It occurred to me that “getting rid of white people” is a probable reason for running down the military so much!

And then today spotted this article…

That and the already known shit in the royal air force where they have done the usual modern zeitgeist thing and populated the personnel department and management with foreigners, wimmin, trannies and queers, who then make rules to not employ straight white males eh!

Well, that and not having a big enough military to do a successful coup eh!

And a sufficiently foreign military so in event of civil war on a race/ideology basis the military will be on the globalist side.

Of course the white civilians also under extreme physical and psychological warfare attack… plastics and prescription drugs in the water supply, chemicals in the air… encouraging the burning of wood and coal ffs… vile unwholesome slime agit-prop oozing out of the mainstream media, utter swine in cuntrol of this cunterie.

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