I wonder if the transcript or original recording of Boris Johnsons phone call with Mr. Putin still exists?

The original recording would probably be best as I assume it was done through an interpreter with Mr. Putin speaking Russian which I am sure Boris does not speak. So could put the original Russian audio through google speech to text to corroborate the translation.

Should it not be a matter of public record, on Hansard, a telephone call between our Prime Minister and Head of any foreign state. Maybe not, need a bit of privacy in negotiations perhaps, but when an allegation like this occurs, I think it should be checked by the public.

I’d like to check for myself if boris is as I suspect actually a pathological liar (a trait I think is common amongst officialdom who think anything that comes out of their mouths is law, also I think they can easily justify their lies to themselves as they kind of think they are embodiment of righteousness)

And some of the british media have kind of escalated it into Mr. Putin personally threatened to murder the fat unkempt tory so and so!

That’s funny, pathological lying is also known as pseudologia fantastica, which is ironic as the word fantastic kind of implies it’s good… which obviously actually if your whole set are of that kind it means you have to be of that kind to belong to that set, then it is fantastic to them!

My theory is, management want to populate their offices with nubiles for the management to prey on!

My theory is, management want to populate their offices with nubiles for the management to prey on!

And indeed a story appeared today about rookie painted-lady bimbo bombshell 21yr old police officer suspended for affair with gumby-looking local chief superintendent… didn’t mention if the chief super was also suspended….


Over-50s at work: ‘You feel your usefulness has passed’

The survey, carried out at the end of October 2022, found that most employers were more open to hiring workers in younger age groups.

Almost three quarters, 74%, of managers were open to a large extent to hiring younger workers between the ages of 18 and 34.

Slightly fewer, that is 64%, were very open to hiring those aged between 34 and 49.

The number dropped furthest for applicants in the over-65 aged group. Just 18% of managers said they were open to a large extent to hiring people in that category.

former general shirref quoting trotsky eh! how well read he is eh!

former general shirref quoting trotsky eh! how well read he is eh!

“trotsky said it best” said shirref…

scuzzbucket generals need you to die for their fucking parlour games eh! bunch of cunts those generals polyshituns and royalty are eh!

trotsky actually opined “war is interested in you” I’d say that is shit… war is not a fucking thing with an intelligence… it’s cunts like trotsky and shirref that never go near flying lead/shrapnel that are interested in you fighting their wars! Though I guess it could be interpreted as he did say “you” not “us”…. so trotsky/shirref version of war is not interested in dismembering them… only you… so could be deemed logically true, trotsky/shirrefs war does not care if it dismembers you but it certainly will not touch them eh! Maybe someone needs to introduce shirref to mr. icepick!

Tacitus said it best… “They (we) create a desolation and call it peace”

and as a good old kitch folk song sang… “When will they ever learn… When will we ever learn” (actually a quite good northern soul version of that as well)

OK so this is wikipedia definition of “Kitch” and it is actually subtle, took me a while to see the dog passing the fourth ace to the other dog… And did not know the title of the painting either… a friend in need LOL…. Supreme! Coolidge eh! And then I started thinking does that dog on the far right see it also? then you start looking at the faces of the poker faced dogs again… way better than any modern art where you are just confused wondering what the fuck it is… this one you are trying to read the minds of the dogs (world leaders at the U.N.) LOL… has that dog even noticed the other dog trying to pass him the fourth ace LOL

from wikipedia – Coolidge

Weapons never made anyone except the plebeian taxpayer poor eh!

Weapons never made anyone except the plebeian taxpayer poor eh!

No amount of government debt made a polyshitun poorer… few of the current bunch are not on the corporat-king bankster payroll, executive-directorship style eh! or the speaking circuit eh!

this establishment is public enemy number one… but the public so dumbed down and converted (according to frankfurt-school plan) almost entirely into bonobo’s all itching for next episode of lust-island eh!

and the set of magic robot maria’s sent to confuse and lead astray the slightly metropolis aware plebs eh!

I think this clipp misses the still of the inverted pentagram, actually it is out of frame… the inverted pentagram is background to first segment of this viddy, but this viddy is letterboxed so do not get the entire frame….

I’d like to see some super-ninja (to get into russia) vox-pops about how happy the russians are with their new mcdonalds replacement “Tasty” burgers etc. I do not believe the bbc one jot, bbc… robot-maria factory eh!

That said, I do not recall anyone doing any vox-pops from russia in the 40-50 years since fall of berlin wall… all been typical toerags singing praises of western “dyecadent” lifestyle eh! So honestly, absolutely nothing to compare to! not a single baylonian-batty-chum (bbc) program, visited russia and did vox-pops… ok palin may have taken a train and alan whicker may have visited, but really? any insight into Russia? No! maybe actually this is corporat-king plan all along no? pussy-riot eh!

I mean this thing (the peace treaty) has been admittedly by muttley-merkin (eastern-german????) and others as a stalling plan to retake-crimea or whatever… make lots of money for the utilities and weapons manufacturers and naturlicht banksters eh!

Peter Tosh eh! “All that sign the peace treaty is now resting in peace in the cemetery”

A hate driven battery eh! yeah… tales of extra-dimensional beings feeding off hate and other emotions eh! manifesting to taste human tears eh! Now, if can harness a righteous-dislike battery to a laser cannon LOL

Mexico Bans “solar geoengineering”

Ok so… the reference is from an arch anti-conspiracy-theorist website…. I specifically searched for “legit.” references to this story….

Naturally the popular-mechanics website sings the praises of geoengineering….

Just for people that say “no such thing as chemtrails” Ok… they also fire squibs into the atmosphere as a different method for dispersing whatever material they are using presently…..


What would be good to add to the accuweather bar chart would be predicted vs. actual after the fact.

accuweather monthly chart january 2023

I reckon it would be easy to just overlay the predicted colour on the chart when an actual days min max has been recorded, such that the colour at top/bottom is which one was actually largest min or max, predicted or actual.

Could then see accuracy of the predictions…

But maybe that would be science they do not like, the science of studying the effectiveness of the scientists eh!

I wonder if this unseasonable cold weather will wipe out the met. office 0.6 farenheit warmest year?

I wonder if this unseasonable cold weather will wipe out the met. office 0.6 farenheit warmest year?

I doubt the met. office will point that out even if it does eh!

they were just blowing the alarm saying warmest year on record by 0.6 farenheit (about 0.35 centigrade)

The December forecast is that the forecast temperature maximums are lower than the seasonal average minimums… so ‘kin chilly!

accuweather useful chart they show

One thing is for sure the energy companies are ‘king raking it in and rubbing their hands with glee!

This whole fuel crisis is because a bunch of utter C@nts shut down coal mines and blew up (with explosives) coal fired power stations, coal power stations that were some of the cleanest coal power stations in the world!

And… furthermore, at the same time, the british management encouraged export of manufacturing to China and India who just burn coal and do not worry about emission pollution… And this had the effect of negating several times over any effect shutting down British coal power stations had!

Seems to me the explanation of this whole problem is that the state religion of this cuntery has become witchcraft! The C of E now stands for the coven of england!

(and the united states (and maybe the hidden hand of the muppet in israel) eliminating europe as a potential global competitor…)

met office switch to farenheit to make “warming” amount appear twice as large?

met office switch to farenheit to make “warming” amount appear twice as large?

The Standard International (SI) unit for temperature is Kelvin, but one Kelvin Unit is equal to one Centigrade unit, however 1 farenheit is approximately 0.5 centigrade.

So the met office claim warmest year since records began by 0.6 farenheit which is about 0.3 centigrade. Where digital thermometers are not even accurate to that level of reading, even though they might kick out a value of .2dp for a temperature such as 21.35, any two units of the same chip could be out of calibration by 0.5-2 centigrade either way, and the same sort of tolerance level is given for any two readings on the same device, which may vary in tolerance as it goes up and down the temperature range. And sure the readings in 1880 did not attempt to go beyond 0.5c or 0.5f, so I reckon 0.6f is statistically insignificant. And the whole thing is very dubious as the number of sites feeding into these readings must be 1000 times the number of sites there were in say 1880. And the amount of city/urban area and population and road tarmac is several orders of magnitude more than in 1880. All these things affect local temperature, and I bet most of the current temp reading sites are in urban areas, or taxi/warmup areas for fucking jumbo jets at airports eh!

Wholesale gas prices currently about half the price they were this time last year!

ofgem are obviously “a safe pair of hands”… for tugging off the energy suppliers on demand eh!

typical ofgem meeting probably involves ofgem bent over a boardroom table and loving it eh!

A crucial missing statistic from this graph is volume of gas traded/day over the same period. And you really also want the details of where it was traded to? who the two trade parties of any exchange were. (i.e. selling it to themsselves under another name) I reckon you would soon come to the conclusion of some fishy entities driving prices. The names of board members and m.d.’s of all the companies in trades, and the actual executor of the trade and the line-manager/customer of the executor, would help in spotting the crossover, though aliens in masks with lots of identities might still flummox you, even if you had the right to see a named and imaged person on demand at any time.!. The covid masks eh! largely ineffectual for stopping transmission (the ppe grade recommended were not even at vapour protection level) but as an identity concealer…. useful.

I do not think the public should have to pay for the energy suppliers failure to negotiate a good price, it is their own problem they bought when prices were high! They should have bought in May-June and had built storage facilities. (How do we know they did not buy in May-June and are just falsely saying they payed high for it?)

In fact the massive profit increases of the energy companies indicate they bought when price was low and are selling at a vastly inflated price!

The markets do not work for the public obviously, but you can be sure they work well for the corporat-king symbiotic borganism of corporat/government, which is why nothing changes.

One of these days parliament will float! They keep filling it with so much hot air!

One of these days parliament will float! They keep filling it with so much hot air!

I don’t think there is a bigger collective of c%!*s gathered together in one place than the houses of parliament, except perhaps a bilderberger or w.e.f. or c.o.p. conference!

Actually!, soon parliament may need to float like Laputa to keep itself out of the hands of angry mobs of plebeians.

Maybe there is method to the madness of sending all the armies ammo to ukraine! get it out of England eh! so could not fight against the new “u.n.” army.

Watched “In the Mouth of Madness” recently, the John Carpenter film, quite good!

It has quite a Lovecraftian feel, and a good plot/idea!

But… ffs, it’s like it is coming true… fancy crowning this fat fugly monster still calling itself “brian” as winner of a miss america contest, I mean there are some convincing trannies, but really it seems to me that this thing looks like a fucking monster! Winner of a beauty contest ???? WTF!


I reckon every time an electric vehicle is sold the robot takeover is one step nearer!

That is to say, I think the whole “drive” or “thrust” of the no more petrol cars and only electric vehicles is really to enable the battery infrastructure for robots, because robots do not run on petrol… they need batteries… or mains power… though they have experimented on getting power from consuming organic material, at the university I was at, so that means, humans or any organic substance could also be robot food! But it’s definitely batteries first, while they develop the synthetic digestion process.

At the same time, no more high-octane fuel for humans effectively disarms us, also better for the robot takeover.

So it seems likely to me these “just stop oil” and “extinction rebellion” kin are actually funded by the corporat-king.

Buying an electric car could well be suicide for future generations, but of course the corporat-king also encourage the childless hedonistic lifestyle so what do they care!

Funny how “Insulate Britain” were shut down pretty quickly, but “Just stop Oil” have been allowed a lot more disruption!

Funny how “Insulate Britain” were shut down pretty quickly, but “Just stop Oil” have been allowed a lot more disruption!

Police not even moving them on.

So if you examine the calculus behind it

Insulate Britain – would be negative profit operation for the corporat-king energy utilities, the beneficiaries will be the proletariat, if the houses are better insulated people will use less oil and gas and electric, the power utilities would lose money.

Just stop oil – a “god”send for the utility companies and their ludicrous yet very very profitable net zero via carbon trading and pathetic solar and wind operations. And all the government grants they get.

The entire system is still increase consumption and waste because that’s where the profit is! And greenwashing of course, like lithium batteries are bad for the environment for starters, then the energy costs of producing all new vehicles… well someone is making lots of money from this increased consumption in the fake name of being “ecological”.

What kind of fucking idiot thinks solar power is viable in england, especially with the amount of air traffic causing con/chem trails clouding over the sky on 90% of days. (The first period of covid lockdown was amazing clear skies as air traffic was shut down)

And as for wind power it is hilarious to hear they can’t even operate in strong winds of the type common in Britain. (and the amount of birdkill they responsible for, catching up with fucking moggies eh!)

for example just recently some despicable investment fund owning a separate and disposable solar power front company collapsed owing local councils 10’s of million in loans and who were probably entirely funded by his old-school chums in whitehall and government “green” grants. But I bet a lot of profit was taken out of that front company in the mean time. And that the individuals at the cuntrols will walk away rich!

basically, my conclusion is we are run by mercenaries of the banksters, who at the moment appear to be witches and foreign infidels.

I have a plan to prove this with my idea for “Administration Island” where we round up all the banksters and the government/corporat-administration and deport them to the falklands. Then we provide their monthly benefit payments to the banksters and see what happens! (I am sure what will happen is the banksters will just recruit mercenaries and the rest will be slaves, no fair distribution of the money will occur, the only skill that will be rewarded will be thuggery and perhaps also buggery knowing the banksters…)