Vampire Banksters surgical truss…

Like going to borrow hundreds of billions of pounds off the bankster-corporatking to give it straight back to bankster-corporatking energy speculators, rather than start lining up banksters-corporatking against a wall and executing them until they decide to fuck off!

Thing is, we (white-british) have a Hadrians-wall scale of problem with the bankster-corporatking…. and their legal/administration stooges! I bet if you did a survey of the administration, you would find you required double the space on Hadrians wall to line them up single-line as you would median population…

Of course the other problem is we have given all our ammunition “allegedly” to the ukranians, again I guess that has all been given to bankster-corporatking private army… like israel going to be only country of note with some bullets left eh! checkmate!

Why not just send the polish idiots in as nominated champions! (ah truth first casualty of war, fuck knows whats

I mean putting myself in a “generals” shoes… why would we want to hand state of the art weapons (during a chip shortage) over to rank amateurs with some bbc stories of their great campaign successes… like some cunt claims he single-handedly took on a column of tanks with hand grenades…. what kind of cunt thinks peaky-blinders was even vaguely accurate….. I guess the 2000AD Rogue Trooper story of the traitor general was a good one! (And the Ipcress Files that his major boss was the tool) I guess in a kind of ironic way, where there was only on the surface one traitor general in the 2000AD story, from what I have seen of the bunch of cunts on the internet I would be surprised if you found one good british general! Like to boast about how they beat up the weedy kid in the playground Iraq eh. But then… can you be “good” and be a general? Chinese philosophy on the subject, kind of yes and no… dont deploy generals until they need to do general stuff, and then it’s their business on pain of death kind of thing… still totally fucked up but real! I suppose you would have to note that procurement probably out of generals hands… some bureaucrat/accountant/usurer team at the cuntrols!

I thought that was quite funny to read of some approved-twatterati posted a pic of truss shaking queens hand with caption “the moment she poisoned her” and then deleted it….

But it’s like… some probably-plastic but fuckable (post video-filter) possibly even ultra-tranny plastic surgeon talking about tilapia vaginaplasty on the cunternet… I’m like is this a spoof???? or is this where we are at???? I kind of imagined just grafting on a tight sucky top half of a tilapia where their dick was LOL

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