So this british? bank, web front page, not only is only person image on the page a black woman, the only example name on the example app screens is ms. ranjit khyber eh!

fucking banksters!

the power of the one bank to rule them all eh! government cannot make policy they do not like or they will cut off funding eh!

I guess the key observation is that every new immigrant to this cunterie is a new customer for a british bank eh! Very difficult to operate without plastic and your number in modern society. Whereas even a white child born today will not become a new active customer for another 15 or so years eh! so do you think banksters will be pro-immigration? Certainly!

That is to say every white adult in this country is already a customer of a bank, so no new money to be had there eh! whereas sunak has let in 700,000 new customers for british banks last year alone eh! Without even mention of the dirty deed being done until after the fact eh! no referendum, no vote in the commons, no policy to do it, nothing eh! yet done eh!

And to put that into context, that is ten times the size of the british army been imported in one single year of brown people, who even if not actively anti-white, would not care if the white race went extinct tomorrow eh!

That is to say, if you do not know, at least three of the main bank names all have the same head office in edinburgh and the same directors of the last holding company I traced at companies house. (difficult to trace back from a holding company as to what it holds… via the companies house public user-interface anyway, would be easy with access to the sql database. plus they have a tendency to end the visible chain of holding companies in the channel islands eh!)

And after writing this I just noticed the bbc have a kind of “wave their willy in your face” type piss take article about it, including poor asian struggling to find staff for his 5 norfolk care homes, which personally I would order investigated as to just how hard he tried to recruit white staff, what the conditions in the homes are like and if he is operating some kind of bonded-serf accommodation type thing with the foreigners he imports and building himself a paid for by other people property empire.

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