I reckon every time an electric vehicle is sold the robot takeover is one step nearer!

That is to say, I think the whole “drive” or “thrust” of the no more petrol cars and only electric vehicles is really to enable the battery infrastructure for robots, because robots do not run on petrol… they need batteries… or mains power… though they have experimented on getting power from consuming organic material, at the university I was at, so that means, humans or any organic substance could also be robot food! But it’s definitely batteries first, while they develop the synthetic digestion process.

At the same time, no more high-octane fuel for humans effectively disarms us, also better for the robot takeover.

So it seems likely to me these “just stop oil” and “extinction rebellion” kin are actually funded by the corporat-king.

Buying an electric car could well be suicide for future generations, but of course the corporat-king also encourage the childless hedonistic lifestyle so what do they care!

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