devices equidistant around the central beam of the shed to get a much more similar airflow… so basically can see the Bosch driver is not bad given the large raw “ohms” difference between the two…

Seems to me the Chinese manufactured BME680 (tried 3) are sensitive to some set of conditions the UK manufactured ones are not, had one of my other prototypes with UK bme680 (SkyPiAQTest) in the shed alongside my prototype with chinese bme680 (SkyPiAQShed) that has been sat there for a while, all my prototypes running on the 1.8v 28day 3second reading using the bosch sensor library.

For comparative purposes it has to be said the Chinese sensor (SkyPiAQShed) is much more in direct airflow than other prototype (SkyPiAQTest)

The Particular prototype (SkyPiAQTest) with UK manufactured sensor has been used to take readings mainly in my office which may have bit of cigarette smoke in it from time to time, and I shifted it from that environment to the shed without a reset of the stored calibrations and actually they match quite well in terms of what the bosch driver returns as the “IAQ” but some odd peaks on the Chinese sensors IAQ readings…

And the Chinese sensor as I said in other post actually tops out at max bme680 “Ohms” range from time to time, much more frequently during the period of the covid-19 shutdown… where UK one does not

Though overnight air here consistently bad outside even with shed doors open…

here’s todays graphs of the two.

Though (SkyPiAQTest) was down (not working) for an hour or so as I am testing solar panel which seems to be working OK in short term.

At last some weather that can drive solar panels in UK eh!

(And… if you noticed the difference, the (SyPiAQShed) particulate sensor is of a batch that do read higher than another batch… tested about 7 of the particulate sensors so far… though is an age difference between the two, but the graph profile is pretty much the same.)