Yelp! Funny it seems to me how actually it was never about the proles reviewing the management but rather the structure for the management to blacklist the proles!

They actually covered a version of the twist in a South Park episode (You’re not yelping) , but not until listening to an episode of Ed Reardons week where they had the funny line “you will be losing a star of your tripadvisor guest review” that it struck me…. All actually Chinese-Style social credit system. Dis. the government/establishment and you are white and you no-workee in any good job no more!

Combined with the great-replacement of white-british by more system-admiring immigrants, the type who move here for a better life (as it is obviously already better here than where they came from or else they would not have come here) who then join the international-financiers drive to denigrate the whites as unbearably racist!

I guess if you are going to go “Spartacus” better make sure you end up with a better result, Even Julius Caesar did not get a great outcome.

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