Ah! They do not adjust “inflation” for how much of a thing you use…

They select a “basket” of 1 item each….

When in a week you might do 1 bottle of wine and 5 loaves of bread! And bread and butter are up more than 50% where wine is still reasonably stable.

However if you use 5 loaves of bread a week and 0 bottles of wine, your experience of inflation will be entirely different. The high cost bottle of wine being low inflation will skew the “inflation percentage” statistic down disproportionately viewed from total cost perspective.

I think inflation figures are based on what an over-paid, under-worked, civil servant/polyshitun puts in their shopping basket. Need a separate inflation rate for the living essentials eh!

Also inflation has been quite subtle, like a store own brand loaf at Morrisons was 39p, but the same loaf now 85p all in about a year, basically it seems to me it all kicked off when Morrissons was bought out by an international-bankster venture capital borganism who fundamentally purchased all the real estate of the stores. That’s when prices started to skyrocket, Morrissons used to be one of best, now it’s pricey. And so other supermarkets followed suit, and the bread price of passable own brand bread is same at all supermarkets, from about 40p to about 80p. I mean can still get one of the “savers” brand loaves at a lower price but they tend to be very dry and not very tasty. And the other subtlety is even some of the own-brand supermarket products are selling for same price as branded equivalent, that is also a recent thing. The whole point of own-brand was that it was cheaper.

And as for the unfilled job vacancy statistics, from what I have seen I reckon they are probably in cahoots with the employment agencies, who each post jobs multiple times and many employment agencies post the same job, the corporats, and these borganisms that get government contracts to hassle jobseekers (who also seem to come up with non-jobs and also are not much help, though they talk the talk) I reckon some, maybe many are not even vacancies, just trawling.

Also I wondered, some of these so called vacancies have been there for months, so it occurred to me maybe they have to have a vacancy unfullfilled for a while before they can get the visa for an imported foreigner, and so maybe they ignore all white british male applicants.

office of national shitspouts!

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