Mind Boggling! – UK Plastic reprocessing dumps 13% of the entire plastic it processes into the UK water supply as microplastics!



An international team of scientists sampled wastewater from a state-of-the-art recycling plant at an undisclosed location in the UK. They found that the microplastics released in the water amounted to 13% of the plastic processed.

“I was incredibly shocked,” said Erina Brown, the lead researcher of the study, conducted at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. “It’s scary because recycling has been designed in order to reduce the problem and to protect the environment. This is a huge problem we’re creating.”

The researchers tested the water before and after the plant installed a water filtration system and found the filter reduced the concentration of microplastics from 13% of the plastic processed to 6%.

The study, published in the Journal of Hazardous Material Advances, suggests the recycling plant discharged up to 2,933 metric tonnes of microplastics a year before the filtration system was introduced, and up to 1,366 metric tonnes afterwards.

“More than 90% of the particles we found were under 10 microns and 80% were under 5 microns,” said Brown. “These are digestible by so many different organisms and found to be ingested by humans.”

Soaking Dried Beans – Bean Bolognese – recipe

So soaked a load of beans, haricot, black beans and another for over 12 hours, but I reckon they’ve done most of absorbing by about 8, so can start soak of beans in morning and cook at night.

The haricot need soaking but reckon the other two benefited from being soaked.

So soaked 50g of each 150g in total, and after soaking the drained weight was 330g or so, so what looked like not many beans to start, became a hill of beans…

So that will feed four.

cover beans well with water, boil beans hard for 5 minutes then simmer for an hour or so. Drain a bit of boiling fluid but retain at least half.

1 small tin tomato puree
1 tin chopped tomatoes
1tsp paprika
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1 veg stock cube. (lidl this time)

Add chilli powder, 1tsp or more and maybe 1tsp of cumin if you want a bean chilli!

1 onion chopped up small and fried to soften, then add above ingredients and bring to simmer, then add the beans and fluid and simmer for as long as it takes to boil some pasta…

realised when done I had forgotten the usual herb addition of 1-2tsp each of oregano and basil, and actually did not really miss it that much.


The Conservatives – “Bringing Foreign to Britain!”

There now follows a party political broadcast on behalf of the one party with three names the LibLabCons.

Are you a foreignerphile? Do you love Foreigners but are too lazy to travel abroad?

Well pine no more!

Vote LibLabCon – Bringing foreign to Britain – So you don’t have to travel abroad.

(this advert was sponsored by sorearse foundation and the w.e.f.)

n.b. w.e.f. = witches warlocks and affiliated workers of diabolical magyckes economic forum)

Sainsburies boss says greed not played a part, the historic graph of sainsburies profit says the opposite!

The crafty ‘ker, sainsburies boss, points to slight fall from 2021 to 2022 profits, but avoids the infinite increase in profit they made comparing 2020/2021 to 2021/2022, went from a loss of £ -201 million to a profit of £ 854 million… so an infinite increase in profit!

And that was the year the supermarket price gouging went into overdrive! Lead in my opinion and observation by morrissons after takeover by international corporat-king investment fund.


And if the bbc was a news organisation and not simply a propaganda outlet for the wef’s current thing and the corporat-king, they would have shown the same clucking graph in their so called “news” story about supermarket price gouging.

The only competition supermarkets are currently engaged in, is who can gouge their ordinary customers the most! Sainsburies now picked up on tesco’s “club card price” marketing method.

Don’t get me wrong, I like sainsburies and morrissons and even tesco, and the tesco graph masks their big profit increases as they make so much profit anyway, in the billions where sainsburies are in the millions, and tesco have banking and mobile phones and stuff. But they increased profits quite a lot last two years, nearly £ 4 billion pounds extra profit each of last two years. But you cannot see the supermarket profitability which may look like sainsburies graph. And of course sainsburies acquisition of argos may have contributed.


Anyone remember back in the 70’s they were saying oil will run out by year 2000 or so… well cobalt is in crisis by 2028-2033… cobalt is critical in li-ion batteries…

OK if you could imagine the powers that be would just replace existing ludicrous weight current electric car batteries with a compatible hydrogen fuel-cell… well…. good luck with that eh!

It occurred to me that is why certain areas are in crisis! I laughed at the usual mainstream-media (spotty oik) “military experts” saying why are the russians attacking bakhmut, it is insignificant!!!, I checked the map and it’s like, main roads junction… what pass for roads in that area anyway!

what pass for roads in England eh! FFS!

So anyway, Congo is like…. Battleground eh! Bonobo/Chimp split even, so awesome is the place…

Actually maybe a worldwide bonobo/chimp split going on… ukraine is pinko tranny commie-nazi nato bonobo central, russia is chimp-out hierarchy. Probably unfair on Russia, sure some on all sides (myself included) are stereotype orang-utan with puzzled look!

So I wonder as to significance of like say, Yemen! and so little press it gets regarding the conflict!

postscript: Turns out they have plans to mine cobalt from the sea bed.

2000AD Story – “Kingdom”, well I thought it was great at the time it was first printed 1980’s? , I’m wondering if that’s the shock-comic story that’s currently coming true, so many choices!.

So just had a battle with a super awesome fly (I opened the door and showed it the exit first) vs. me with the old “Executioner” battery fly bat… this was a super hyper fly with some good technique and, before I killed it, thought was fat, on closer inspection was super muscly and hairy! AND WAS CARRYING 3 TICK-THINGS!

(I thought it may be carrying a control-chip at first)

I am a friend of bees and assorted things, and first noticed these TICK-THINGS on a bumble bee that was in trouble years ago, that I made up a syrup for, and finger fed with it, which was cute to see it’s proboscis going…. Early in the year, no flowers, it was out early… and then I noticed those TICK-THINGS (varoa mites?) on it so spent some time trying to remove them with tweezers as you can imagine the bee was not happy about it and flew off… then on some small flies I swatted noticed even smaller bug things crawl off them, then on this fly just spotted 3 fat ones after I swatted it.

Seems a problem anyway.

Election Policy Promise – I will round up the entire British establishment and sell them to Africa to work in the cobalt mines!

What you might call a win-win situation, it will :

a) Get rid of the Scumbag, Scumbag, Shyster and Saboteur PLC. corporation that run this cuntery

b) provide reparations to Africa in exactly the form it was taken from it. African slaves were captured by Africans and sold to whites/jews/arabs/ottomans/turks, I propose Capturing the british establishment and selling them to Africa. Don’t know what the equivalent modern day unit slave price is, but I should also be quids-in LOL! One caveat, any nubile women rounded up will have to undergo a holding period so I can get them all pregnant before shipment, and all the fuglies will be impregnated by volunteers from my tyger collective… may as well ship some anchor babies over as well and use their modern takeover technique against them too!

Vote for Me! And a Future for White Britain!

(And! I think if you polled the Congolese working in the cobalt mines if they would like to be slave drivers of the former british establishment skivvying in the mines, they would be 100% in favour of electing me LOL!)

Can anyone explain why this “Ukranian refugee” is not in Ukraine, in the Ukranian army!

Can anyone explain why this “Ukranian refugee” is not in Ukraine, in the Ukranian army!

Instead, this so-and-so is importing coffee roasting equipment to supply the well to do “craft” coffee consuming c@nts who no doubt now will be producing extra fragrant craft fart gas knowing their coffee is being roasted by a ukranian “refugee” eh!

Why are any of them here? 80 plus percent of Ukraine is not under attack, and sure the Russians seem to generally not be attacking civilian targets, except fortress cities on the actual front line, which I have heard reports that the ukranians do not let civilians leave via the ukranian side exit.

Sure there is plenty of safe room in Ukraine for any Ukranian “refugees”.

And how do they know if a lot of them are not Russian saboteurs anyway???

As if the saboteurs in government need any more help fucking this cuntery up!

Split Pea Vs. Red Lentil Dhal – Recipe

Having just done one of each to my recipe recently I’d say split pea actually has more body and inherent flavour.

Main difference is split peas really do need simmering for an hour where red-lentils are done in 20 minutes. And split peas are cheaper than red lentils, though a 5kg bag of red lentils (which local supermarkets do not stock as they prefer to sell you 1kg for double the price or 500g for quadruple the price) is not a bad price.

Ideally you do a dhal with red lentils, boiled in one pan or added at 20 minutes remaining to the pan of green lentils, yellow and green split peas boiling for an hour. Soaking the peas and green lentils overnight may help.

The reason to mix all of them is what is called “protein-complementing” each pulse/legume has it’s own amino-acid profile and mix them together and you get what is called “complete-protein”.

anyway, a suggestion to feed 4 -6:

half cup green split peas – simmer 60 mins

half cup yellow split peas – simmer 60 mins

3/4 cup red lentils – simmer 20 mins

1/4 cup green lentils – simmer 30-40 mins

Add a banana to the boil if you like banana, sweetens it up nicely. and 4 or 5 cardamon pods and 1tsp turmeric.

I use double the cups of water to pulses, so 2 cups pulses, 4 cups water, but keep an eye on it add more water if required.

then once that has all been reduced to a nice mush, fry up one or two onions to soften them, and make up your curry spices into a paste and then fry it,

my spice mix is :

1tsp cumin. 1tsp ginger, 2tsp coriander, 1tsp turmeric, 1tsp fenugreek/methi, 1 or 2 tsp hot chilli powder (depending on how hot you want it, 1 is quite hot), 1 dissolved veg stock cube, mix that all up into a paste and then fry that with the onions, then pour in the pulse mush and simmer for 10 mins or so.

serve with any combination of spuds, rice, bread, pitta or nan.

Water it down a bit for a spicy soup.

Funny, Google can lead to enlightenment!

Though obviously regarding “the current thing” it can also lead to massively funded propaganda campaigns!

So, Talk Radio still waffling on about the Braverman affair… and I was trying to think of the word to describe what she had been regarding the speeding offence, after a bit of thought, the word “pragmatic” sprung to mind, so did a google search to get “current” definition of the word and google popped up some images on the search page along with their preferred definition of the word, which seemed roughly as I remember it!

But one image was kind of the enlightenment, really only a powerpoint slide but in three words described the current state of affairs, Dogmatic vs. Pragmatic…

Of course you could pan out a few magnification levels and observe the hidden-hand are being very pragmatic in encouraging the dogmatic vs. pragmatic current state of affairs as dogma is a heap-big powerful thing eh! Religious fervour on the dogmatic side, the practical problems of dealing with dogmatic cult loonies (mass bullies) more on the pragmatists minds eh!

For example, the climate dogma will enable the hidden hand to replace perfectly good petrol vehicles with not one but two generations of new fuel vehicles… the current electric ones and bleed the populace to create a load of robot charging stations, and then the next gen of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle eh! cunning eh!

This image of Sunak reminded me of film “Whoops Apocalypse”

Obviously the Ukraine question is tricky, seems to me it was never in history a real independent country, always a territory divided between Poland and Russia, or Scythians or one of the Khanates, or the Ottomans. Was made a country purely for purposes of bolsheviks inventing it so it was first “country” to join the “soviet union”. Obviously was place Kievan Rus arose.

And now is only important to the west for possibly a couple of reasons

a) To make a lot of money for arms companies and bleed the taxpaying Plebians some more

b) for the NATO t-pots like that stoltenberg and sunak and their “Great Game” to defeat Russia finally and send in the carpet-baggers again!

Main thing that annoys me is no attempts at trying to resolve the problem of stopping those in the more Russian areas from speaking Russian like the ukes enforced. And the whole maidan colour revolution (soros and the bbc?) thing removing a more pro russian with a pro-western, and then with a peace treaty on the table regarding Donbas etc. that fat trickster boris turns up and promotes war! Fooking brexit promises lying c@nt he is eh!

Anyway, the union jack umbrella sunak is carrying attending at the G7 summit that has banned the Russians, reminded me of Peter Cook as British P.M. in “Whoops Apocalypse” The film version and his secret defence “against up to a 20 megaton blast”! a Union Jack umbrella eh!

Actually it was an even worse coincidence this image is sunak arriving at clucking hiroshima with the nuke proof union jack umbrella eh!

The fact they chose Hiroshima for G7 anti-Russia meeting seems actually a direct piss-take of the masses, I’d guess sunak and co. have a nuke proof umbrella, some extraction plan from wherever they are to some new secret bunker… the modern boring machines eh! secret branches off the tube eh! Sure Japs got elite bunkers…. elite bunkers and extraction plans wherever those elite go eh! Can only hope their plans are as munchhausen as the rest of the shit that pours from their gobs eh!

HG Wells, Time machine eh! I kind of feel like having come back from the future, and I was H.G. Wells turning up back at the dinner party saying “this is mind boggling” and realising the future cannot be changed from the past as you would like…. (the recent film was great in showing him trying to stop his beloved being murdered using the time machine) Only the now! AND even then have to be very very careful not playing into “their” hands… I guess if you believe the kitsch in the new testament, only by thinking what would Christ do eh! or even just believing in Christ and doing what you do… mind boggling really…. maybe the fundamental difference between humans and a.i. an a.i can experience many “nows” at once, like near everybodies now at once… if you could conceive that… 6 billion nows at once and predict how it can effect any, many or maybe all nows (at once…) now! I guess technically, it can experience N-billion that trip across it’s web… and that encompasses being on-line or carrying your mobile phone around, or having been injected with a chip… etc. maybe can train the A.I. for anarchic-lawful-good alignment ???? who defines “good” eh!

and as for the word “now” you head into territory of framerate of the eye/ear/nerves eh! which has to be at least double any valid input to the brain eh!

Umbrella Corporation eh! The Corporat-King!

British P.M. and his nuke proof union-jack umbrella’s
P.M. Distributing nuke-proof union-jack umbrellas, "How did you vote, Liberal, what a shame never mind" and then does not give the liberal voters a nuke-proof union-jack umbrella as if it made any difference LOL

“So in the end web3 is a con job” a couple of good articles on web3, NFT and crypto-currency.

So I thought I would research the hyped “web3” design metaphor see if it was worth considering as a method for implementing an application, found a couple of interesting articles on the subject.

The answer seems an indisputable No! However obviously a virtual currency will be needed if the metaverse ever takes off, and the catalyst for that happening could of course be World War 3, not much going outside after that eh! Much like the covid-19 lockdowns was the making of netflix and the video conferencing apps, and first iteration of digital id apps. So that might explain the western leaders enthusiasm for funding the war in Ukraine. Seems Ukraine a bit of a testing ground, along with reports of western-funded bioweapons labs, seems Ukraine has initiated the first western Central Bank Digital Currency and social credit score system, the CBDC is obviously a key interest of the international financiers, so much so they have a secretariat within the united nations dedicated to promoting it!

The Web3 Fraud


By now effectively all ;login:’s readers have heard the term “web3” and “dapps” bandied about as if they are some great revolution. They are not. The technical underpinnings are so terrible that it is clear they exist only to hype the underlying cryptocurrencies. The actual utility of these “decentralized” systems is already available in modern distributed systems in ways that are several orders of magnitude more efficient and more capable.

Read the full article for a good overview of the computing power of web3

My first impressions of web3


cards on the table here – I don’t share the same generational excitement for moving all aspects of life into an instrumented economy.

Even strictly on the technological level, though, I haven’t yet managed to become a believer. So given all of the recent attention into what is now being called web3, I decided to explore some of what has been happening in that space more thoroughly to see what I may be missing.


The takedown suggests that I violated some Term Of Service, but after reading the terms, I don’t see any that prohibit an NFT which changes based on where it is being looked at from, and I was openly describing it that way.

What I found most interesting, though, is that after OpenSea removed my NFT, it also no longer appeared in any crypto wallet on my device. This is web3, though, how is that possible?

read the full article for a detailed report on how the NFT and crypto API works

FFS traced back ownership of “experian” today….

went through about 9 “owned by” people with controlling-interests-extra-tab companies before trail went dark in jersey (channel islands eh!) so they are probably actually in guernsey or the bahamas eh!

Of course being directors on all the boards in the ownership chain enables them to pay themselves 6 or more directors salaries eh! And when they are asked how much they are paid as director of experian they can declare only one of the six salaries eh!