I wonder if the transcript or original recording of Boris Johnsons phone call with Mr. Putin still exists?

The original recording would probably be best as I assume it was done through an interpreter with Mr. Putin speaking Russian which I am sure Boris does not speak. So could put the original Russian audio through google speech to text to corroborate the translation.

Should it not be a matter of public record, on Hansard, a telephone call between our Prime Minister and Head of any foreign state. Maybe not, need a bit of privacy in negotiations perhaps, but when an allegation like this occurs, I think it should be checked by the public.

I’d like to check for myself if boris is as I suspect actually a pathological liar (a trait I think is common amongst officialdom who think anything that comes out of their mouths is law, also I think they can easily justify their lies to themselves as they kind of think they are embodiment of righteousness)

And some of the british media have kind of escalated it into Mr. Putin personally threatened to murder the fat unkempt tory so and so!

That’s funny, pathological lying is also known as pseudologia fantastica, which is ironic as the word fantastic kind of implies it’s good… which obviously actually if your whole set are of that kind it means you have to be of that kind to belong to that set, then it is fantastic to them!

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