Cameras using new awb_mode

New awb_mode for raspberry pi NoIR cameras is now available to fix the pink hue of running auto white balance on the raspberry NoIR cameras. Myself I would call it greenworld, but it is definitely an improvement on the standard auto mode for NoIR cams.
in /boot/config.txt add the following line to end of file

The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary ( Geoengineering Watch )

lyndon johnson, the corporat-king muppet that replaced Kennedy “he who controls the weather will control the world”

An Interesting documentary, I like the angle that he only cottoned on when he noticed his solar cell output drop massively eh!

What it’s about, everyone could generate their own solar energy if the corporat-king laputans (laputans (laputa) are one of the sets of characters in Swifts, Gullivers Travels) were not blocking out the sunlight eh!

Chaos Theory

If a butterfly flapping it’s wings can affect the weather, how much more can 1000+ megathrust aircraft flights a day across the Atlantic affect the “jetstream” and therefore the prevailing weather we in Britain get from the Atlantic….

The reason I say that is that we have had the most amazing Sunny weather in Britain since aircraft flights have been massively reduced due to this questionable covid-19 scare.

It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good eh!

Unfortunately as a consequence of the lack of rain and increase in population, there could be some water shortages looming!