All of them poncing along in their military costumes and medals! A valid military target!

Why did they not all, instead, decide to abandon their ponces outfits and just march, in what could have been military style, black suits. Did that pair “scweam and scweam and scweam and scweam” until they were allowed to wear a ponces get up?. Would have been funny if that pair were agitating to paint themselves in wode and march naked behind the coffin eh! OK the forces could have still run the parade, that’s kind of the reality of the force behind this bunch of banksters figureheads.

They reminded me of Muttley and his medals – Image from DeviantArt – lonewarrior20

A Question that sprung to mind was “Did Queen Elizabeth the first ever wear a military costume?” I Think not!. I guess the answer to that question is related to who used to wear some stylised military uniform back in QE1’s day. Skilled and drilled people certainly, but maybe the navy of QE1 era were still wearing the rags they were fucking press-ganged in eh! I’m guessing the cavaliers in the civil war wore foppish style dress, only uniform that each tried to out-fop the other with their dress, larger floppy hats, bigger lapels, more silk, larger and golder shoe buckles etc.! I posit maybe the new model army may have been first to have been equipped with uniforms and lots of pikes in an incredibly rapid way by perhaps a certain set of money-meisters residing in nether-netherlands…

Possibly all this military pomp and ceremony started with ze german they imported to be banksters of england figurehead ???? Maybe not until prince albert even. ????

I’m still hoping the bbc (all the brithish agit-prop media including the advertising agencies) are going to suffer a few airstrikes before this whole Russia thing is over! Then it will all have been worth it!

Talking of agit-prop, PJW did a viddy on Coronation street carrying government implanted story lines, and the two female “yoof” characters, one an indiancontinent, the other some modern agit-prop placement of what a modern english girl should be, some goth vampire/witch. In the coronation-street episode analysed, 1minute 5 seconds in, these two modern-british-agitprop-avatars were discussing conspiracy theories and I was like, so the secret cabal couldn’t be gothic vampire/witches could they??? (Derrrr….)

I guess I would add that a lot of possibilities have been covered by 2000AD 1970-whateverAD up to about our year 2015AD in terms of real time issue dates, about when I stopped getting it as I thought it was getting a bit “colour out of space” type strange. And the one Christmas issue I bought recently was mainly alien to me, but the final “retrospective” (looking back on the effect of StarLord (the original comics name) from the distant future) story was absolutely brilliant!

2000AD is just so superior to the marvel/dc transhuman agenda, though 2000AD certainly covered the transhuman agenda (Zenith was awesome, introduced parallel universes way before they were fashionable and the whole trick within a trick “ending” was….. ???) but also so much more!. To an extent it is also quite probably deep state produce. But even back in Battle/Action comic era they gave face to ze germans in ww2 setting stories… though retrospectively you could see it was kind of cold-war propaganda in the way “The Volgs” were portrayed, and also just war propaganda in the heroism and war scenes portrayed. I never bought any comic that had “roy of the rovers” in it lol, the fussball distraction eh! (though football is good at local level, at least its a dynamic excercise) Yeah but even in Judge Dredd the soviets were portrayed as the criminals eh!

I guess I would have preferred it if Putin had said he was against the “tranny agenda” or that legally the whatever UN treaty regarding Donbas was not being kept, rather than purifying ukraine of “nazis” which of itself is rather nazi, (I reckon the bolsheviks were as bad/bloody or worse than western media portrayed the nazis, and none as bad as the eternal-banksters, masters of fairy-money that soon returns to them, who always profit) And I reckon none of these assorted twattooed idiots or nancy-boys in costume would have got in the nazi party anyway! more like loaded on to some truck.

I guess we live in an era that most people do not remember what they used to do to the ira spokesfolks voices on british media… stick them through a “dalekiser ” voice filter. They allowed the ira their real oirish lilt after our establishments were also thoroughly converted to bankster-style-communism. Propaganda just got more and more subtle/expert. (“all of this is of course, in my opinion”)

Interesting the BBC announced calmly that ukranians had executed a husband and wife team preparing to run a referendum in whatever “liberated” city. Not a word of protest from the bbc, but the bbc (babylonian batty chum mi7) are outraged at mass war graves and saying everyone in there is a war crime!

I guess one or two yank sci-fi/horror stories about those entities that can pass by touch or those that have to inhabit a body until it is killed then it can switch to any of those around them is an interesting one, the screwtape letters by C.S. Lewis I guess also another paradigm about your own personal demon. A very good audio book of the screwtape letters read by John Cleese!

Ah! They do not adjust “inflation” for how much of a thing you use…

They select a “basket” of 1 item each….

When in a week you might do 1 bottle of wine and 5 loaves of bread! And bread and butter are up more than 50% where wine is still reasonably stable.

However if you use 5 loaves of bread a week and 0 bottles of wine, your experience of inflation will be entirely different. The high cost bottle of wine being low inflation will skew the “inflation percentage” statistic down disproportionately viewed from total cost perspective.

I think inflation figures are based on what an over-paid, under-worked, civil servant/polyshitun puts in their shopping basket. Need a separate inflation rate for the living essentials eh!

Also inflation has been quite subtle, like a store own brand loaf at Morrisons was 39p, but the same loaf now 85p all in about a year, basically it seems to me it all kicked off when Morrissons was bought out by an international-bankster venture capital borganism who fundamentally purchased all the real estate of the stores. That’s when prices started to skyrocket, Morrissons used to be one of best, now it’s pricey. And so other supermarkets followed suit, and the bread price of passable own brand bread is same at all supermarkets, from about 40p to about 80p. I mean can still get one of the “savers” brand loaves at a lower price but they tend to be very dry and not very tasty. And the other subtlety is even some of the own-brand supermarket products are selling for same price as branded equivalent, that is also a recent thing. The whole point of own-brand was that it was cheaper.

And as for the unfilled job vacancy statistics, from what I have seen I reckon they are probably in cahoots with the employment agencies, who each post jobs multiple times and many employment agencies post the same job, the corporats, and these borganisms that get government contracts to hassle jobseekers (who also seem to come up with non-jobs and also are not much help, though they talk the talk) I reckon some, maybe many are not even vacancies, just trawling.

Also I wondered, some of these so called vacancies have been there for months, so it occurred to me maybe they have to have a vacancy unfullfilled for a while before they can get the visa for an imported foreigner, and so maybe they ignore all white british male applicants.

office of national shitspouts!

Vampire Banksters surgical truss…

Like going to borrow hundreds of billions of pounds off the bankster-corporatking to give it straight back to bankster-corporatking energy speculators, rather than start lining up banksters-corporatking against a wall and executing them until they decide to fuck off!

Thing is, we (white-british) have a Hadrians-wall scale of problem with the bankster-corporatking…. and their legal/administration stooges! I bet if you did a survey of the administration, you would find you required double the space on Hadrians wall to line them up single-line as you would median population…

Of course the other problem is we have given all our ammunition “allegedly” to the ukranians, again I guess that has all been given to bankster-corporatking private army… like israel going to be only country of note with some bullets left eh! checkmate!

Why not just send the polish idiots in as nominated champions! (ah truth first casualty of war, fuck knows whats

I mean putting myself in a “generals” shoes… why would we want to hand state of the art weapons (during a chip shortage) over to rank amateurs with some bbc stories of their great campaign successes… like some cunt claims he single-handedly took on a column of tanks with hand grenades…. what kind of cunt thinks peaky-blinders was even vaguely accurate….. I guess the 2000AD Rogue Trooper story of the traitor general was a good one! (And the Ipcress Files that his major boss was the tool) I guess in a kind of ironic way, where there was only on the surface one traitor general in the 2000AD story, from what I have seen of the bunch of cunts on the internet I would be surprised if you found one good british general! Like to boast about how they beat up the weedy kid in the playground Iraq eh. But then… can you be “good” and be a general? Chinese philosophy on the subject, kind of yes and no… dont deploy generals until they need to do general stuff, and then it’s their business on pain of death kind of thing… still totally fucked up but real! I suppose you would have to note that procurement probably out of generals hands… some bureaucrat/accountant/usurer team at the cuntrols!

I thought that was quite funny to read of some approved-twatterati posted a pic of truss shaking queens hand with caption “the moment she poisoned her” and then deleted it….

But it’s like… some probably-plastic but fuckable (post video-filter) possibly even ultra-tranny plastic surgeon talking about tilapia vaginaplasty on the cunternet… I’m like is this a spoof???? or is this where we are at???? I kind of imagined just grafting on a tight sucky top half of a tilapia where their dick was LOL

Yelp! Funny it seems to me how actually it was never about the proles reviewing the management but rather the structure for the management to blacklist the proles!

They actually covered a version of the twist in a South Park episode (You’re not yelping) , but not until listening to an episode of Ed Reardons week where they had the funny line “you will be losing a star of your tripadvisor guest review” that it struck me…. All actually Chinese-Style social credit system. Dis. the government/establishment and you are white and you no-workee in any good job no more!

Combined with the great-replacement of white-british by more system-admiring immigrants, the type who move here for a better life (as it is obviously already better here than where they came from or else they would not have come here) who then join the international-financiers drive to denigrate the whites as unbearably racist!

I guess if you are going to go “Spartacus” better make sure you end up with a better result, Even Julius Caesar did not get a great outcome.

Ah! maybe they are towing the p.o.w. up to scotland for a purpose/ruse?

As an extra airbase just in case “Wee Jimmy Crankie” “fishy” sturgeon being funded by Chinese/Russians/Israelis to declare a breakaway republic LOL

Like in some irony English wind up nuking Faslane to make sure Scots nutters don’t get the nukes???? And what about the Scots capturing queenie at her vast scottish estate eh! Crikey! who gives a fuck?

I Think it is safe to say the Scots will not be getting any weapons off Gaddafi, but the yanks eh! Maybe!, If it suits them…..

I guess it’s great to be an international-financier, just get your government stooges to borrow loads of money off you as the government (i.e. the taxpayer prole foots the bill) and start saying you have shipped “N-Billion-pounds-worth” of weapons which is what the budget shows but have not seen any accounting to say that weapon was fired… I mean the highly-corrupt ukranian govt, could shoot a 25 pence Khyber-made rpg shell at an existing fucked-tank and brithish-brainwashed public would say that was £500,000 well spent eh! Also given these international financiers are already earning interest on the debt that originally purchased the weapons, before the new debt to ukraine for the same weapons was added to their interest income!

It’s theatre, but these stuntmen actually die, though those actors in-the-know probably flit around like “super-fly” eh!

Seems to me usurers and their propagandists are a cancerous growth that needs some surgical strikes!

Anyway kind of talking of nuke-targets, I hope “scurvy” schwab is being tracked in real time with a major alert anytime he goes off radar and be prepared for it not being him that comes back on radar…. i.e. all vehicles/underground-tunnel type options around blackout are explored!!! Ah! anyway, only a figurehead like queenie, give them the odd large diamond every now and then they stay on-side eh!

In summary, it’s like the Arnhem plan eh! Which possibly actually was good, but, tanks not ordered to follow through because of bigger money-making plans? Or… ???? fuck knows… it occurred to me maybe this was an actual breakdown but observing from an alternate timeline actually stopped a nuclear war… ????? had it been there then????

But still, not enough shame poured on our warmonger government over this abject failure… Not even the “Queen Elizabeth” (what? like fucking battlestar galactica?) to come to the rescue!

I kind of expect trident to breach the water fire up quite a bit, arm the warhead, then come plummeting back down on the sub LOL

Oh yeah, and the story about the “lightnings” being largely grounded as the ejector seats do not work!!!! LOL!!! and I was like, but surely once you are out of ammo you will be crashing the plane into the target anyway LOL

Was a Black slave treated any worse than an English press-ganged sailor or powder-monkey?

This whole worshipping at blacks feet, taking-the-knee thing is so fucked up, Black Africans were instrumental in the Black slave trade in exactly the same way as the brithish govt. press-gangs would go round English public houses and cosh drunks who would wake up at sea, suddenly as a lowly-sailor! And the punishment for disobedience for white-english sailors was equally the lash or finally keel-hauling….

It’s another irony, Mutiny on the Bounty, was a true story, with cruelty by the captain, who proved himself either a good sailor or in favour with God and managed to navigate a row boat some ludicrous distance to safety….

(I mean broadly speaking, obviously the early slave transports were quite barbaric, but do you think the term barbaric actually came from the north african barbary coast? the barbary pirates?)

The question asked, “Would You Press The Button?”, It’s not called M.A.D. for nothing!

So they asked Liz “Tank-Commander” Truss Only? if she would press the button? But not “Itchy” Sunak?

But there is no point having a nuclear deterrent if you had someone angling for leadership who said “No!” to that question…

I mean seems to me the rulers of this cuntery are certifiable psycopaths… individually could not fight their way out of a paper bag, but then, they do not need to, they got stunt-men bodyguards eh! They got others to implement their edicts! Mercenaries a plenty eh!

I mean the nuke question is a tricky one, I think as the nuke reaction does have uses, then really need to be very proficient, and very safe in its use…

I mean the classic “Space Cowboys” film planting a nuke on an asteroid, like to we do need them. (Or the classic Family Guy where they banned guns and got attacked by a load of mutant Stewies)

Myself i trust the Russians to an extent and seems can see from the whole international-financier backed isis in Syria where Yanks stepped in uninvited (and steal oil) the Russians were invited, and seem to have done a good job of not shooting down yanks… then there is the whole Turkey interest in Syria, I mean the place was fucked up by an international-financier funded guerrilla/mercenary operation it seems to me.

So i mean really the START treaty is laughable, only got enough nukes to destroy the world 100 times over, yeah, that sounds really safe!

How do you manage such a problem, why are we even enemies of the Russians? Why are ukranians taping people who speak russian to lamp posts naked or with their pants down!

Whoops Apocalypse eh!

Probably a few conclusions you could arrive at :

  1. Its all fucking theatre designed to make the rich richer… ffs some (Scots? Yank? international-financier) gas company in north sea seen profits rise from 130 million to 1.3 fucking billion pounds
  2. certifiable psycopaths at the cuntrols of the west.
  3. “they” have an escape plan.
  4. the proles will never get organised with such a clever plan of identity politics that worse-than ridicules the idea that “we are all White-British” or worse “English” eh!. We are all white Europeans eh! That is the real battle of numbers… China-united 1.5 billion people, India-united 1.5 Billion people eh! Europe divided…. (but I Believe in a Christian-anarchist-collective that Europeans have regional identities, not wanting to force Christianity on the rest of the world, nor denigrating the rest of the world as not-christians) And OK Africa is divided with a billion or so, but since South-Africa and Gadaffi were ousted no real chance of that continent having any unity or any effect other than used as tools to invade the west and tools used by international-financiers to run bent governments that strip-mine the place. Oh yeah and the odd dodgy individual to run the W.H.O. eh!
  5. They have attacks at all levels of the Maslowe hierarchy, they basically already fucked up all those at the self-realisation level with identity politics and licentiousness, now the attack has switched to the base level of keeping warm and dry and getting food and water eh! The level of swine our rulers are is off the charts…. (But it’s classic martial arts… though that tends to be low-high rather than high-low, but in extended combinations any works)
  6. You can probably trace large part of the cause of the modern problem back to the person/associates who advised maxim to sell his machine gun to european governments…. but, european governments have been fighting each other with state-of-the-art weapons for several centuries, before the indentured yank serfs got independence… so we should be quite competent if we united, including Russia and the Yanks!

Why haven’t “YouGov” done a poll in Libya checking how satisfied they are with nato busybody interference?

Could it be because “YouGov” are an international-financier foreigner run organisation with the intent of controlling the narrative and navigating the white-race on the black-run to the bottom?

I’m reasonably certain average Libyan may be having second thoughts if even the average Libyan was against Gadaffi in the first place… Just the bunch of barbary pirate white-slavers in benghazi eh! International-financiers best chums!

Well at least the crew of HMS Prince of Wales are thoroughly indoctrinated about cutting peoples bollocks off and cross-dressing

The ship itself may only have made it to the Isle of Wight (about 10 miles from Portsmouth LOL) before breaking down on it’s “world tour”, but they can still terrify the enemy by dropping their pants and showing their newly acquired vaginaplasty’s

They should have a “pussy-riot” tribute band on board for such emergencies, just get them to set up on deck and start playing, that should be enough to make everyone want to leave the area!

“Billy Brown” ???? A Socialist Worker plant ????

Idiot does not know what way a fucking national socialist swastika turns, and then buckles under pressure !!! What would Herr Hitler say? “Billy Brown” would be strung up from a lamp post before you could say …..

Socialist-Worker, Hope-Not-Hate, same bunch of commies that have already taken over the bbc and government departments…. aided by this kind of plant or just thick as sun-baked shit!

left is right, right is left, they all meet up at dictators-club…
Oh!, “He was a bit concerned” was he?

How about reopening the old coal power stations and burning the government, management and administration of Britain?

Then we could be really thankful to them for keeping British subjects warm this winter!

And as another benefit they (the burned) will not be getting us into a nuclear war with Russia as they will be burned already!

Also there is a very large supply of them to burn! Talk about top-heavy! If the government/administration was a boat it would surely capsize, if it even managed to float in the first place!. But as they are on land they can easily build infiltrator support struts in the general population! by means of brainwashing using the ipcress-machine the television drama agit-prop. (Funny to hear a report that Nigeria has banned diversity in television advertising, another method used on the native British population, “diversity” in advertising eh! )

Do you arseholes not realise that the Ukrainians started this war like some wannabe playground hard case being egged on by a bunch of bullies who he wants to join.

The whole point of this war is so those warmongering bully swine nato can put missiles all along the Russian border, even though they already have them in poland, lithuania etc.!