I suggested there was a plan to devolve Humans to Bonobos!

This morning just discovered some trendy human resources site with some “relationship coach” modern-woman suggesting just that!

“Be Like a Bonobo”
(The Science of Success for Women)
DisruptHR Edinburgh 2.0 – June 18, 2019 in Edinburgh, UK #DisruptHREdin


If you do not know the key point of Bonobos, they live on other side of a big river to Chimps in Africa and they are possibly natures chief fornicators…

“orgy-porgy”, as a world-controller in Brave new world might say eh!

Actually the whole bonobo/chimpanzee split is a very interesting area of study, bonobos a matriarchy, because (in my opinion) the females can pacify the males by “free love”… also that is only possible because the bonobos live in an area of abundance…. on one side of the congo… both species do not like swimming… no doubt the river congo got a few monsters in it!

Interestingly hyenas also a matriarchy and seems to me you can see a lot of “hyena” in the modern poo-lie-tickle correct bunch and their methods…. hyenas are successful as they are individually quite tooled up for ultra-vi and as a pack are formidable… modern hyena-meisters kind of hide behind the hyena pack… maybe on study you would see that is same as hyena pack…

Of course… the whole Greek species split is an interesting area of study, can imagine the Spartans laughing at the Thespian contingent at Thermopylae eh !

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