Why does British government think it’s OK to rip off the British 25% more for energy that the Northern Irish government does their people?

Northern Ireland energy cap is £1950 a year, where here in britain it is £2500 a year, 25% more than the “conservative” administration of Northern Ireland considers reasonable profit for the energy suppliers to leech off the backs of the Northern Irish population..

Here, One party with three names eh! One media with a few dozen names eh!

It occurred to me, if the energy suppliers in their accounts charge themselves the ludicrous price they want to charge the public for their own use of their own electricity then they can prove their costs have gone up purely as a result of only their own price increase to the public….

and would explain why they leave all the lights on in their offices… the more wasted energy the more they make by charging themselves “accounting” losses at ludicrous prices for their own wastage…

which is in line with the whole “faux green” but “actual disposable/throwaway” culture corporat-king vermin all over.

the vermin in ermine eh! actually are multiplying like vermin eh!

The Stoat and it’s apparently-stupid hypnotic dance eh! It is my opinion the vermin in ermine try and capture some of it’s spirit by wearing its skin eh!

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