Interesting article on Counterstrike (the “game”) that they shut down the old game and demanded higher spec. computer to run the new game eh!

I cannot reference the site or you will all be having dreams of goosestepping in unison to the glorious victory LOL (which is modern neo-commie reality)

I played battlefield series up until bfbc2, and in bf2142 I was like gobsmacked they even introduced billboards corporats could sell advertising on, and you could not really satisfactorily blow them to pieces using a tank….

Think it may have been BF2 introduced having to unlock weapons through online points…

FFS these corporat swine eh!

I mean it is not a fair game if you cannot choose from full spectrum of weapons as a game-noob, even though you maybe already generally fps competent. I guess it is quite masonic?

I mean back in the day of the early battlefield series they released the server software… though not the source code… though think when I last looked they had kind of managed to open source it, or at least sig (special interest group) the servers and clients for bf2, I mean bf2 was a great game

number of times I spawned as an engineer to lay some mines along the main first attack line in a particular map LOL, Mines are Bad MmmKay! (In a Mr. Mackey accent), sure actually another opening move may have been better. I guess that’s the interesting thing with online games, a number of people playing their unplanned or considered opening moves and collectives playing a planned game, I used to join the losing team on a server with space, where the team balance was not already theoretically in their favour, that is servers would not allow you to join a losing but numerically superior team.

still it’s interesting each skirmish is like a chess move, yet you are not guaranteed taking the piece you planned on taking in your chess move. drill down to a whatever total war battle LOL

obviously observe the covid-1984 thing and they-live seem to have a good handle on moronic humanity! this complete media ignoring of any nato’s-enemies right to exist. incessant stories as how these allege 1400 dead israelis are still a worse thing than the 12000 palestinians so far and counting… I attacked the bbc previously but they are no worse than rest of media except for the pisstake that they are funded by the people they are attacking… yet so is the daily mail funded by any white that buys a subscription or the paper. Sure there funding actually also comes from elsewhere.. (an estimated £9.2 billion spent on advertising in UK per year eh!) I would not trust any police or military police/intel. to shop their superiors. nice simple job of collecting their pay eh!

like that stereotypical bbc hag witch teddy edwards eh! how queer eh? still got she/he/its job even though it was she/he/it assaulted the t-pot she claimed assaulted her eh! just so totally spirit of the age! get me the nuke briefcase now! It would have been satisfying if after being assaulted the butch homo had launched the the butch fat catfish lezzer through a window..

I would recommend you do not let the bbc in to your domicile! nor any television shite!

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