Those Citadels in Afghanistan devastated by Genghis Khan, just amazingly awesome….

And those former Buddha statues in the same area survived like 1500 years to be destroyed by those arab (deep state) funded retards the taliban!

Yet, I totally respect Afghanistan, awesome history, and I hope those given control of the place can attain the spirit of the place. I’m thinking of trying to cook some bolani from constituent parts! Yum!

Back to kind of hippy trail days, and sure actually the hippies were quite respectful!

I would say as far as the full nakba/burka whatever it’s called, seems kind of a religious cop-out for the males to not resist the temptation of what are quite possibly pretty young-things or suicide-bombers underneath them eh! And I guess the British running away from Kabul in AW1 kind of proved a lack of faith in G-d… banksters gold and paper money had run out eh! with minimal effect… I guess the classic example of should have fought to the last man and lady anyway eh! like could have been the afghan agent was only one to get away eh! I expect, if you had the records, to see some stock market fluctuations around that time surprisingly all playing into the usual suspects hands,,, well I had 3 aces, unfortunately they had 4 eh! (there’s only 4 in a pack!)

Could be remnant of the Khans genetics makes them so warlike… LOL whilst yeah, actually you can see some “sino” and even european in quite a few appear in the youtube viddies, arab seems main impression of the taliban, though in one viddy was like seemed some quite probable eastern euro looking crypto-jew photo-bombing the interview with the arabic looking taliban “warlord”

I guess symbolically nuking mount rushmore would be minimal casualties acceptable? and proves nukes exist?


I guess a couple of things I would add

a) like 1500 years and God did not personally, via lightening-bolt or whatever knock down the Buddha statues if they were so blasphemous in his sight.

b) How is it humans think this all powerful omnipotent god needs humans to do its will? yet that bit is really the paradox, God gave us free will eh!

(that was an oddity that turkish politician threatening the wrath of allah then dying in turk parliament, sure probably someone had a copy of his speech beforehand and a chance to poison him of course…..)

Oh yeah and the bbc running a story about “ukraine’s new christmas” like shifting from orthodox “ChristMass” date to church of whatever pontiff, charlie or hispanico, makes them more worthy of going to fucking war for eh! giving the corrupt c@nts infinite budget for eh! just war for profit eh! not “just” war, though obviously big marketing budget in justifying it’s justness eh!

swine at the c@ntrols eh!

and as for israel and the fishy paraglider attack and the extreme revenge, extreme as nazis allegedly executing 50 civilians an hour in this or that town until they hand over the culprits… (which I guess is basic Roman technique… crucify the lot of them along the Appian way eh!)

It’s funny, the flat earth theory has a parallel, the “nukes-don’t exist” theory… LOL who knows what to believe…

Control of your thoughts eh! I have said it before, I guess one of my defining features is having read most of 2000AD up until about 2015 and it went a bit whacky… actually went through that loop before around 1990 something I think… around time of indigo prime eh! having read more recently about the actual indigo dye… indigo-white… and having observed they kind of removed indigo from the common modern spectrum, the standard set of colours… can anyone tell cusp of violet to blue?

But, yeah, can almost relate any thing to a scenario in a 2000AD story from my memories version LOL What would Judge Dredd Do? LOL What would Jesus do eh! LOL

The Ipcress Files is really a great book, and I’d say a redeeming feature of BBC was having done an awesome radio version of it.

The ipcress machine is certainly television and now internet/social-media/conspiracy-sites, they remove the imagination required for a radio play or a book…. vision is 70+ % of brain processing apparently… and TV is no doubt scientifically hypnotic… the actual applied-science of addiction in computer game design eh!

And why a comic is still better than television as you have to interpolate between frames, and the art generally in 2000AD is top notch.

Obviously supposed to make some observation about coincidences… one of those occasions where the science will say correlation does not equal causation…..

so the marketing/perception management explanation/science is that “well, it’s been 4 months since they started releasing fukishima shit into the ocean”, but they provide no data on amounts released each day…. and radiation at lower dangerous doses takes N days/weeks/months to kill anyway.

and anyway, it’s all ok, the appointed-by-who? iaea said it was OK.

one of those things where the dose to kill the fish (maybe alpha radiation) may not even register on the average geiger-counter. need pancake sensor for targeted readings… and other more specialised gear/process… like evaporate all the water from several big and small batches of fish and test the residue, and could be the water was so horrible the fish all just chose to beach themselves? And who knows what else the globalist psychos (typically psychos by proxy) are up to anyway?

So, seems to me, fundamentally, if all the plebeians eat caviar, not enough caviar left for the elite eh!

Like all these plebs flying everywhere blocking up runways at any particular time one of the elite want to land eh!

So, like they could have just capped existing coal power stations with that old technology to filter pollution all out and produce bicarbonate of soda and possibly food grade CO2 but it would have crashed the bicarbonate of soda stock market cartel and that may have been the domino that fucks it all up! So istm what they chose to do, along the lines of scaring people about CO2 induced climate change was to create a whole new set of stock market commodities, electric vehicles, wind turbines, and their component chain.

It really does not matter how shit it is, people are scared enough to take these reckless vaccines I’m reasonably sure would not have passed standard drug testing that is like 5 years or so.

It’s all about “perception management” eh! the new phrase for “public relations”.

like I’m pretty sure humiliating prisoners is a war crime under geneva convention, but all british media showing these palestinians (or some rent a crowd) in their underpants being marched around by israelis with guns eh! I say (it is my opinion) all british media are not only complicit in israeli war crimes, but actually encouraging them,with these echoing s of outlandish stories of headless baby barbecues etc. And the irony of the number of palestinian kids flambe’d and buried in rubble eh! (but I sensed a degree of propaganda in the palestinian videos in alternative media… but still, quite hellish for the palestinians….)

Talking about how shit it is, that elon musk demonstrating his cyber truck armoured window strength, and the demonstrator, gaylord-throws a petanque ball at the window and smashes it… So with his new “beast” cyber-truck he has someone double-gaylord-throw a safety-foam ball at the window and surprise, surprise, it bounces off eh! perception management… twats! (I mean surely there is simply a bulletproof glass standard he could say it was certified at… for some reason he prefers to rely on stage-magician craft eh!, I guess a real magician is someone who can actually make the stage disappear eh! I mean I am not talking the trickery of making a thing dissapear on a stage or in the mockingbird-media… I mean making the stage physically disappear!) No disrespect to gaylords like the pimpernel eh!

I think petanque is in some ways a better game than bowls as it is perhaps more instant martial, you, the ball and the target, whereas bowls is more unknown lie of the green and getting round obstacles and other skills, so actually possibly more a realistic campaign game. Like in petanque, attack from above, more difficult to get obstacles in way of flight-to-target. Obviously both of the games have you playing from the same end, so not quite what it is. Like would be four teams playing from both ends, I guess in bowls/petanque, both sides got a 30 degree angle of attack options from same quadrant/3? (and certainly no ‘kers creeping round to do a shot from 180 opposite or stabbing you in the back eh!)

Old (2007) technology to capture coal power emissions and produce baking soda, a good cleaning product and antacid.

But… it would crash the current sodium bicarbonate production “market” (or cartel).

This process is very effective: SkyMine removes between 85 percent and 97 percent of the mercury, acid rain gasses and CO2­ from the flue gases that pass through the system. The reaction’s main byproduct, sodium bicarbonate, is perfectly harmless and endlessly useful. But here’s the thing: Even with the thousands of home and industrial uses for baking soda, there may not be enough buyers in the entire world for the amount of baking soda SkyMine would produce.