It occurred to me earlier, “When was the first medal awarded” because it sounded of a certain sect origin to me…

Waterloo eh! The tale of rothschild-N taking over the stock market on a rumour of wellingtons defeat… sure if that is how it happened then probably they sidled up against Wellington and what a brilliant idea, handing out bits of tin for a limb shot off by a cannonball eh! Surely a public relations classic to rival bernays “smokin’ suffragettes” ad campaign for the tobacco companies eh! Actually there is a classic yank sci-fi radio episode of martians invading and hiring an advertising company to stage a martian parade where the actual martians were going to use it to do a coup…

Waterloo first time a medal handed out to proles anyway… sure the cunts at the cuntrols been plastering themselves in ribbons sashes and medallions way before that eh!

But, aren’t medals a kind of currency… that film adaptation of that sven hassel novel where the aristocratic, automatically appointed major, was after his iron cross first class eh! bits of tin higher value than money eh!…

Wu Shu Wei (Wushu way) one of those things that springs to mind having watched this Three Kingdoms TV adaptation in 95 episodes… binge-tastic!

A totally addictive series, I wont say it does not get a bit wordy/personal-drama at times, but even most of the dialogue is quite philosophical or of historical interest. Got to say if you get good subtitles to a movie (and sometimes even if you don’t) a lot of Chinese cinema and TV is great, obviously it is also a bit propaganda, but, great stuff. I’m kind of recruited to the Chinese-hero type market sector. (Which is quite Arthurian.)

So seems we are in a bit of a three kingdoms time potentially, a devastating period for population reduction, I’d say yanks/nato are getting a bit out of hand myself, and the soft, dollar revolutions they tend to do as well as the self sponsored UN resolution invasions, and more latterly just bombing Libya and supplying vast weapons to the territory known as Ukraine so they can better dig a pit for themselves. Crazy stuff in my opinion. No attempt at negotiation, just reach straight for the big-bang weapons. So arrogant. (maybe like Guan Yu heading for destruction).

Three Kingdoms (2010)

Armistice Day? never a big thing!, it is Remembrance Sunday is when the wreath laying ceremony occurs.

So it seems to me clever plan by those that run the mainstream media to conflate the two and accuse the protestors of wanting to defile the british war dead.

Armistice day surely celebrates the end of the war, and as I recall some radio stations also observed a 1 minute silence at 11am on 11/11 , but not as much so as the 1 minute silence on Remembrance Sunday.

It is Remembrance Sunday when the militaristic parades occur, I recall doing several when I was in the scouts. And I think Remembrance Sunday is a good thing and people should attend a Christian service and sermon in my opinion.

So it seems to me no conflict whatsoever that the march took place on a Saturday that was 11/11. Calling for an end to the somewhat reckless bombing of a densely packed area full of civilians in Gaza.

I’m disappointing there was not so much protest about the stupid war in Ukraine with cousin killing cousin mainly due it seems to me to nato’s reckless expansionist plans. Well and the main players and war-suppliers also get rich off it.

But as people have pointed out, a million people marching to stop the Iraq war did precisely fuck-all.

Interesting article on Counterstrike (the “game”) that they shut down the old game and demanded higher spec. computer to run the new game eh!

I cannot reference the site or you will all be having dreams of goosestepping in unison to the glorious victory LOL (which is modern neo-commie reality)

I played battlefield series up until bfbc2, and in bf2142 I was like gobsmacked they even introduced billboards corporats could sell advertising on, and you could not really satisfactorily blow them to pieces using a tank….

Think it may have been BF2 introduced having to unlock weapons through online points…

FFS these corporat swine eh!

I mean it is not a fair game if you cannot choose from full spectrum of weapons as a game-noob, even though you maybe already generally fps competent. I guess it is quite masonic?

I mean back in the day of the early battlefield series they released the server software… though not the source code… though think when I last looked they had kind of managed to open source it, or at least sig (special interest group) the servers and clients for bf2, I mean bf2 was a great game

number of times I spawned as an engineer to lay some mines along the main first attack line in a particular map LOL, Mines are Bad MmmKay! (In a Mr. Mackey accent), sure actually another opening move may have been better. I guess that’s the interesting thing with online games, a number of people playing their unplanned or considered opening moves and collectives playing a planned game, I used to join the losing team on a server with space, where the team balance was not already theoretically in their favour, that is servers would not allow you to join a losing but numerically superior team.

still it’s interesting each skirmish is like a chess move, yet you are not guaranteed taking the piece you planned on taking in your chess move. drill down to a whatever total war battle LOL

obviously observe the covid-1984 thing and they-live seem to have a good handle on moronic humanity! this complete media ignoring of any nato’s-enemies right to exist. incessant stories as how these allege 1400 dead israelis are still a worse thing than the 12000 palestinians so far and counting… I attacked the bbc previously but they are no worse than rest of media except for the pisstake that they are funded by the people they are attacking… yet so is the daily mail funded by any white that buys a subscription or the paper. Sure there funding actually also comes from elsewhere.. (an estimated £9.2 billion spent on advertising in UK per year eh!) I would not trust any police or military police/intel. to shop their superiors. nice simple job of collecting their pay eh!

like that stereotypical bbc hag witch teddy edwards eh! how queer eh? still got she/he/its job even though it was she/he/it assaulted the t-pot she claimed assaulted her eh! just so totally spirit of the age! get me the nuke briefcase now! It would have been satisfying if after being assaulted the butch homo had launched the the butch fat catfish lezzer through a window..

I would recommend you do not let the bbc in to your domicile! nor any television shite!

I guess the awesomeness of “the book” in 1984 was that those that wrote it knew what those looking for it were wanting in it… innit!

And the section designated for selecting individuals to give it to eh! is perhaps more subtle.

The world actually perhaps a bit more “Brazil” by Terry Gilliam? I don’t know I found it a boring film, but the bureaucracy seemed real…

what seems bang-on is Viz’s, The Order of Bottom Inspectors (The OBI)

Perhaps the New Testament is too stupid to be false… ? Quite a promise eh! The Choice… luxury here or luxury in the hereafter… ideally both LOL… so perhaps it’s like the parable of the wedding guests… the swine planning to turn up for the wedding…. having disillusioned the masses…

I guess it’s a good film Aliens, (number two in the series) where basically the sentry guns did not have enough ammo (along with the gung-ho lunacy and management incompetence, and that really subtle strand in the film, the management want you to lose… and are on the aliens side…)

In brithain we have such an alien government eh! so many in power not even born here let alone being of white (left/east of pwyll) native type… and how many of these white traitor shite I despise eh! Ah safest state is being a fornicator who’s horizon is edge of their plate eh!

myself I think the bbc are the outright enemy of the white english/britons/loegrians/romano-britons whatever…

as exemplified by that plaque they paid for to the first black britain that was utter bullshit by the same cunts did the likeness of black cheddar man…

I think annexing the bbc would be a good first move to taking back britain! (and the transmitter network and jamming network)

If I was a generalissimo eh! Or merely “The Colonel” eh!

what prompted me to this post was the bbc walking into gaza with israelis… none of the bbc scum brave enough to report from the palestinian side for fear of their lives and careers eh! Oh! The laughable straw man that bbc refuse to condemn hamas as terrorists… all the better to shit in your eyes ears and gob eh! big bad wolf (not aunty/granny) the bbc really are eh!

Today’s main story… “Carnage on a Saga cruise”

Books fell out of a bookcase…. People were screaming….

Sure there is something happening elsewhere isn’t there… Oh yeah, the story according to israel eh! And not forgetting the story according to ukraine..

Maybe there were some diehard cruisers going “Argh Haarrgh Matey!, now that’s what you call cruising, going across the bay of biscay in November in a Force 10”

Actually, I reckon that’s kind of key, nowadays they name these storms names that is the new science… (of bullshit), whereas technically you would be more like the shipping forecast… storm 5 expected around fisher, forties and dogger bank… etc. now its “storm lilith will destroy all males at sea in next 3 days everywhere” type shite… I have been on a pontoon oil rig in quite a large storm and I would estimate the waves were like 2 or 3 times the height of this small rescue/service ship that was bobbing around… like that ship required hardened sailors man!

I guess they do not have a “neil ferguson” equivalent working in the navy. (actually sure they do nowadays… like 3 to 1 wimmin/lgbtq personnel cunts to staff eh! )

anyway they soon replaced that filler-story with just more of the same “white youth stabbed by undescribed assailants” eh!

Oranges and Lemons.

I had forgot the last line… Chip chop chip chop the last man is dead! As if the previous two lines are not awesome enough eh! lull you into a false sense of security… Here comes a candle to light you to bed, And here comes a chopper to chop off your head!… Yeah it really is like that dialogue of Hecate in the scottish play… what is the most dangerous state of man, security….

Oranges and lemons,
Say the bells of St. Clement’s.

You owe me five farthings,
Say the bells of St. Martin’s.

When will you pay me?
Say the bells at Old Bailey.

When I grow rich,
Say the bells at Shoreditch.

When will that be?
Say the bells of Stepney.

I do not know,
Says the great bell at Bow.

Here comes a candle to light you to bed,
And here comes a chopper to chop off your head!
Chip chop chip chop the last man is dead

What the energy company swine did to fix the gas smart meter running out of battery problem! (in my opinion)

made it so the fucking thing DOES NOT display real time usage for gas, it only updates very long period periodically, like every 10 minutes or so. (OK so checked it and it only updates the gas reading every 30 minutes on the meter monitor, the actual gas meter if you press 6 gives you the current reading, eventually. So if you want to test it you can only do one test in 30 minutes and do not touch the gas again, or read the actual meter on the wall by pressing 6 after the test.)

So you have this supposed real time display of gas usage on your meter monitor but it DNFW

So if your meter fitter tries to run away really quickly before demonstrating it works… don’t let the slippery so and so go until he has proved it works in real time.

Reckon it also reads higher than the old meter as well, having done a 5 minute run test on the boiler last night to gauge the new meter vs old meter.

The guy said the batteries on the old style gas meters were running out in 6 months… so these are more reliable “assets”. Yeah but they do not fulfil the promise of real time feedback on usage to the user. Just another day in managementcuntistan eh!

So 24kw boiler will use at most 2kw in a 5 minute run test, this smart meter is reading way over that, whereas the test I did on the old meter yesterday showed about 2kw used in a 5 minute run test.

Oh yeah and to see more real time readings press 6 on the gas smart meter to wake it up.

PostScript : Just did a 5 minute burn test (water to max temp and run for 5 minutes) and it comes in at about the right amount of units. So I retract the claim it was reading over. Not obviously so. (do not know real rating of boiler in that test configuration)

If A.I. falls into the wrong hands it may turn anti human????

I’d have thought it does not take a genius to figure out that humans are a blight on the planet… and the planet would be better off without humans… so an A.I. will simply logically arrive at that conclusion by default?

Maybe it could still go well and the A.I. will conclude banksters and the corporat-king are the blight on the planet and start assassinating their management.

I guess the funny thing is that your view of humanity is in their usefulness to you, if you are like a landlord or banker or energy company, you are basically bleeding the population for your own massive and massively increasing wealth…. if you are a harrassed unemployed serf class then every immigrant is competition for rent prices, wages etc. if you are of the corporat-king class then every immigrant is a new energy customer, tenant, serf for you to bleed.

Maybe getting to the point in time the corporat-king figure they have bled the populace dry and want to evolve using their massive wealth and genetic-engineering/robotics to next level that will not require the serf class to bleed anymore.

Myself, being white, I think the white race are my favourite, probably biased to western europe, left of pwyll, but some/many of the russians seem kinfolk, though like in that flashman novel, possibly still a bit brutal? but I’m hitting the bias of having read stereotypes… or not? Not that I hate other races, but I hate this social experiment foisted on us british (plus eire) by a set of arrogant rotters. not that flashman was not an arrogant rotter??? I guess I liked the film-noir type narrative of that story… “so there I was…”