The parliamentary process, was the speaker wrong? depends on your angle/desired-outcome I guess.

I mean talk radio today have been banging on incessantly about broken parliament, but then all the time since the astonishing gaza events talk radio have been mainly “let israel do what it wants”.

I’d say it is somewhat broken when all the M.P.’s main concern is not falling foul of the israel lobby and their anti-semitism mud flinging. when israel lobby says jump the M.P.’s generally ask “how high?” eh!

I mean seems to me what happened was instead of 3 motions to vote on he simply short cut it to the watered down one in the middle rather than the very watered down one of the tories. It is a kind of time thing I guess as well, I guess if they voted on all three then the most watered-down alternative tory amendment would have passed and the other two perhaps not? I mean I am not an expert on the process myself. And yes maybe his action did avoid the labour party having a rebellion against the whip, and that metaphor says it all eh! the party whip!

But it’s also very case dependent, in this case could be all the tories would have just voted yes for their own watered down motion and no to the others, whereas by just having one motion to vote for, maybe some tories voted up a level as they too think a ceasefire is needed, and the wording of the middle motion is slightly sterner. HOWEVER at the U.N. security council, U.K. abstained from the ceasefire vote, and I’m not sure that much democracy is involved in the way the british establishments U.N. drone is ordered to vote… I wonder who does order what way the U.K. voting-drone votes at the U.N.

Some tory on talk radio I caught a snippet of, dissing the labour part for lack of unity as though being a lick-spittle drone is the standard state of a good “party” M.P.

Seems to me the “party” politics and the “party” whip thing is part of the democratic problem.

Postscript: Got that asian woman braverman claiming islamists and anti-semites run the country, however I would say that is not an objective observation based on the fact she is married to a jew and so has a vested interest/attachment. I would say, who let all the anti-white foreigners into the country anyway? As several commenters in the comments sections of the news outlets have said… Mp’s demand more security, the rest of us have to live with it.

OK on talk radio one of them suggested T.V. Drama runs the country, (i.e. the post office scandal and that is another example of parliament taking it to other extreme of letting them all off even though some may actually be guilty) I would say that is an astute observation, but obviously they would not take it to its real level, that television (and more recently worse stuff like tiktok) programs all people who see it as well, it is all either blatant agit-prop or more subtle agit-prop, I mean I would observe from the few adverts I see (as I do not watch t.v.) it is always a white woman and black male mixed race couple. And as for the google art a.i. erasing white people from history, that is the real state of where the level of threat to the white race is at in my opinion.

Of course agit-prop can also be good, one of those perspective things. You might think pro witch agit-prop is good, you might think pro christian agit-prop is good, never the twain shall meet ?

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