Weapons never made anyone except the plebeian taxpayer poor eh!

Weapons never made anyone except the plebeian taxpayer poor eh!

No amount of government debt made a polyshitun poorer… few of the current bunch are not on the corporat-king bankster payroll, executive-directorship style eh! or the speaking circuit eh!

this establishment is public enemy number one… but the public so dumbed down and converted (according to frankfurt-school plan) almost entirely into bonobo’s all itching for next episode of lust-island eh!

and the set of magic robot maria’s sent to confuse and lead astray the slightly metropolis aware plebs eh!

I think this clipp misses the still of the inverted pentagram, actually it is out of frame… the inverted pentagram is background to first segment of this viddy, but this viddy is letterboxed so do not get the entire frame….

I’d like to see some super-ninja (to get into russia) vox-pops about how happy the russians are with their new mcdonalds replacement “Tasty” burgers etc. I do not believe the bbc one jot, bbc… robot-maria factory eh!

That said, I do not recall anyone doing any vox-pops from russia in the 40-50 years since fall of berlin wall… all been typical toerags singing praises of western “dyecadent” lifestyle eh! So honestly, absolutely nothing to compare to! not a single baylonian-batty-chum (bbc) program, visited russia and did vox-pops… ok palin may have taken a train and alan whicker may have visited, but really? any insight into Russia? No! maybe actually this is corporat-king plan all along no? pussy-riot eh!

I mean this thing (the peace treaty) has been admittedly by muttley-merkin (eastern-german????) and others as a stalling plan to retake-crimea or whatever… make lots of money for the utilities and weapons manufacturers and naturlicht banksters eh!

Peter Tosh eh! “All that sign the peace treaty is now resting in peace in the cemetery”

A hate driven battery eh! yeah… tales of extra-dimensional beings feeding off hate and other emotions eh! manifesting to taste human tears eh! Now, if can harness a righteous-dislike battery to a laser cannon LOL

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