The .xz thing eh! The amazing nature of Linux enthusiasts spotted it eh! However, look at the kind of infiltrators in entire british system, I’m thinking more like tip-of-the-iceberg…

So I tried to sign up to gitlab to complain about network-manager lack of passive scan on the thread someone else had complained about lack of passive wifi-scan, the owners of the thread seemed to diss it as unnecessary… I was going to point out the multiple nodes static in a busy area and the router goes down thing, generally trying to keep router-bothering traffic quiet… the active scan when router goes off busies up the whole multi-band environment.

Then could not get past the recaptcha… the repeated which squares have motorcycle in it??? the tip of the footpeg? the tip of the wing mirror? the fucking blurry picture no-one could say had a motorcycle in it? dumbed down for the unobservant masses? or worse psycho-stuff?

Classic typical upgrade makes some things shitter, OK may improve some things but…. windows eh! No visible improvement to me in 11 over 7, but the marketing hooks they have in windows 11 must make them cum in their pants at the thought of revenue eh! (or buy the prossies anyway)

I guess there is a borganism consensus everyone needs to be connected everywhere, expecting mobile stuff anyway and all the add-ons to wifi spec for multiple bssid on one name etc.

actually the original complainant said possibly the main problem, that regardless of if the mac is randomised, if you are looking for a named access point that is as leaky as a fixed mac. As leaky as that chief office gossip that likes to get alongside you, all the better to gather gossip..

and if the wifi interface card cannot passively pick up beacons with the bssid and/or apname then why bother trying to connect? it is too weak!

I guess two conflicting modes of use of wifi, a static node with big varying signal strength to a static ap is fishy!… yet expected on say your mobile phone, given only 3db difference is half or double normal (though 10db apparently in audio/sound-waves a doubling) of course a lot of factors in play.

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