I suggested there was a plan to devolve Humans to Bonobos!

This morning just discovered some trendy human resources site with some “relationship coach” modern-woman suggesting just that!

“Be Like a Bonobo”
(The Science of Success for Women)
DisruptHR Edinburgh 2.0 – June 18, 2019 in Edinburgh, UK #DisruptHREdin


If you do not know the key point of Bonobos, they live on other side of a big river to Chimps in Africa and they are possibly natures chief fornicators…

“orgy-porgy”, as a world-controller in Brave new world might say eh!

Actually the whole bonobo/chimpanzee split is a very interesting area of study, bonobos a matriarchy, because (in my opinion) the females can pacify the males by “free love”… also that is only possible because the bonobos live in an area of abundance…. on one side of the congo… both species do not like swimming… no doubt the river congo got a few monsters in it!

Interestingly hyenas also a matriarchy and seems to me you can see a lot of “hyena” in the modern poo-lie-tickle correct bunch and their methods…. hyenas are successful as they are individually quite tooled up for ultra-vi and as a pack are formidable… modern hyena-meisters kind of hide behind the hyena pack… maybe on study you would see that is same as hyena pack…

Of course… the whole Greek species split is an interesting area of study, can imagine the Spartans laughing at the Thespian contingent at Thermopylae eh !

Why does British government think it’s OK to rip off the British 25% more for energy that the Northern Irish government does their people?

Northern Ireland energy cap is £1950 a year, where here in britain it is £2500 a year, 25% more than the “conservative” administration of Northern Ireland considers reasonable profit for the energy suppliers to leech off the backs of the Northern Irish population..

Here, One party with three names eh! One media with a few dozen names eh!

It occurred to me, if the energy suppliers in their accounts charge themselves the ludicrous price they want to charge the public for their own use of their own electricity then they can prove their costs have gone up purely as a result of only their own price increase to the public….

and would explain why they leave all the lights on in their offices… the more wasted energy the more they make by charging themselves “accounting” losses at ludicrous prices for their own wastage…

which is in line with the whole “faux green” but “actual disposable/throwaway” culture corporat-king vermin all over.

the vermin in ermine eh! actually are multiplying like vermin eh!

The Stoat and it’s apparently-stupid hypnotic dance eh! It is my opinion the vermin in ermine try and capture some of it’s spirit by wearing its skin eh!

Professor Warns that Germany is Becoming an ‘Eco-Dictatorship’ Under Green Minister.

Prof. Manuel Frondel, a member of the RWI Essen (Leibniz Institute for Economic Research, Essen) think-tank, has lashed out at Robert Habeck, Germany’s economics and climate change minister, saying that the country is devolving into an “eco-dictatorship” under his watch.


And the same is happening across a eot of Europe, also very much here in Britain.

Seems to me Exactly the same m.o. as the vaccine scam, extremely dodgy solution to an imaginary problem that exists only in the minds of neurotic ladettes and greedy finance capitalists, big-pharma/big-energy/big-usury.

When I use the term ladettes I mean the new wimmin and the new men that chase them around and appease them for sex (which is in line with the frankfurt school freudian sexologists plan to devolve humanity back to bonobos), the big-brother/love-island/know-your-poo contestant and scatological viewer types…

So? Why have we been tooling up China for last 40 years?

It’s not like we did not know how repressive China are and have always mostly been, I’m thinking last era of the China and the Mandarins… And Sun Yat Sen was out to break that repressive regime and as often happens, things get out of hand and the revolution turned full circle into different costume but roughly same type regime…

I’m prepared to bet the average Chinese is reasonably happy with their lot (before this covid lunacy) having built their way out of the post war years into a prosperous society. But it was our leaders in the west building them up in the last 40 or so years, by shutting down industry in the “free” west and exporting manufacturing to China and white-collar stuff to India eh!

And “now!” we want to confront them eh! after making them nearly a first-world military… who even when they were a second-world military sorely bruised the yanks and brits in Korea eh! When we do not have the manufacturing base to make anything anymore… with what steel?

I wonder if it was a long term plan, like sort of like the albert pike freemasonic conspiracy theory, and indeed the plan in “the protocols” seems to be roughly what is going on. That and the out-of-control frankfurt-school-type sexologists turning everything base… and their art of hitting at the vulnerable peoples heartstrings with their propaganda eh!


“In a statement on the request, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said the funds were needed to confront China, which the Pentagon has identified as its top priority.”