I thought when I noticed cars without any manual window winder this was inevitable!

Mitch McConnell’s sister-in-law Angela Chao drowned in her Tesla after the vehicle’s strengthened glass was unable to be broken after she reversed into a pond.


and sure I posted on here about it in the past, seemed stupid to me to rely on power being available to open a window, sounds like the door has no manual override from the inside either so could not be opened if electrics go down.

Do not know how that state of affairs got past safety inspectors…. the new diversity crew as usual, spend all their time affirming their colleagues gender delusions ?

And this is not schadenfreude, I am sorry to hear about it, from looking at her she had an attractive exterior and do I not know her character, but could have been anyone.

(But could they not have tried shooting a window out if they were able to stand on the car?)

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