They (the mainstream media) are omitting to mention that the Houthi’s are calling for a ceasefire in Palestine.

The irony, probably lost on most of the dumbed-down sheeple, is, that our government repeatedly does what it criticises others for.

And the dumbed-down sheeple are only going to get dumber the more they use A.I. eh!

The Houthi’s are not just attacking shipping out of the blue. That seems to be the thrust of all the media commentators, that they are just attacking shipping because they are pirates.

What is happening in Gaza seems to me a war crime, though if the allegations about Hamas wantonly killing civilians (which I think are at least exaggerated) then also Hamas operation was a war crime. But 30,000 Dead Palestinians is an atrocity, the media were whining about 2000 Dead Ukrainian civilians (in two years) just this morning on talk radio. Though they omitted to mention the number and referred to it as “lots”.

Seems to me a government and establishment of swine we have.

They only seem to understand thuggery-by-proxy, and it seems to me they are overdue a visit from Nemesis.

I guess I should add, I did not know Nemesis was a female, and whilst I did not threaten anyone with Nemesis I guess what I said may be hubris, but I’m reasonably certain I am correct.

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