One thing I noticed about that recent U.N. Robot conference, the vast majority of the bots were trying to impersonate wimmin like some terrible transvestite… now worlds first “robot CEO” is a female impersonator eh!

“Dictador is for the rebels”???? I’m thinking Darth Vader is not so bad after all! How ironic is that that they use a pun of dictator as their name?

I mean the fact it is allowing the geeks that created it to put a wig on it and call it “a lady” (the closest those geeks will ever get to a “babe” eh!) proves it is not an AI, just a homunculus/golem/shoggoth…

so I looked up “shoggoth” on google to check it would point anyone doing the search to the correct source “At the Mountains of Madness” and it did and also that someone in mainstream also picked up on it…

NY Times – The Shoggoth, a character from a science fiction story, captures the essential weirdness of the A.I. moment.

Well, they still miss the point the shoggoths became a problem to their creators “the old-ones”.

Which is kind of the Greek Gods story eh! Created rebels against Creator. Guess I’m Nth generation rebel becomes/yet-to-become Darth Vader/Judge Dredd. (still a lab rat eh! being told I live in a “Democracy” eh!)

Just because you cannot hear anything, do not think you should not do Darth Vaders “Green Cross Code” Look Left, Look Right, Look Left again!

The order of that code depends on what side the traffic is in your country, you always start on a near-side pavement, so anyway look all ways at least.

So the example I have is a corner (trickier than just crossing the road as multiple threat vectors including behind you) close to home, I am someone that appreciates audio input as a sense, could not hear much so assumed nothing coming, but did the check, and some large electric 4×4 was right on me, and I reckon could not have stopped if I had walked out, so anyway, say it again, green cross code eh! look before you leap!

Way back when in this battery vehicle society leaflet or elsewhere they were talking about the silent danger and needing fake engine-audio, milk floats eh! possibly a few accidents with them but slow enough for some sudden avoidance on the pedestrians part….

THINK! First find the safest place to cross
STOP! Stand on the pavement near the kerb
USE YOUR EYES AND EARS! Look all around for traffic and listen
WAIT UNTIL IT IS SAFE TO CROSS! If traffic is coming, let it pass
LOOK AND LISTEN! When it is safe, go straight across the road – do not run or walk diagonally
ARRIVE ALIVE! Keep looking and listening while you cross

bbc radio should be renamed bbc lady-o? world service eh!

at least a four to one “lady” to man ratio… I mean I made a point of observing it every time I take a shit! OK bbc should be called SHIT radio! have to turn it off, it is so shit, before even completing a shit eh!

risten to commie lady-o eh LOL!

Ultimate password type? “risten” and the chinese spies that have observed pronunciation think “they mean listen” LOL

I guess if I need to explain it to someone is that the Chinese spies reporting back could not say listen and would say risten anyway… well, obviously not all chinese, not even that I am singling out the chinese… China is awesome! Korea, awesome! Japan awesome! Taiwan awesome! hope they get it together for benefit of the world! I mean collectively they could be awesome, like Germany, Bismarck bringing together the states…. obviously preferably without the two ensuing world wars which could be really be the usual suspect coronaid fairy-money sorcerers all-over!

ari-baba eh!

It is and is not funny! electric vehicle fire (in a brand new electric vehicle) sinks a ship with 3000 brand-new high-marque cars on it!

And it’s not even the first example of a similar event!

I mean I was into electric vehicles way back when and subscribed to some eclectic electric vehicle society pamphlet, which was cool, soon learnt of the power/weight ratio and energy-store-capability problems!

Electric bicycles only green use of the technology I think! makes cycling easy, though the roads are kind-of too dangerous for every-person cycling… some large vehicle users think they are like some bulky wrestler getting into the ring!

Amazing claim about smart meters (obviously bullshit as to start with to create the new smart meter to replace the existing meter causes pollution and the waste of the old meter, and then the extra energy used for the wifi connection etc. etc.)

But even after that bullshit only way they will save energy if they can cut your supply off at any time of day… in fact it is an idea being floated in the media for sounding-out, will energy blackouts save the climate!

the climate eh!

In fact, if every meter in the UK was a smart meter, we could make CO2 savings roughly equivalent to planting 75 million trees.

email from energy corporat-king

in fact creating all those new smart meters probably effectively (converting units) killed 100 million trees eh!

I reckon the coningsby global-warming-conglomerate-plc temperature sensor is not capable of recording 100 million degrees celsius…

If those pesky russkis miss by a mile or so, may be fast enough to record 400 degrees celsius… but reckon the sensors only do to like 300 celsius eh!

like these so called satellite ground temperatures eh! through clouds and smog and shit eh! sure on the clearest sky sunniest day they will max-out! whereas on a cloudy day they will probably prefer to switch headline temperatures to the world met office standard 2m above ground sensors eh!

Like the author of the harry botter books unpersoned by the harry botter fan club! how queer!

Greta is the exemplum of selecting the perfect figurehead for a cult!

I’m sure the greta will be first to say “you do not understand the science” when my opinion is she is on the autistic spectrum that do not understand much at all! Or that is especially easily programmed.

credit where credit’s due… the hidden hand are cunning as a fox that is dean of cunning at oxbridgevard.

(n.b. Harry Botter – It’s Hokus Poke-Arse, was a Viz spoof back in 2001 which it is amazing to think that only 20 years ago the little-britain emily and florence sketches were still a joke… but, well, I think by that time I had already long since read James Herbert – The Spear which was an interesting play on Klingsor and Kundry, but also generally comic-character evil-nazis, but that only recently I revisited the concept of Klingsor, Kundry and Percival to contemplate, and contemplating that just now, they have folded Klingsor, Kundry and Percival into Yankee admiral-tranny eh! sorcerer of vaccines and genital mutilation, “sexy lady”, and white-knight tranny, boldly going where no man has gone before eh! Star Trek eh! what a sexist tagline LOL To boldly go where no man has gone before LOL)

really it is so massively ludicrous, I mean 20 years ago this was funny now it is still funny but you may be hauled off by the political-commissars for laughing at it! Let me transcribe the bbc website on the characters…

True, Emily used to play left back for QPR, and Florence has a moustache, but make no mistake, these are real ladies and definitely not a couple of rubbish transvestites.

Emily and Florence play mixed doubles

Emily: Florence, do as I do and watch how they don’t suspect a thing. (Calling out) Ready, gentlemen!

Tennis player: Well, have you got any balls?

Emily: Oh no, we are ladies.

Tennis player: Tennis balls…

Emily: Oh sorry, silly me, I thought you meant b****cks.

I guess one of those things that would go over the heads of modern yout is that there was not a wimmins QPR football team in 2003…. or at least back then no-one thought wimmin could play football, and all munters f.c anyway! certainly no wimmin fussball pundits!

Maybe those Greek firefighters that crashed and burned proved what level of incendiary required to start a forest fire.. seemed a small outbreak they were trying to hit!

And they dumped their water load there or thereabouts before crashing… did that flying incendiary cause another fire?

I mean there is a natural cycle of lightning strikes forest fire renewal… but this is not that I think!

If I was a Greek Colonel or above I would run some incendiary grenade tests with air water bomb support! I think the conclusion would be “something strange going on” but still even as a Colonel would have to be biding your time after being sacked even eh!

Admiral to cabin boy eh!

So! anyway? has the bbc done any documentary recently on how great Libya is now after their colour revolution?

Last picture I saw, it is a bombed out hell hole! But sure the bbc can do an attenborough cute-cuddly-polar-bear fix-up take on it eh!

(I mean actually i am all for sending in people that believe the attenborough take on polar bears, especially any management types, to attempt to see precisely how cuddly polar bears are… to establish the precise percentage of polar bears that won’t kill you and leave your corpse in their giant frozen wasteland freezer for later…)

The bbc create a desolation and call it peace eh! the bbc create some phoney imaginationland! unfortunately life imitates shite art!

Seemed to me fifth columnist arson attacks were likely in these europe forest fires, I think those just stop oil types are one candidate, or the immigrant floods.

I think the new global-warming w.e.f. commissars and greenshirts are ends justify the means types believing this is some kind of holy war and they are its troops, priests or even gods!

And some loony immigrant types definitely amongst the latest waves.

Even possibly the black lives matter types, any attack against the white homelands eh! (not that at this rate they will be white for much longer, just charred wreckage mirrors of third world slums eh!)

I think corporal punishment should be reinstated, pillorying etc. especially for the establishment types! I mean have to distinguish between idiots and a careless match/fag-butt/barbecue which needs a level of punishment, but the scale of those fires probably needed a powerful incendiary and the scale of punishment for that in my opinion should be similar to that suffered by those dead burn’t wild goats and the heroic airborne firemen clipped that tree and crashed, those large planes do not handle like a fighter and could probably be improved by more intelligent algorithms for flight control based on lidar input or whatever… could have been airborne or space lasers starting it (the global warming thing is hugely profitable to some) in that case the punishment for those responsible is not describable here.

I wonder if a simple masonic level N handshake/dance was enough to get the suspect off the hook?

I reckon it is odd that in this new snow-white movie they claim dwarves were complaining about casting dwarves as the seven dwarves??? I Thought the seven dwarves were the good-guys! And actual dwarves!

Kind of like the irony in that “life’s too short” I think Warwick is a great deadpan comic!

Or even like that Time Bandits film, one of the best comedies ever I reckon, and with a message, ultimate-evil eh!

I guess they got some dwarves they can pop up saying they won’t be satisfied until cast as Hercules eh!

At the same time I think fundamentally the swine in movie industry did not think any seven dwarves they could cast would be photogenic enough so they prefer to cgi into dwarves a diverse bunch of casting couch types…..

So, I was almost right, they are planning to call the next heatwave “Lucifer”

I said it will probably be heatwave “Satan” next, but the bigwig types prefer the “L” word.

Sano, who predicts that the 50c barrier will be broken somewhere in Europe in the next few years — and plans to christen the continent’s next heatwave Lucifer

Whilst I do not want to frighten people about the vaccine, (seems the consensus is bad batches of the stuff) but seems to me more likely this cyclist dying suddenly is a vaccine/lockdown injury. But also the amateur superfit do have an above normal rate of dying suddenly anyway I think.

and also, one website claims they shifted to using satellite observations of the surface temperature which have only recently become available, and not using the existing network of 2 metres above ground land based sensors, and the surface temperature is known to be significantly different to the land/air based sensors.

Just from artillery shells alone possibly 69 kilotons of T.N.T. being exploded in ukraine yearly resulting in approx. 35 kilotons of carbon monoxide released into atmosphere.

Seen the claim 27,000 artillery shells fired per day, so assuming 155mm shells with approx 7kg of T.N.T. per shell

27000 * 365 * 7 = 68985000kg


so! interestingly they reckon max. 1.2 billion shells fired in ww1 over four years, so at 27000 per day in ukraine at the moment they are at about a quarter of the ww1 trench warfare rate… so given the small area… as bad as ww1 trench warfare eh! shame they missed those bbc dicks the other day eh! some bbc footage of some shite little weaselly bbc feminist color/genital-fetishist cunts blown to bits in full gory detail on the bbc news eh! they would never broadcast it and I still would not see it so ha ha ha ha fucking ha eh!

So why on this heat map is Britain shaded brown and not green when the lawn in my garden is absolutely zero scorched anymore!

They would not be exaggerating with their colour usage would they? Or have the scientists recently discovered there is only one colour, brown?

I mean sure I have had 40c on my shed sensor in last 4 years… and I recall an analog thermometer I left out in the sun at front of my house elsewhere that literally blew it’s top it was that hot 20+ years ago!

I reckon for every sensor in an airport need two in middle of a wood/forest should bring the average down, but how they love cutting down trees eh! burning wood somehow more ecological than gas or the higher fractions of oil eh!

And as I said in another post, how many tonnes, megatons, have they exploded in ukraine so far, 50% of that by weight is converted to carbon monoxide, an ozone layer destroyer…. and 6% to carbon dioxide eh!

I think the problem the plebeians have got is that the highest science is bullshit and psycho-babble… just ask that halpern character eh! or whoever it is still employs that ferguson thing eh! the borganism eh! big problem! they got all the weapon toting thugs on their side.. and murderous rapists like that couzens are actually their core staff, only he got caught eh!

I thought it was heatwave “Cerberus” (the hell-hound) only a couple of days ago… now it’s heatwave “Charon” to ferry all the dead across the styx eh!

The brainwashing of the plebeians is what is at record levels eh! And the choice of names eh! Terrifying eh! How long until heatwave “Satan”? only a matter of hours probably?

And in other brainwashing, all these cunts encouraging/forcing 16 and 60 year old Ukranians to be killed on the front line over the ludicrous demands of a few w.e.f. international-bankster tools in their government (probably the bentest government in europe no less) to ban speaking russian and force tranny indoctrination on children eh! Western governments will never get their money back unless the ukranians win eh! Well never mind it was never them on the hook for the money anyway, just their populations tax bill eh! Pretty sure zelensky will be off to israel like his parents or the u.s. if things get hairy… if he has actually even set foot in ukraine in the last 2 years. Would not surprise me if it was all green screen in some polish studio.

Out of interest, how many metric tonnes of explosives do they estimate they (those driving this war by refusing to abide by the existing treaty over donbass) have caused to be exploded in Ukraine so far.