Not sure who would look at this German football top and not see the SS runic style, just a rotate right about 33 degrees eh! my guess is an adidas diversity hire dunnit innit!

The question then is sabotage or stupidity/ignorance?

Oh yeah it was adidas hired old fish-sticks eh! LOL! (I mean the phrase “madder than a lorry full of bags of badgers” sprung to mind just looking at his so-called “fashion” but look at the company-of-fashion… dodgy collective anyway. A funny song, (ha-ha and no-ha-ha) “Fashion is Danger” by “Flight of the Conchords” LOL)

And ze new opposite-extreme germans now chose nike for future contract eh! even after our football shirt ipcress mind-fuck not a st georges cross at all thing eh! (and to point out such a thing would probably run the gamut of misogyny, transphobia, racism, extremism etc. etc. which is the under strESS bit of ipcress, the older story of emperors new clothes even….)

what would occams razor conclude about that eh? (I would say it would conclude money-printer go Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, buy lots of saboteurs and assassins…., well, digital-currency they don’t even need money-printers now eh! (only on minor but perhaps disproportionately effective scale, as long as you can spend hard cash which with new gateway vending machines and the kind of utter cunts in management you cannot rely on it…. cannot even rely on plastic working as demonstrated by greggs and sainsburies etc. recently… invest in a bazooka and practice bazooka jumping eh! ))

Talking of “diversity-hires” it occurred to me a large chunk of the 700,000 brown people they imported this year were probably required by the utter scuzzbuckets in the “human-resources” “sector” to meet their clucking diversity hire targets ????????? (well that and the immigrant/accommodation-and-services racket, rachman type thing.. run by that spearhead set…)

I would like to see a quite precise accounting of this single years 700,000 immigrants, down to these educational establishments getting fuck all off british students and now the education-meister set exported all production abroad and the billions of money abroad, are allowed to charge the full racket package for foreigners at expense of locals. And the rachman-type set I would expect to be quite large contingent… one and the same I reckon…

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