Armistice Day? never a big thing!, it is Remembrance Sunday is when the wreath laying ceremony occurs.

So it seems to me clever plan by those that run the mainstream media to conflate the two and accuse the protestors of wanting to defile the british war dead.

Armistice day surely celebrates the end of the war, and as I recall some radio stations also observed a 1 minute silence at 11am on 11/11 , but not as much so as the 1 minute silence on Remembrance Sunday.

It is Remembrance Sunday when the militaristic parades occur, I recall doing several when I was in the scouts. And I think Remembrance Sunday is a good thing and people should attend a Christian service and sermon in my opinion.

So it seems to me no conflict whatsoever that the march took place on a Saturday that was 11/11. Calling for an end to the somewhat reckless bombing of a densely packed area full of civilians in Gaza.

I’m disappointing there was not so much protest about the stupid war in Ukraine with cousin killing cousin mainly due it seems to me to nato’s reckless expansionist plans. Well and the main players and war-suppliers also get rich off it.

But as people have pointed out, a million people marching to stop the Iraq war did precisely fuck-all.

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