Professor Warns that Germany is Becoming an ‘Eco-Dictatorship’ Under Green Minister.

Prof. Manuel Frondel, a member of the RWI Essen (Leibniz Institute for Economic Research, Essen) think-tank, has lashed out at Robert Habeck, Germany’s economics and climate change minister, saying that the country is devolving into an “eco-dictatorship” under his watch.

And the same is happening across a eot of Europe, also very much here in Britain.

Seems to me Exactly the same m.o. as the vaccine scam, extremely dodgy solution to an imaginary problem that exists only in the minds of neurotic ladettes and greedy finance capitalists, big-pharma/big-energy/big-usury.

When I use the term ladettes I mean the new wimmin and the new men that chase them around and appease them for sex (which is in line with the frankfurt school freudian sexologists plan to devolve humanity back to bonobos), the big-brother/love-island/know-your-poo contestant and scatological viewer types…

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