I guess it’s funny (no ha-ha) we do live in a modern caste system, seems obvious why they import so many foreigners… allegiance to relative biggest payer eh!

It is all about casting people as “this” or “that”…. The thing you absolutely cannot cast as is “The jews” eh! And, the freemasons expert at covering their tracks by not having any record they are freemasons in the first place eh! Blairoh typical lib-dem type promise wasn’t it in kind of an abolition of slavery long struggle to have a register of freemasons in public office…. I mean it may be it becomes public and still no trace… but I think not! (OK perhaps mainly no trace/actual-fact but the “some” actual-fact/traces are clucking major). funny I asked someone if they were a freemason and a classic option answer… “I know someone who is”…. I mean I say the struggle against slavery as these c@nt freemasons join up and take death oaths so they are somehow above the rest eh!

I mean I am talking about the atrocity propaganda surrounding the Houthi’s for example, guys with balls attempting to put pressure on for a ceasefire in Gaza for example. The demonising of Iran by that c@nt cameron for example. The glorification of ukraine by all western media for example.

If you have ever programmed in “C” you may have a better handle on what I am talking about perhaps?

but as I said, allegiance to biggest payer eh! spirit of the age. (OK actually more subtle than that, they get in your head and try and align you with this “identity” or that “identity” so you kind of caste yourself… like paying the bbc licence fee to be kept in the dark and fed bullshit!)

It’s more subtle than that even, identity politics is aimed mainly at “whites” or the “english”, the foreigners (including faux-welsh and faux-scots) mainly aligned by race/country or race/religion eh!

Talking of religion, I think the english religion still has the acronym CofE but that that now stands for “coven of england”.

also it is the reverse, basically the corporat-king does not care what kind of dubious types are imported at the cost of the taxpayer they just want cheap employees. so they basically want lowest paid employees who ideally think they are getting well paid compared to where they came from, and the employee benefits payed for by the taxpayer, and sure we all know the shenanigans of the offshore banking business, or even amazons tax avoidance by offshoring. But also regarding this years 700,000 legal immigrants I reckon there is a large element of an immigration racket. education for starters eh! leicester polytechnic last time I went past was a massive stream of non-whites occupying all the space.

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