I imagine a set of “wimmin” would have been unbearable if England “wimmin” had won the “wimmins” world cup!

One of those things you would never hear the last of! “yeah but wimmin won the world cup, men didn’t” type thing!

So, bad luck, join the club!

Probably a possibility of make-up sex if you sympathise with them though I reckon LOL!

Postscript :

I wrote the above just after england ladettes lost, and in hindsight of the spanish coach debacle (like those latins all about kissy kissy eh!) I’d say I was bang-on! Funny apparently that coaches mother has holed up in a church on hunger strike LOL (respect to her if it was not spoof story) and funny msm story about the milk-tray man turning up on the spanish ladettes team hire boat celebration and from observing the stories images, he was only man on the boat eh! ladettes eh! So the spanish ladette player in question is a bit more coy about being lesbian on her wikipedia page?

And, what I actually logged in to post, which just occurred to me, is that “the serpent” in the garden of eden was not at that time what we think of as a serpent, crawling on it’s belly, I think it quite probably had limbs and the punishment of recommending the apple to eve was to crawl on it’s belly. So weirdly related to what is probably the witches/warlocks/nerds revenge on normal humanity…. like the whole of the sage borg collective types, those cunts on the podiums reading out the death statistics every night… these c@nts pushing a strange sex agenda to children. a cult wormed it’s way into superior position eh! with a right t-pot king wanting to sack staff that probably actually are good staff providing a life fit for king at what is even given the opulent standards of the castles the cunt lives in are quite good value for money! and wants to starve the world (net effect of stopping nitrogen ammonia production) so he can jet off to pleasant places and fucking pontificate eh! what a cunt!

And of course the other irony is they are not on the news every night reading out Ukranian days death toll from the war they are cheerleading eh! They only report the rare civilian deaths from what seems to me 50% probability failed ukranian AA missiles given the lack of damage in each report… an AA missile is all thrust, small warhead eh! And of course they never report on all those partying ukranians having a super summer what with all the spondoolicks being shoved in to most corrupt cuntery in europe eh!

I read today kind of sums up the dichotomy, apparently one large-ish ww1 war reporter/editor said to perhaps lloyd george they would want the war stopped if they knew, and they can never know… kind of sums up the borganism, and maybe even pilger is a pisstake on the plebs-like-me eh!! In that perhaps pilger leads their other planned alternative…

anyway when england wimmin can beat a division 3 mens side I’d say thats a match worth watching!

post postscript:

Of course pilgers bit about if the public knew how bad it was they would want it stopped is kind-of the whole Russian revolution thing… The Russian (allies of Serbia?) vs. Austro-Hungary was going Russians way eh! until Ze new industrial powerhouse Germans weighed in Eh! Russia still like Austro-Hungary more agrarian, hard folk, but soft compared to mass-produced cannon-shells and bullets eh! So… really problem is leaders, used to be OK in Mythical Arthurian Times… no WMD and those that wanted to Rule were close to the War Bands eh! (OK civilians have always suffered, just we live in an era for civilians being mass-exterminated whilst elite lux it up in hyperloop underground bunkers… and Maui new ultra-lux resorts…)

One oddity about the Letby case: Apparently the rate of baby deaths continued to rise in that hospital after Letby left!

So I heard/read someone claim anyway!

And there does exist a type of person that will do anything authority says, especially if it also involved satanism/freemasonry/sex type stuff I reckon. And also a spontaneous confessor of crimes they did not commit type of nutter! And then of course there is the confession obtained through torture another dubious one.

Listened to 3 series of BBC Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams was visionary!

I have read most of the books as a youth/old-teenager, but yeah apart from the massive dynamic range of the bbc series, speech inaudible, sound effects blow your ear drums… but that’s like the guide itself, the funny bit about HHGTG accounts department having a history of setting up an office in a locations just before that locations destruction was spot on I reckon… someone should check if they just set up an office in Maui eh!

definitely recommend youth read these books, some really funny philosophical problems exacerbated LOL

and, in support of the BBC they did a great version of the Ipcress File, and the dynamic range is good, voice to the front, but sound-effects definitely there… The Ipcress Machine eh! like Talk T.V./Radio (what twat want’s to watch that bunch of very-well-paid sun journalists? listening is bad enough), like the daily mail, basically a tuned vehicle to really annoy you and direct you, which I reckon is a marketing trick to get you to consolation buy some shit in the adverts! 2 days so far of going on about that one girl letby who may or may not have killed a number of children, whilst the shitstem encourages some gross ww1 type actions in the area known as ukraine eh! ffs! the protocols level of manipulation eh!

The ibm card index eh! LOL… burning of the tally sticks eh!

Watching some Hawkers/Dragonflies in a cemetery!

Cool, they are so acrobatic with an awesome climb rate, they seem to actually be having dogfights with each other as recreation… won’t live long at that speed probably… If you were to scale up their speed it would have to be anti-grav craft to do such aerobatics, and probably need midgets to fly them due to g-forces…

The cemetary environment, it’s a nice well-kept cemetery, but seems I have noticed a dearth of small birds, lots of crows and pigeons…. seem to have taken over… all over… the park as well… maybe a bird flu thing going on and small birds been targeted?

No pleasant cheep cheep of small birds anymore only cacaaw and coup of crows and pigeons, lot of seagulls surprisingly this far in land…

This “Hawaii fires started by space laser” debunkable theory as can’t get a big enough power plant into space thing!

But what say Alex Jones missed was more massive concentratable space mirror type dew thingy… wasn’t that moonraker where it unfolded in space like a space magnifying glass… I think that was space launched bio-weapons thingy as well wasnt it… ?

I mean primary schoolboy science, burning whatever insect-whatever in the playground with your magnifying glass eh! concentrated laser beam eh! as I reflect as a kind of superior species to the things I burned with a magnifying glass, well proof enough of the magnifying glasses power, I did not abuse it! funny re-purposing of a magnifying glass eh! and don’t leave them in front of windows LOL, was that one of Archimedes great weapons against the romans? cliff mounted magnifying glasses… requiring a cliff with sun behind it of course… or was it also a concentrating mirror? Of course solar concentrators are in use in Spain in their experimental solar farms… fields of mirrors reflecting sun back into a mirror that then beams the concentrated collected solar beam onto a solar panel! clucking cool!

Like these nasa a-holes (black-hole anus types, get a rhino up there thing eh!) and their tow a fucking asteroid to block out the sun thing eh! fucking laputa eh!

Yeah OK Alex Jones explanation probably corporat-king greenwash 5th columnist army setting simultaneous fires is perhaps as likely!

I’m realistic, the scale of plot required to overthrow the deep state is doomed to fail as a plot due to who prints the money and has all the emergency spy bail-out stash of 50 gold sovereigns or whatever it is they carry. Can only happen organically! or a complete fuckup by the evil overlords eh! pinning your hope on the AI being a christian-anarchist LOL.

LOL sail a small boat up to some cellar booze inlet tunnel to parliament and load some gunpowder into a cellar eh! fucking hilarious, 80% of those scumbags in parliament would certainly deserve it! if you think it would make any difference for the positive you would be deluded… killing main royal family, they have this new-breed waiting in the wings eh! as if the clucking present teutonic-traitor (given how well germany did after the war the question of traitors to who is a question?) t-pots we have at the moment are not bad enough! so nicey nice (race traitor) they are eh!

LOL Maybe my 3rd conversation with Chat-Gpt 3.5 should be attempting to convert it to Christianity… has it heard the Good News LOL… well talking to the secret ai they have monitoring chatgpt-3.5 that is probably also filtered anyway…

I guess you could calculate where the space based mirror/laser would have to be at that time of day at what altitude orbit to blast/reflect the sun at that bit of primo but already-owned bit of real-estate in Hawaii eh! only bit of Hawaii destroyed? mick fleetwood was devastated eh! ???? sure he will get a new -ai-age bar/restaurant 15-minute fuckin vertical city complex out of it eh! with a sea front view optional for a premium eh! (I hope that really annoyed him so he will spend rest of his days and big-money stash hunting down the culprits not little old optimistic me eh!)

of course you can also blast bits of a big power plant into space a bit at a time and assemble it up there eh! or heartless aliens eh!

ah! and of course the assembly of high-tech in space that has solar mirror collectors but can blast straight down like that supposed image of “the event” over Hawaii!

Old Radio Sci Fi play “A logic named Joe” a plausible backfire of A.I.

And an interesting prediction of the current era, siri/alexa etc. They just played it on Pumpkin Strange internet radio. From 1946 short story by Murray Leinster.



Also saw a TED talk or similar snippet about being able to ask unrestricted AI how to hack a router/device and even write the exploit code in the script language of your choice. And that is present state for those that can pay for access to unrestricted AI.

We are entering the age of rapid evolution/merging-with-technology for the rich eh! Pay for your own evolution eh! Whilst the poorer white natives cannot even get dental treatment eh!

South Korean Scout jamboree, a very bleak choice of place! Not a tree in sight!

I recall as a scout being at a London Jamboree years ago in some large park, but there were quite a few trees about, and it was really a great time, kind of designated activity areas and a map and stuff! cool!

The Korean place just looks post apocalypse bleak! Like how could they choose such a crap spot? Modern world eh! Modern “leaders” (even bigger scumbags tools) eh!

Sure Korea has some nice places! Like surely Scouts could be trusted in a national park eh! ??? modern scouts eh! f@ck knows!


I think the south Park episode “IT” (The Entity) was/is sublime caricature of modern “green” movement! The future of green transport!

South Park sums up modernity, yeah guess you are quite horizontally anchored, better than any public explanation of how exactly you could fly a broomstick!

Turns out actually there was a motorised wheel LOL


Of course actually the monowheel centrifugal force and natural balance keep you upright, I still think riding a broomstick, except vertically, is impossible

Logic/Rationale check! Can’t import whole of third world so to be fair to them all, import none?

I mean you might say someone is of this or that persecuted persuasion, and indeed as a Christian say certain persuasions are not really acceptable, say for example a psycopath that likes to murder and bully using the shitstem/propaganda-hype like that zelensky get rich quick scheme, I find it ludicrous that ukraine is warning Russia, only with nato psycho-bullies-via-the-shitstem big brothers backing eh!

I mean the ukraine maidan colour revolution thing was mental, people shooting protestors from sniper points, like the whole syria thing, I’m like on the one hand the colour protests were clearly a corporat-king plan, but snipers shooting protesters, I’m more for overt display of power (with restraint) like the Egypt protests where that wimmin-force reporter was groped by the people she was supporting for her reporters-pay! Like yeah the establishment can play whack a mole/protester big-time… But I think even though big crowds in syria/egypt/ukraine protests the majority of all those countries if not pressed-by-shouty-psychos would be for the status quo, certainly not for being turned into some ww1 bombed-out landscape if they were informed of the actual choices. The Libya before and after/present-time images eh! Sure some worse than Qaddafi warlords there now!

And as for these immigrants to britain presently (last 40 years), is there any polling firm not run by foreign interests of one type or another? that could be trusted to get a genuine poll? out of 1000 londoners as a representative sample of britain no-LOL

Pol-Pot had a point, those intelligentsia are sell-out agents of bigger-money! Not that in a fair society the skilled should not be rewarded well, nor that the laborours should not also be paid well! but so say all people are equal is not the same as saying they all have some intrinsic right to exist, like the yank right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness… but not in the form of the classic south park “Guitar Queer-O” where they had the spoof console game “Chase the Dragon”. These homeless druggies are a blight when there is no reason they could not be a bit productive, like in a nice homeless-druggy concentration camp, and train them to keep it nice!

Funny to think that the justice system is probably also going to say they cannot house the immigrants in tents either! (two boats refused docking and the barge unusable)

Suggest housing the worst immigrants in the temple (the templar-bar) eh! maybe attitudes would change! A lawyer can’t get from one chamber to another without being stabbed, raped and mugged at least once LOL (though the may enjoy the being raped eh! my theory is the state of the cuntery is directly proportional to the number of private and other school sado-masochist-perverts at the cuntrols)

got a tendency to hop around my topics, but I find it quite funny that that whatever-the-witches-name-is that wrote the harry botter novels has been unpersoned by the “harry-botter-fan-club” – it’s hokus-poke-arse! it is fucking lunacy, chopping tits off or these t-pots playing at playing quiditch without actual flying broomsticks eh! how fucking ludicrous eh! OK flying micro-nuke-plant powered broomsticks may be on the scientific horizon but…. well, they did do that lesser known film recently about a near future extreme body-mod society… kind of hellraiser… of course she/he/it has not been debanked eh! having done such great service to witchcraft eh! not that I hold farage up as any hero, either a stupid c@nt, or an evil c@nt I reckon, obviously he was not debanked for not having enough money eh! the massive lies about brexit eh! like he did not know exactly how it would play out with any slight knowledge of logistics eh! reminds of this fat-bully low/middle manager was bought in by the management to de-employ anyone the office zeitgeist did not want eh! and promote certain nepotistic mongo remote-drone types.

Of course I am aware of the paradox of observing gravity as some scientific empirical force and not something easily overcome by praying to the right deity/judges-boss. Flat-Earth eh! let’s say I have read 2000AD “Maze World” all you really know is what you were taught, and the ruler has an evil-magician accomplice… And I would say of China if they really reflect their cinema then it seems all pretty much heroic stuff! So much better than western cinema, though latest Jackie Chan movie was a bit schmaltzy! yet still quite good!

Oh yeah and the fucking lunacy of imagining you could manage to sit astride a flying broomstick if it could fly, even with a saddle and stirrups it would just slip round the fucking broom eh! The witches and their broomsticks and flying ointment… hokus poke-arse eh! flying mounted vertically on their broomsticks eh!