british journalists not very good? and/or an indication of strength of israeli lobby? How many marched in London yesterday for a Palestine ceasefire?.

All the mainstream media (BBC, guardian et. al) just say “thousands” marched but no indication of scale, in fact seems a disingenuous statement to say thousands when at least a hundred thousand. A google search for a number estimate only leads to the “socialist worker” who claim 500,000 were on the march in London, I’d guess that may be somewhat over so they could get the “half a million” headline.

But a significant demonstration of opinion that was massively played down by all the british media.

I mean the number of cameras in London and the A.I. or even simple algorithms should have been able to give an estimate within 20% of the correct number… so the question is… why not?

Not so much a fifth column anymore as the actual government.

(To be fair, the war-industries lobby are probably conniving behind the scenes too)

Treason does not prosper!, What’s the reason? If it prospers none dare call it treason. (Ovid I think)

update: talk-radio (the sun) are going live to the pro-israel protest today though! not sure if they went live to the anti-war protest yesterday though.

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