Why SkyPi.org ?

As soon as the raspberry pi camera was released I had the idea to time lapse the sky to try and prove beyond doubt the cause of permanently overcast Britain was at least partially these aircraft con/chemtrails.

So for last few years been developing and refining raspberry pi software to do this with a view to getting lots of people running the software so that when  pollution trails in early stage go out of field of view of one SkyPi camera they come into field of view of another SkyPi Camera.  This requires considerably more work to co-ordinate gps locations and orientation of each camera in the network and run a central website to allow requests for data from another node and requires lots of space for people to upload daily/periodically HQ videos created from the stills.  (might work to track UFO’s as well LOL)

I use the term Chemtrail and Contrail interchangeably because it is obvious that those trails contain chemicals other than just water vapour such as partially burnt fuel/exhaust-chemicals and possibly macerated detritus from the toilets as well.

It seems to me beyond doubt that weather modification is a direct result of these white trails left by aircraft, it is more cloudy, whether that is by design or just incompetence and the powers that be not giving a flying fig anyway I cannot for sure say.

While developing this camera software I have been investigating sensors for  general environmental statistics, weather forecasting and developing software to log those details, most recently air quality in particular.  Sensors have been moving on rapidly and  I now have a product ready for alpha release, SkyPiAQ, which is an air quality monitor, data logger and database measuring VOC’s and particulates and the usual environmental statistics.   I have been stress testing this new product for last 16 plus months and is now nearly in a state suitable for sale for some alpha testers.  More on that later.

The videos on this website are created from latest version of the SkyPiApp for raspberry pi and using a custom openscad 3d-printed window mount I have designed, that can be modified to mount a raspberry pi camera at the angle that gives best views of sky from even quite FOV restricted windows as is the case in the videos here. The videos may appear a bit pink as the cameras in use have no IR filters for better low light performance.

Another raspberry pi downloads stills and compiles the satellite videos using ffmpeg

Another raspberry pi zero, one of my six current SkyPiAQ prototypes, is in the garden shed logging the external environmental data and air quality  and periodically automatically uploading graphs to this website.  (note that this may have missing periods as one battery runs out and I swap in another)

If you are interested in purchasing  a SkyPiAQ environmental monitor which will help fund further development of the SkyPiApp Sky Logging camera system or want to use the videos for commercial purposes then use the email address below

skypi.org is created and run by:

Paul W. Rogers
PWR Software
Melton Mowbray


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