Wu Shu Wei (Wushu way) one of those things that springs to mind having watched this Three Kingdoms TV adaptation in 95 episodes… binge-tastic!

A totally addictive series, I wont say it does not get a bit wordy/personal-drama at times, but even most of the dialogue is quite philosophical or of historical interest. Got to say if you get good subtitles to a movie (and sometimes even if you don’t) a lot of Chinese cinema and TV is great, obviously it is also a bit propaganda, but, great stuff. I’m kind of recruited to the Chinese-hero type market sector. (Which is quite Arthurian.)

So seems we are in a bit of a three kingdoms time potentially, a devastating period for population reduction, I’d say yanks/nato are getting a bit out of hand myself, and the soft, dollar revolutions they tend to do as well as the self sponsored UN resolution invasions, and more latterly just bombing Libya and supplying vast weapons to the territory known as Ukraine so they can better dig a pit for themselves. Crazy stuff in my opinion. No attempt at negotiation, just reach straight for the big-bang weapons. So arrogant. (maybe like Guan Yu heading for destruction).

Three Kingdoms (2010)

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