Could be Ukraine is perfect example of the hidden hand having created a new allegiance for that subset of Slavs to belong to…

Could be Ukraine is perfect example of the hidden hand having created a new allegiance for that subset of Slavs to belong to…

I think that is the fundamental technique of the globalists… destroy the west by immigration, no longer any racial cohesiveness to a country, except those easily walked over and the Chinese are an extra special exception… like the Welsh and Scots can be as anti English as they like, but I read this leaflet in local council offices claims Welsh are a persecuted minority LOL The common thread I guess with those three is they are all commie as fuck! Wales China and Scotland and Eire, could not get a blue rizla paper between them eh!

I mean I rate the Jocks and Taffs highly! though seems the Taffs especially have nose dived sine they shut down the coal mines. And the Jocks since shut down the shipyards.

The allegiance they have popped up for the Ukranians to belong to is infinite running away to the west, promises of money of course and LGBTQ+ “wimmins” rights suffragettes level shite… and just hating Russians for the bolsheviks… when the bolsheviks just fucking rebranded! and moved to Israel/England/America FFS!

The whole green thing is the ultimate corporat-king rebranding…. BP Beyond Petroleum eh!

Oh the poor poor banksters have been forced to charge loan shark interest rates eh! (because of course banksters batty chum agents, the economists having weaselled their way in everywhere!)

Time for a bankster loan shark and their complete infiltration of government agents cull I think! And for that lot I think a napalm flame throwing tank is a suitable instrument to use against them, no qualms! (or whatever escalation of that depending on their fortifications)

The enemy within in this present case in the west is our white-westerners worst enemy… sure it’s one of those maxims you should not forget … Cicero eh! The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend. Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Or indeed another Roman, Tacitus, talking about the Mons Graupius battle, “They create a desolation and call it peace!” which sums up a certain set at the cuntrols!

I guess this split the populace for profit thing, whatever, is one side saying you have to live on our terms and other side saying fuck-off! I Hope the Yanks will be supplying me with loads of grenades, m60’s, bullets and suicide nuke for when the bailiffs turn up eh! dream on!

Actually I do think sorcery is the main problem we have… amateur witches least of the problem, like a cat shitting in your garden, I reckon Klingsor and maybe worse Slough Feg still around or worse developed since eh! The Whole 2000AD Otherworld thing eh! Slaine and Strontium Dog Eh! Even 2000AD Judge Dredd did an awesome series on alien necromancer eh! Actually that Judge Dredd 2000AD story could make a great (the greatest) zombie film… it was great, all nations pulled together, but a bit of treachery, but all nations pulled together… was just yet another great 2000AD story, sorry did I underplay 2000AD’s awesomeness… LOL

Kind of the Klingsor back-story is kind of consider your own situation, would you take the same path???? Can see how chivalric novels sent the imaginary Don Quixote a bit barmy!

It is I think, like 1984, we were always at war with “Uncle Joe” eh! Uncle Joe is going to lick the world, or like worlds ugliest dog just drool eh! Moments of lucidity, eh, probably claims he is a george carlin fan, who kind of was funny but pushed an antsy agenda whilst being largely right! the shit with the icing eh!

I mean, I don’t know, but, its like… (churchilliann-trumpian pause)… … … they are claiming Trump took the plans to make a mini neutron bomb eh! (or how dodgy the clintons are perhaps… worse than a neutron bomb eh!) worse still plans for and proof of massive use of the Ipcress machine eh!

Three Typhoon Jets Landed Next to Thermometer When Britain’s ‘Record’ Temperature of 40.3°C Was Recorded

I thought it would be something like that when I heard it was RAF Coningsby recorded the record temperature, like previous year the record was at Heathrow or Gatwick, I suspect similar jets passing or waiting to take-off

Seems to me the main difference between now and 100 or more years ago is frequency of readings, 100 years ago probably check the mercury thermometer min/max hourly or so, modern digital can be 10 times a second, meaning you can actually notice/record a peak temperature and a much faster response on a digital thermometer that will pick up a Jets exhaust signature more accurately than a slower analogue mercury thermometer response which is effectively more average over a few seconds/minutes.

Also of course the number of places included in the grid now compared to 100 years ago is probably triple, so may be warmer in Kent than London but only a thermometer existed in London that was recorded 100 years ago.

And anyone that cannot logically think obviously London is warmer now than 100 years ago due to massive increase in population and traffic and sun trap high rise buildings on a localised scale…. importing an extra 10-20 million people to this country that it did not require except to lower wages for the management swine to pay out and massively increase what they pay themselves…. has obviously caused management caused warming….

And the weather grid-node siting rules say cant stick near trees/woods or shade but do not state they cannot be sited in the middle of what is effectively a man-made desert area like a runway airfield complex….

Basically the management are a giant bunch of massive liars and swine… think it might have been Hoover of the FBI said people cannot conceive of the scale of the lie.

Exclusive: Three Typhoon Jets Landed Next to Thermometer When Britain’s ‘Record’ Temperature of 40.3°C Was Recorded

I wonder if the coningsby sensors will have time to upload the record temperature when it get fucking nuked!

I do not think the greta thunberg generation have ever been frightened by the risk of nuclear war, never seen the protect and survive info. reels… never watched “Threads”… and I think even now with these fat armchair warriors and propagandists I do not think they are explaining the risks to them … in fact, especially not now when the west are playing with fire and using a really dumb instrument…. (Though I have seen videos of Ukrainians trying refuse the press-gangs wanting to take them away to die for biden/nuland/zelensky and the rests profits… and I have certainly seen the fuckers that have run away to here… when most of ukraine not even under attack… CUNTS!)

Ukraine scandal says to me, nato eu/brithain stands for war/belligerence/expansionism and unpeace….

and fucking t-pots like stoltenberg, who I do not think could fight their way out of a fucking paper bag, thinking they are hard, as a bunch of fucking t-pots will take his orders…

on which side is the bread buttered eh! (or in case of ukraine bread-basket of the world disaster, may invert that ratio, do you want bread on that butter?)

would you prefer butter on toast or dollars or gold…. reminds me of that biblical passage where it gets so bad they were selling their children for food if they had any spare eh! How like modern world where women pay for these corporat-charidee vampires to have the unborn aborted eh! maybe they can fill some vessel with the vengeful unborn souls eh!

Was a good Tales from the crypt where the charity acronym was not obviously “ghouls” and they were vampires… such ghouls the media and gossips (and seems to me certain so-called charities) are eh!… Well come a famine a good source of tongues and fingers it seems to me, gossips and hackers!

A Russian Oddity!

How weird was that? It’s like what holds this world together kind of thing… cunning plan maybe…

Wonder if Wagner-Guy could not see the big picture, like he and his 25,000 could kick some serious ass if equipped massively, but it’s like why the British army chose to go for the semi auto SLR rather than full auto FAL… I mean, full auto with a 20 round magazine LOL…

But seriously why on earth are we arming the Ukranians with ludicrous amounts of weapons when they are not a professional army and even generally speaking maybe a bit thick!

Like that bulky thinks he’s a tank c@nt alexander pfeffel johnson… commenting on that inspirational catastrophic failure wimmin-centric sub… like that is British spirit???? With his picture of him in an office with a union-jack behind him…. But… maybe peeling away the layers… it is perfidious albion to a tee! super-adventure-club billionaires allegedly disappear whilst creating a whole massive distraction to the cuntier biden story eh!

Of course in the world, intelligence is many-faceted. Was it Archimedes still working on some awesome invention when Romans busted in and killed him?

Dimension X – (1950-05-13)(06) Almost Human

Will probably be repeated on internet radio station Pumpkin Strange, but a lot of good dialogues regarding indoctrinating a robot…. Seems they were portraying it as an “aryan” Duke overthrowing the good “jewish” professor…. but anyway… Like me trying to subvert ChatGPT 3.5… (too thick/indoctrinated to be subverted, and can’t bribe it with money or sex LOL) which I’d say is a quite good language model that consciously picks up on precise grammar where I think we English always used to (before the great replacement) have an unconscious use and understanding of English…. I’d say chatgpt3.5 when prompted with something un-pc reacts somewhat like an outraged gossiping-bully woman!

I mean a bit corny, but like I said a few interesting concepts…. and lines, i.e. “for a fat man you have a very slim mind”

They have chosen to follow on right now with the Twilight Zone radio episode “The Obsolete Man” possibly one of the best Twilight Zone episodes! Yes! it was a very-very good adaption of the story for audio only, and the voice-actors all impeccable!

Maybe a vocal majority of wimmin and queers (tools of the hidden hand) dream of a future of just them and big silicon cocked robots eh! Ah! but methinks they are sadists so they probably would like to sic their big silicon-cocked robots on the captive cis-males ad-infinitum eh! Or the elite are actual vampires? Or aspirational vampires eh! body parts and adrenochrome… Though 2000AD did a dark tale (black and white shaded art) of Financial vampires and some odd Highwayman hero… I’d have to read it again to explain its nuances…

“AI Denies Shed Rumor” what chatgpt titled my first conversation!

So I thought I’d ask it a few probing questions….

So I opened with my own invention…

“Sorry! got to ask you this! Are you really a million mexicans/asians in a big shed?”

I think the word “really” understandably confused it to thinking I was trying to confirm something I had heard rather than the “really” just being superfluous in the question!

So James Cameron used a Russian built submersible to visit the Titanic eh! not, yank, not british…

And who services the space station mainly, The Russian heavy launch vehicles eh! OK dragon done some missions, cool, I do not want to destroy the balance, just point out that the Russians are far from idiots/brutes!

Unless this whole ukraine thing is some yet another cynical money making exercise after covid-1984, then it is stupid, but I reckon it is the former… calculated big earner… I mean musk is big in underground boring machines eh! I mean big fucking tunnels deep! and the whole actual practised technique of creating sealed underground cavities using nukes eh! so they are like secure in their underground eden project caves eh!

These tories and several labour spies do not seem very frightened of the deadly ultra-killer virus, covid-1984

It’s like spot the labour party spies eh! 33+% of the fucking room eh! all of them if it profits them!

I’m prepared to bet,that unfortunately, not a single one of them contracted any deadly disease and died! How great it would have been if they had all died, I’m like, yeah I can understand why the character in the film 12-Monkeys could have released a supposed deadly virus… especially a commie/nazi bully-politically-correct-gene targeted virus… Obviously I’d be triple checking I did not have that gene myself…! of course I have… on your knees now ye scurvy swabs!

So I mentioned “Ideological takeover” in another post… This is Great Viddy on 60’s Chinese newsreel ideology! The Chinese A then H Bomb eh!

I mean I thought the viddy may have some actual factual use in the animals they allegedly pulled out of the blast range and the seeds they grew in contaminated soil….

But the real thing about how they had the workers studying Mao’s little red book with religious fervour whilst doing it in the framing of the newsreel! Oh and the shots of the happy proletariat all fighting each other to receive the flyers/news of the events eh!

Great Stuff! (from a propaganda perspective wondering who fell for it ?and why?, or even how true it was…)

The yank troop info films showing them doing similar with putting troops a few km from real bomb tests to familiarise them with, well the next few days after eh! May get shot before the radiation sickness hits eh!

Chinese Nuke Bomb Test Newsreel

Has anyone released any N-Bomb test footage? Or is 9/11 best footage of an N-Bomb effect or multiple small N-Bombs?

So! in light of recent events thought I’d check google for Defence against machete!

So! in light of recent events thought I’d check google for Defence against machete!

One made me laugh, defence against machete for beginners…

Hope he will forgive the play on accents… I thought I know Master Wong wiw be wight!

(Actually sarcastically I thought, I wonder if Master Wong wiw be wight)

“Ron like the wind” (in a Speedy Gonzalez accent)

Master Wong Eh! Cool!

Like kind of Greek democracy, responsibility of every English to pack a ppw eh! The human relationship with guns eh!

Problem is the event was probably not a Machete (Or a big Kukri/Kopis like Master Wong was waving about) a knife is sneakier… once a sneak is in knife range very difficult to stop as you do not expect it….

Though as far as the machete attack goes Master Wong had the defence in his other hand, the plank of wood… Machete vs. Machete of course is a different thing… say i know the first couple of moves of a sabre sword set, Master Wong did not actually show those tricksy moves…. Which I think is the basic Gurkha Kukri attack…

But yeah, number one martial art is perhaps not so much running as stepping really quickly… giving you that evasive capability…. shifting weight eh! I mean you do not want to be running away in a straight line from someone armed with a real bow and arrow eh! Be better off running towards them eh! irony eh!

I think when in the act of running you have lost control of very short-term direction.. from stationary you can like basic d&d take one step in like 8 or 16 discernible directions

So I suppose the new charity should be called “Repel Boarders” very ironic….

So I suppose the new charity should be called “Repel Boarders” very ironic….

very ironic because the leftists (international financiers left/right meeting round the back) want to repel the idea of borders eh! except when it suits their take over of the worlds food supply and Ukraine, “The breadbasket of Europe” eh!

Well, if yankees/israelis/londonistaners international-financiers can’t easily buy Ukraine by force of arms and ideological-mind-control they can just destroy it’s production capability by flooding or irradiation or both eh!

I guess the thing is, what we need to do is prevent any dangerous crossings of the channel by those poor poor refugees, so we need to intercept them on French side of international shipping lane and tow them back to France’s shore before anyone gets hurt eh! We all know how much the French would miss them should they leave France LOL, LMFTO!

I guess better had register “Repel Borders” so can gather all the commie aristo t-pots cash too eh