The Executioner Fly Killer

The Executioner Fly Swatter

Personally I think they over-egged the title a bit, I would call it “The Stunner” though earlier today this fly actually did seem to explode when swatted about 1-2cm from a reflective surface, which you do not want… and rarely in practice happens, that was some strange Newtonian acceleration thing I think…

Anyway, had mine a good couple of years now and at this present moment in time over constant assault over last few days I think I have liquidated pretty much the entire local fly supply!

The loud “crack” as the fly hits the surface is very satisfying, but do not be fooled!, the fly is probably only stunned, still got to locate and flatten the thing afterwards…

I mean the little cluckers will be back up and giving it the “I’m super-fly, can’t touch me” attitude shortly. They never learn and decide to fly away.

I learned to appreciate the subtlety of Tai Chi using it LOL, the blend of slowness and quickness! I guess it’s the technique of the global corporat-king usurer creeping up on you eh! And the executioner is the legal-system they implemented for themselves eh!

On further contemplation, rather like the appearance of nato creeping up on russia, the “fly” now has to make its move, (you have to understand the dynamics of what a fly is capable of doing, its position vs. your angle of approach with what is basically an electric spiders web) ideally straight into the bat, but the global corporat-king usurer is such an elusive and really very untouchable fly that they are also playing russia as potential emergent dominant in their new world order. I mean they plan to profit off war for a decade or so eh! Whereas I would like to see them be so hungry they try and eat their own vast quantities of money…

I mean so much so are the international corporat-king usurers hedging their bets that in all the thoroughly infiltrated western states they are actually depleting the arsenals of the “western powers” standing armies to support ukranians charging head first into a wall eh! With the actual weapons supplied going who-knows-where eh! via the darknet back to their own bunkers/redoubts cheap, having profited already off selling them to the western governments in the first place eh!

I mean that footage of biden doing crack and wanking at a so called rehab clinic is like… ultimate cognitive dissonance, almost like the proles are cheering him on LOL

Anyway, whilst the bat is quite tough, don’t go swinging it around aggressively, easy to catch your own household objects in your attempt to swat the fly.

verdict – BIG THUMBS UP