Perhaps a warning that should pursue diplomacy first?

Seems a lack of diplomacy on a lot of issues, especially the Ukraine nationalism and their anti-Russian attitude. However it seems to me to also due to western vested interests having bought up a lot of Ukraine (i.e. yanks on boards of ukraine companies) and not wanting to lose their interests which were quite possibly leveraged by bribing Ukraine officials. Regarding Palestine long term a lot of long term back-burner allowing Israel to chip away at Palestinian territory and rights, and on talk radio today a certain shrill presenter woman going on about other children dying elsewhere in the world getting no news coverage (err… well isn’t that partially her fault being a “news” presenter supposedly talking about important issues avoiding those issues herself) , all the while avoiding the rate-of-death statistic of civilians in Gaza presently. And it seems from the short time I can endure her voice, the majority of callers allowed on the air being pro israel.

Second failed test in a row apparently, though I can see they are maybe testing outside the normal launch parameters to give themselves more flexibility, I hope they were a bit canny on getting replacement missiles for like half price or something to share the data.

Along with several failed attempts of both the new aircraft carriers to actually move about.

Anyway my opinion there is lack of diplomacy, but then technology has come on well where they can have underground bunkers with artificial light grown foods so could live quite well, and they are all into self genetic modification, transhumanism and plastic surgery anyway so not really attached to the real world anymore and are currently making a lot of money off war, so there may be method to their seeming madness.

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