It’s funny, the flat earth theory has a parallel, the “nukes-don’t exist” theory… LOL who knows what to believe…

Control of your thoughts eh! I have said it before, I guess one of my defining features is having read most of 2000AD up until about 2015 and it went a bit whacky… actually went through that loop before around 1990 something I think… around time of indigo prime eh! having read more recently about the actual indigo dye… indigo-white… and having observed they kind of removed indigo from the common modern spectrum, the standard set of colours… can anyone tell cusp of violet to blue?

But, yeah, can almost relate any thing to a scenario in a 2000AD story from my memories version LOL What would Judge Dredd Do? LOL What would Jesus do eh! LOL

The Ipcress Files is really a great book, and I’d say a redeeming feature of BBC was having done an awesome radio version of it.

The ipcress machine is certainly television and now internet/social-media/conspiracy-sites, they remove the imagination required for a radio play or a book…. vision is 70+ % of brain processing apparently… and TV is no doubt scientifically hypnotic… the actual applied-science of addiction in computer game design eh!

And why a comic is still better than television as you have to interpolate between frames, and the art generally in 2000AD is top notch.

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