All of them poncing along in their military costumes and medals! A valid military target!

Why did they not all, instead, decide to abandon their ponces outfits and just march, in what could have been military style, black suits. Did that pair “scweam and scweam and scweam and scweam” until they were allowed to wear a ponces get up?. Would have been funny if that pair were agitating to paint themselves in wode and march naked behind the coffin eh! OK the forces could have still run the parade, that’s kind of the reality of the force behind this bunch of banksters figureheads.

They reminded me of Muttley and his medals – Image from DeviantArt – lonewarrior20

A Question that sprung to mind was “Did Queen Elizabeth the first ever wear a military costume?” I Think not!. I guess the answer to that question is related to who used to wear some stylised military uniform back in QE1’s day. Skilled and drilled people certainly, but maybe the navy of QE1 era were still wearing the rags they were fucking press-ganged in eh! I’m guessing the cavaliers in the civil war wore foppish style dress, only uniform that each tried to out-fop the other with their dress, larger floppy hats, bigger lapels, more silk, larger and golder shoe buckles etc.! I posit maybe the new model army may have been first to have been equipped with uniforms and lots of pikes in an incredibly rapid way by perhaps a certain set of money-meisters residing in nether-netherlands…

Possibly all this military pomp and ceremony started with ze german they imported to be banksters of england figurehead ???? Maybe not until prince albert even. ????

I’m still hoping the bbc (all the brithish agit-prop media including the advertising agencies) are going to suffer a few airstrikes before this whole Russia thing is over! Then it will all have been worth it!

Talking of agit-prop, PJW did a viddy on Coronation street carrying government implanted story lines, and the two female “yoof” characters, one an indiancontinent, the other some modern agit-prop placement of what a modern english girl should be, some goth vampire/witch. In the coronation-street episode analysed, 1minute 5 seconds in, these two modern-british-agitprop-avatars were discussing conspiracy theories and I was like, so the secret cabal couldn’t be gothic vampire/witches could they??? (Derrrr….)

I guess I would add that a lot of possibilities have been covered by 2000AD 1970-whateverAD up to about our year 2015AD in terms of real time issue dates, about when I stopped getting it as I thought it was getting a bit “colour out of space” type strange. And the one Christmas issue I bought recently was mainly alien to me, but the final “retrospective” (looking back on the effect of StarLord (the original comics name) from the distant future) story was absolutely brilliant!

2000AD is just so superior to the marvel/dc transhuman agenda, though 2000AD certainly covered the transhuman agenda (Zenith was awesome, introduced parallel universes way before they were fashionable and the whole trick within a trick “ending” was….. ???) but also so much more!. To an extent it is also quite probably deep state produce. But even back in Battle/Action comic era they gave face to ze germans in ww2 setting stories… though retrospectively you could see it was kind of cold-war propaganda in the way “The Volgs” were portrayed, and also just war propaganda in the heroism and war scenes portrayed. I never bought any comic that had “roy of the rovers” in it lol, the fussball distraction eh! (though football is good at local level, at least its a dynamic excercise) Yeah but even in Judge Dredd the soviets were portrayed as the criminals eh!

I guess I would have preferred it if Putin had said he was against the “tranny agenda” or that legally the whatever UN treaty regarding Donbas was not being kept, rather than purifying ukraine of “nazis” which of itself is rather nazi, (I reckon the bolsheviks were as bad/bloody or worse than western media portrayed the nazis, and none as bad as the eternal-banksters, masters of fairy-money that soon returns to them, who always profit) And I reckon none of these assorted twattooed idiots or nancy-boys in costume would have got in the nazi party anyway! more like loaded on to some truck.

I guess we live in an era that most people do not remember what they used to do to the ira spokesfolks voices on british media… stick them through a “dalekiser ” voice filter. They allowed the ira their real oirish lilt after our establishments were also thoroughly converted to bankster-style-communism. Propaganda just got more and more subtle/expert. (“all of this is of course, in my opinion”)

Interesting the BBC announced calmly that ukranians had executed a husband and wife team preparing to run a referendum in whatever “liberated” city. Not a word of protest from the bbc, but the bbc (babylonian batty chum mi7) are outraged at mass war graves and saying everyone in there is a war crime!

I guess one or two yank sci-fi/horror stories about those entities that can pass by touch or those that have to inhabit a body until it is killed then it can switch to any of those around them is an interesting one, the screwtape letters by C.S. Lewis I guess also another paradigm about your own personal demon. A very good audio book of the screwtape letters read by John Cleese!

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