I guess the awesomeness of “the book” in 1984 was that those that wrote it knew what those looking for it were wanting in it… innit!

And the section designated for selecting individuals to give it to eh! is perhaps more subtle.

The world actually perhaps a bit more “Brazil” by Terry Gilliam? I don’t know I found it a boring film, but the bureaucracy seemed real…

what seems bang-on is Viz’s, The Order of Bottom Inspectors (The OBI)

Perhaps the New Testament is too stupid to be false… ? Quite a promise eh! The Choice… luxury here or luxury in the hereafter… ideally both LOL… so perhaps it’s like the parable of the wedding guests… the swine planning to turn up for the wedding…. having disillusioned the masses…

I guess it’s a good film Aliens, (number two in the series) where basically the sentry guns did not have enough ammo (along with the gung-ho lunacy and management incompetence, and that really subtle strand in the film, the management want you to lose… and are on the aliens side…)

In brithain we have such an alien government eh! so many in power not even born here let alone being of white (left/east of pwyll) native type… and how many of these white traitor shite I despise eh! Ah safest state is being a fornicator who’s horizon is edge of their plate eh!

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