These two articles appeared in Daily Mail Today

There was quite a lot of space between the articles, possibly enough for modern ADD mindrinsed people to have forgotten seeing the first by the time they saw the second. I wondered if they had been placed one after the other, more people might have drawn a causation type mental link between the two articles.

And in other reporting/speculating about the daily mail, they have put Peter Hitchens behind the “Mail Plus” paywall. All his articles I have seen since introduction of the new paywall have been put behind the paywall. I agree with much of what Hitchens says (though agree he is a pompous arse) and would read his articles if they were free, but I’m not paying, and I suspect a lot of people are similar, and as Hitchens has contrarian views regarding peace talks in Ukraine and Mask mandates etc. In my opinion it makes propaganda sense to restrict the number of people his contrarian views reach eh!

And all the media today are on a Meghan and Harry bender for some reason… acres of story space on their skiing antics eh! But it’s all being filmed for their show anyway, so why annoy the rest of us with crap about them when anyone interested could just watch their show ??? Some propaganda technique probably. Slow news day or some political shenanigans going on today to be distracted from perhaps?

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